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Behringer XD80USB Review

If you want something simple yet high-performing and at a small price too, then you’re looking for the Behringer XD80USB. It’s a really down to earth electronic drum kit. And it’s a fantastic option for the beginner for so many reasons.

In the first place, the drum is super simple without too many variables that could be a bit overwhelming for the beginner. Plus, it’s also super affordable. So, it is within the reach of most student drummers looking to own their own electronic drum kits.

We are excited to be sharing all the things we love about this drum kit. And also, we’re sure you came here because you need answers. So, walk with us because there’s lots to show you. Let’s get to the Behringer XD80USB drum kit a little better.

Behringer XD80USB

Our rating:3.4 out of 5 stars (3.4 / 5)

What’s In The Box?

Like we mentioned in the introduction, the Behringer XD80USB has a straightforward setup. Plus, it is also compact which works for most spaces. So, basically, all these add up to show that this drum kit is super user-friendly even for a drummer that has never played electronic drums before.

Here in this package, you find literally everything you’d expect and then a little extra. In fact, for a drum kit in its price range, this drum kit over-delivers. Check it out, in the $300 – $400 price range, it’s hard to find a kit that gives you a good quality bass pedal.

That said though, there are still a few accessories missing here that you’d have to get yourself. For instance, there is no drum throne, no headphones or drum amp, and the sticks in there are not really suitable for playing. So, plan to get these yourself.

Behringer XD80USB Review

Nonetheless, this kit is super easy to setup, especially with the self-explanatory instructions also in the box.

So, in the next section, we will be giving you an idea of what exactly is inside this package. This way you get an idea of what exactly is in here. It’s actually pretty similar to what you’d find in any entry-level electronic drum kit.

  • One Sound Module: LCD HDS240USB with an icon-driven user interface and a metronome.
  • Four 3 by 8 inch dual-zone tom and snare pads.
  • Three 3 by 12 inch dual-zone cymbals.
  • A kick pad.
  • One hi hat trigger pedal
  • A Behringer kick drum pedal.
  • One set of generic drum sticks.
  • 15 corresponding rack clamps.
  • Corresponding trigger pad and sound module wiring.
  • Three cymbal mounts.
  • Four rubber feet for the rack.

Features And Benefits Of The Behringer XD80USB

Sound Module

The Behringer XD80USB sound module is extremely user-friendly. Plus, it also comes with a number of useful features and sounds that every player would enjoy. There’s an integrated metronome with 175 different sounds, 15 different drum kit styles, 10 presets, and a USB port as well.

With the USB port, you’ll be able to transfer your sound from your drum kit into your computer. And you can use any DAW of your choice like GarageBand or any recording platform you so please.

Furthermore, considering the cost of this kit, we hope you realize that this is a pretty sweet sound module. It comes with a digital compatibility which we consider advanced for the price. But still, this module maintains a basic structural setup.

BEHRINGER XD80-USB High-Performance 8-Piece

So, somehow, Behringer has managed to create a drum that’s basic in its looks and yet sounds really close to the real thing.

But back to the sound module… It comes with an icon-drive user interface. What do we mean? Well, everything on the sound module is denoted with an icon of the corresponding instrument pad. So, this way, it’s much easier and faster to navigate the sound module.

All you have to do is to press the icon of the pad you need on the sound module and you get the sound either through your headphones or your speaker. This way, you get to test all 175 different drum sounds as you produce your beats and make your music.

So, in a way, if you look at it, you have the full drum kit literally at your fingertips.

Integrated Metronome

The HDS240USB sound module also comes with an integrated metronome. This metronome helps you set your temp to your favorite song and you can also adjust it for practice.

Now, having a metronome is important for any beginner as it helps you develop your sense of rhythm and timing. So, if you’re using a drum tablature, for instance, you can set your metronome to the tempo of the practice material at hand.

Hence, it takes the functionality of this metronome to another level, helping the drummer develop their “ears” as well as their style.

Available Sounds And Kits

For someone who’s new to drumming, it’s best to start with a sound module with a limited number of sounds and styles. The Behringer XD80USB’s sound module comes with 10 different styles, as well as 5 user-programmable sets too. You’ll find these very useful once you start to make your own beats.

We especially like how the kits are sounds here are just sufficient enough without being overwhelming.

Plus, there are 175 sounds in this sound module and you can set each of them to work on any of the pads in your kit.

Now, just before we run off from this section… Keep in mind that, oftentimes, the biggest contributor to the price of a drum kit is the size of its sample library. And that’s because it determines the kind of experience you get from the kit.


That said, the sample library on the Behringer XD80USB might seem limited to you. However, there’s a better way to look at it.

How many drummers actually ever use all the available sounds in the library? None. So, with this sound module, you don’t lose much. Instead, Behringer has cleverly cut out the unnecessary features ensuring that you have the primary ones and lose nothing.

Besides, the samples that you end up getting are not mediocre ones. They are high definition studio-quality sounds. And to us, they are worth having as against having scores of poor quality ones.

USB Port – Connect to Your Computer

The sound module of the Behringer XD80USB comes with a USB port. This port lets you connect your drum kit to your computer. So, you’ll be able to record your own beats and patterns. And at the same time, you’ll also be able to use the 10 drum kit sounds on the sound module as well.

Now, when you decide to record your sounds, you don’t have to bother with super sophisticated and super expensive software. GarageBand is enough for the average beginner to do some recording.

And if you’re interested, this kit can definitely help you produce electronic dance or hip-hop music. With the icon-driven interface, it’s easy for you demo, sample, and mix your tracks or loops.


Don’t expect too many surprises when you look at the setup of this drum kit. But then again, don’t look at this as a con. Rather, see it as a good thing because that means you’ll be working with the standard thereby building better techniques.

To put things in perspective, you sometimes see budget drum kits which do not follow the standard drum configuration. In the end, though they came at a lower price, you find that you don’t end up playing properly. In fact, they end up feeling more like toys than drums.

However, there’s no fear when it comes to this drums. There are three toms, a snare drum, a kick drum, two cymbals, and hi-hat. The hi-hat also comes with its functioning pedal.

BEHRINGER XD80-USB High-Performance 8-Piece Electronic 240 Sounds 15 Drum Sets LCD Display Black and Grey

Now, to the hardware itself… The rack isn’t very flexible which didn’t come as a surprise, at least to us. For a drum kit in this price range, it’s really difficult to find a rack that allows you fine tune the positioning of your pads. So, that’s a given.

Also, of course, the rack is not as sturdy as a professional drum kit. So, you want to keep that in mind when you play. If you use excessive force, you could damage the rack as well as other hardware. So, ensure that you exercise caution while playing or you could even hurt yourself.

Pros of the Behringer XD80USB

  • This kit comes with 175 different sounds as well as 10 preset kits.
  • Also comes with an integrated metronome.
  • Easy to hook this up with your computer using the USB port.
  • Sound module features an icon-driven user interface.

Cons of the Behringer XD80USB

  • No responsive enough for complex patterns.
  • Hardware is not dependable especially for drummers that hit heavy.
  • Experienced drummers will find the sound variances insufficient. Great for the beginner though!


What draws you to the Behringer XD80USB is its simplicity. This is one drum kit that’s straightforward and does not promise more than it can deliver. That is, it does what it says and says what it does.

Granted, this kit won’t serve a professional drummer. But then again, it never promised to. It’s just a down to earth drum kit ready to serve the beginner through the early days of building skill and technique. We certainly love this kit and its price tag isn’t bad too.

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