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April 4, 2015


Boz Scaggs will perform songs from his career, spanning five decades, on Wednesday

When Boz Scaggs sings, you can hear his entire life in his voice.

What: Rock/R&B singer Boz Scaggs performs songs from throughout his career
When: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday
Where: Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, University of Florida campus, 3201 Hull Road, Gainesville
Tickets: $40-$50
Info: 392-2787 or wwww.performingarts.ufl.edu

From his days as guitarist and sometime singer in the Steve Miller Band during the 1960s, to his successful solo albums of the '70s, to his self-imposed break from music during the '80s, to the loss of his son to a heroin overdose in 1998, Scaggs has been up and down and everywhere in between. That comes through on his new album, “A Fool to Care,” which he is currently touring behind. He will perform at the Phillips Center in Gainesville on Wednesday.

“They say that in the human voice, you can hear things that aren't necessarily spoken,” Scaggs said. “I think that everyone's experience probably comes through in a direct and also a very subliminal way. As a singer, my voice has changed a great deal from the time I first started. It's gotten stronger in certain areas, and there are periods where I am very challenged by the music.”

At 70 years old, Scaggs still has the bluesy rasp to his voice that made songs like “Lowdown” and “Lido Shuffle” huge hits in the '70s, but it is now backed by a lifetime of experience.

“It has been a very interesting trip,” he said. “I came up in the late-'60s and '70s, and the music business was very different in some ways. The business was different, and I'm glad to make that distinction, because business is business, and music is music.”

One change in the business has impacted Scaggs in particular — the rise of sampling in hip-hop and modern pop music. “Lowdown” in particular has been sampled dozens of times by artists like Snoop Dogg and Girl Talk.

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