New CD releases: Robbie Robertson, Jim Jones

It's a great new release week for Boomers. The Band's Robbie Robertson returns from a 13-year-break between albums with a new one boasting several songs he wrote with Eric Clapton. And it's been even longer 

since Hot Tuna put out a record. Here's a look at those titles and more. Robbie Robertson, "How to be Clairvoyant" (429 Records)

As previously noted, it's been 13 years since Robertson's last solo album, and this one features several songs he wrote with fellow legend Eric Clapton nearly a decade ago. Much of the album's sense of atmosphere comes courtesy of electronic textures added by Trent Reznor. In addition to Clapton and Reznor, the album features guest appearances by Tom Morello, Robert Randolph, Angela McCluskey and Steve Winwood. Goldmine says, "This soulful album is Robertson's best yet." Rolling Stone gave it four stars, sizing it up as "a return to the ambitious aural cinema and textural exploration of 1987's 'Robbie Robertson' and 1991's 'Storyville.' "


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