Rocco Deluca
Rocco Deluca
Rocco Deluca
Drugs 'N Hymn's
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Rocco DeLuca is Rocco’s second album for 429 Records and his fourth overall LP.  Produced by seven time Grammy winner Daniel Lanois, Rocco DeLuca builds upon the brooding and haunting mood of his last solo album, 2011’s Drugs ‘N’ Hymns. 
Currently residing in East Hollywood, CA, Rocco hosted a number of recording sessions in his bedroom with a number of notable local musicians, “local folks and family,” including drummer Oliver Charles (Ben Harper), guitarist and vocalist Christian Letts (Edward Sharpe), bassist Seth-Ford Young (Edward Sharpe), violinist Odessa Jorgensen, bassist Gus Siefert (The Black Keys, Beck), vocalist Soko and drummers Josh Collazo (Edward Sharpe) and Jonathan Wright. 
Additional production, mixing, and performing was provided by Simon Katz (Youngblood Hawke) and Chris Karn.
Whereas Drugs ‘n’ Hymns was notable for its spare, quiet intensity and attention to the darker side of things, Rocco DeLuca revels in a spirited spontaneity no doubt achieved through many an inspired (and oftentimes unacknowledged) home recording session among friends, yet maintains the intimacy that made Drugs so special. 
Says DeLuca:
“I went through school as an unfavored, untalented, quiet student who was allowed to find his own course.
At about nine years I realized that of all the curious forces, the one I was compelled to be most completely controlled by was music.
From that moment I had a place of my own. For me music is a place where everything and everyone is invited.  It is the intersection of every walk of life. Even economics and prejudice yield to music.
Lately I have been writing letters and not sending them out. Every piece of music on this new record is a token of those letters addressed to both animal, plant, human, and the moon.
Friends and I would meet up to play and listen to Big Bill Broonzy and Washboard Sam. My friend Pier from Austin played the Chess release real loud for me one night and it had power. 
Many friends made this project possible including Daniel Lanois who is always going 'further out' creating new sounds and blowing my mind. When Daniel hears music he believes in, he simply calls it ‘soul music.’”
"Exquisite, otherworldly..."
"The echoes of Neil Young, Robert Plant, Jeff Buckley and Pearl Jam blend into something unique, especially when performed live." - Rolling Stone
"A passionate, muscular mix of swampy blues and stomping rock ..." - The LA Times
"... compelling, untamed vocal stylings, lyrical vulnerability and innate skill with melody." - Billboard
"... a soulfully intense talent who fuses jazz, rock, blues and folk elements to potent impact." - Variety
"... packs the heat and rocks agression to work your way into your head and stay there." - Rolling Stone
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