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Top 8 Best Casio Digital Piano On The Market 2023 Reviews

It really wasn’t that long ago that when the name Casio was mentioned, your initial thoughts turned to watches and cheap calculators. People might even say, ‘I’ve bought a Casio’ instead of ‘I’ve bought a calculator.’

Founded in 1946, they brought out their first completely electronic calculator in 1957. The first digital watches with all the little buttons in 1974. In 1980 their first keyboard. They realized that they were actually quite good at what they were doing.

The next logical step in musical instruments, especially keyboards, was taking on Yamaha. Not at the top end, Yamaha is one of the world leaders in that field, but in the ‘affordable’ market. They have done very well. Now they produce some very good keyboards with great features. So. let’s compare some Casio keyboards and see if we can find the best Casio keyboard for you in these in-depth Best Casio Digital Piano Reviews.

Top 8 Best Casio Digital Piano On The Market 2023 Reviews

Top 8 Best Casio Digital Piano For Your Money 2023 Reviews

1 Casio CTK-2550

Casio’s CTK-2550 is very much designed as a keyboard to be portable. It is smaller than the usual keyboard having just 61 keys. The Polyphony, though, is limited to 48 notes. But we think that will be sufficient for any new player. Very much an instrument to get a young player started. It has a range of extras that will keep any student occupied with new ideas.

With a length of just 37 inches and weighing only seven pounds, this can be comfortably transported with you. It has built-in speakers, or you can plug your headphones in for some privacy and will run on batteries or using the adapter that is included.

So many choices…

It is loaded with sound options. One hundred and fifty tempos and rhythms with Dance Music mode and four hundred different sounds. This is a good starter keyboard and a great way to make sure the student has some fun.

Dance mode is especially interesting. Electronic dance music can be created quickly and easily and edited. There are over 50 basic ideas to work with, and you can add bass and synthesizers. It even includes a few sound effects like flanger to give them some life.

Built-in teacher…

You can connect your phone, iPad, or tablet and use the Chordana Play app. This app houses a huge range of music you can download songs and learn them later. Also included is the Lesson Lite system to assist with the learning curve.

It is not a serious player’s keyboard, of course. But it is great fun, and with so many options onboard, it is a great little instrument. At such a cost-effective price, it makes a great introduction to making music. It is a cheap Casio keyboard but well-made with lots of benefits. To find out even more, check out our in-depth Casio CTK 2550 Review.

Casio CTK-2550

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Great starter instrument with an overload of built-in sounds and rhythms.
  • Great price point.


  • Only really suitable for a beginner.

2 Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano

We mentioned in our opening about the perceived impression some people have about Casio. As with most first impressions, there is an element of truth but also something more. Here is something more in Casio’s product range. Known for their cost-effective products with the Privia PX-870, they have proved they can build real quality as well.

The Privia range is Casio’s serious side. Have a look at a list of the best digital pianos. Alongside the Yamahas, Rolands, and Kawais, you will see this model. It is that good.

It certainly looks the part…

Traditional design and nicely finished in black, the build quality is very good. It is constructed using pressed wood, and the foot pedals are made of plastic. Those materials used in a lot of digital pianos at all price levels. It is though sturdy and strong.

The keyboard itself has an authentic feel with its hammer action. It excels in delivering a representation of your personal playing dynamics. Each note is delivered with power or subtlety to mirror how you played it. It has a sweeping, impressive rich grand piano sound using the onboard AIR engine.

Authentic grand piano…

It has a total of 19 instrument sounds that have been sampled and layered four times in stereo. This creates a great reproduction of the original sound. The built-in acoustic resonator goes even further to create an authentic grand piano. Built-in are split and layer options, which allow you to use those sounds to split the keyboard.

It has a 256 note polyphony, which really is exceptional. The usual is 128, so twice the size as a lot of pianos that cost far more. That means that even the most complex pieces will not be ruined by lost notes.

Plenty to learn…

There is a built-in sound system delivering 40 watts of output and an EQ that is synchronized. There are other extras like access to Windows and Mac laptops via a USB port. For any students lucky enough to play this piano, there is a library of songs to learn.

This is an excellent piano in every respect. Well-made, great sounds and with some important extras. Casio has stepped up a gear with this instrument. What hasn’t gone up a gear is the pricing philosophy. The price point is quite brilliant for a piano this amount of quality. When you see it listed alongside Yamaha and Kawai in reviews of the best digital pianos under 1000 dollars, it deserves to be there.

If you’re interested in finding out more, check out our in-depth Casio PX 870 Review.

This is most definitely one of the best digital piano with weighted keys, but is it the best Casio keyboard in these Best Casio Digital Piano Reviews? Read on to find out…

Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Great looking and well-built.
  • Impressive sounds and built-in options.


  • If we are to be picky, maybe more than 19 sounds might have been better.

3 Casio PX-770 BN Privia Digital Home Piano

The PX-770 is quite a new addition to the Privia range. Maybe not so much a new piano but an upgrade on the previous PX-760, which it has replaced.

This piano is made from a wood-based fiberboard. The design is aesthetically very nice, with its slightly rounded corners. It looks substantial, and it is. And is finished off in a luxurious dark brown.

Understated and stylish…

It looks a little more refined and elegant than its predecessor with its re-shaped cabinet. The wood-like texture, giving it an attractive look. It has a built-in music rest and a three pedalboard. It has an understated, almost minimalistic look. The three pedals are for sostenuto, sustain, and soft as is standard.

As a nice extra, the keyboard has a built-in wooden sliding cover. This protects the keys and some of the inner workings from dust.

For those familiar with its predecessor, the button controls have been moved to the left side. There are controls for instrument selection and volume. Also, the metronome and MIDI recorder. They are easy to use but will sometimes take two hands to operate. For some choices, the function button will need to be held while pressing a key. There is not an LED screen, but all the functions are clearly labeled.

Fully weighted…

The 88 key keyboard is fully weighted and has plastic keys with a textured top. This creates the feel of real Ivory and Ebony and also absorbs moisture. .It is the same hammer action that Casio put in most of their pianos.

The quality of the playing action is evident immediately. The design includes the use of real hammers, not springs, as in many other digital pianos. This creates the feel of a real piano because of the mechanics. The action is also scaled as on real pianos. The keys being lighter towards the top and getting heavier as you move to the lower registers.

Great for piano lessons…

The keys are also touch-sensitive with three levels of sensitivity. The harder you play, the louder it responds. It has a Duet mode for students and teachers to play together.

It has its own amplification system, and you can connect your Mac or Windows device. This is an outstanding piano made even better by a cost-effective price. Great value and could be the best value Casio keyboard.

Casio PX-770 BN Privia Digital Home Piano

Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


  • Great design and build with very good action and features.
  • Great price point considering what you get.


  • No bench seat provided.

4 Casio LK190

With this keyboard, Casio has designed a smaller instrument that comes as part of a package. And a good package is as well. It is designed to include everything a beginner might need.

The keyboard has 61 keys, so it is smaller and more compact than its bigger cousins. The keys are full-size and made of plastic. They have lights built-in, which is an interesting feature and makes learning fun. The Polyphony is only 48 notes, but that is sufficient for a beginner. The piano has built-in speakers.


Built-in are 400 sounds, and the new Dance Music Mode Casio is installing in some of their keyboards. This allows you to create and edit 50 dance music styles. Installed is the Lesson Lite system that links up with the lights on the keys as a teaching and practice aid.

The package includes a power supply and a stand but also some Samson closed-back headphones. These are perfect for allowing practice and playtime to not disturb others. The piano will run on batteries or by using the AC adapter. This makes it easily portable.

Superb for starter pianists…

Controls are on the top of the piano and easily visible. Everything is well-labeled and includes all the sound options you will ever need.

This is a great compact piano for a beginner and represents great value for money, making it one of the best keyboards in these Best Casio Digital Piano Reviews.

Casio LK190

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Lots of great features and teaching aids built-in.
  • Cost-effective price.


  • Some will want a full-size keyboard.

5 Casio WK-245

This Casio digital piano has quite a few surprises in-store. More on this later. It has simple and familiar styling, and at first glance, looks like a dozen other models. It crosses a few ability gaps and is eminently suitable for a beginner, but will also suit a player with a bit more experience.

Not quite what many would call a full-size 88-key digital piano, the WK245 has 76 keys. It carries a slightly restricted 48 note polyphony. This may inhibit a very experienced player playing a complex piece.

A whole orchestra and more included…

Installed in this piano are 152 sounds and 600 different tones and 180 rhythms. In addition to using it as a pure piano, it can also be used as an auto-accompaniment. The keys are touch-sensitive, which adds a little realism to the playing experience.

It is well-made and has a number of good practical extra features. The control panel is well laid out with printed instant information regarding instrument selection. Supporting this is an LCD screen, which includes showing the notation of what you are playing. It has an AUX connection for your devices, including MP3 and a USB MIDI port.

Superb sounds…

It is a useful workstation if you happen to write music with a built-in 6-track recorder. The technology used in the piano belies its price point. Casio has done it again and produced a great piece of kit at a cost-effective price.

We mentioned earlier it had a surprise in store. Other than those things we have already mentioned, it certainly does – the sound! It has a remarkable selection of grand pianos onboard that produce a great sound. At this price and this quality of the piano, it is worth the money just for the sound of the concert grand.

A musical workstation packed with impressive sounds and options and a great piano sound. Apply a very low price for what you are getting, and what more do you need?

If you want to find out even more about this excellent keyboard, please check out our in-depth review of the Casio WK-245.

Casio WK-245

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Packed full of features.
  • Great sounding pianos.


  • Limited polyphony.

6 Casio CGP-700BK

This is a great digital piano and could be considered as one of the best Casio keyboard models. This is a piano that looks great and plays well that is not going to break the bank.

Fits in nicely…

It is designed for the experienced player as well as the starter. It is a nicely made piece that has an authentic look, and it doesn’t take up too much room. The piano is 60 by 15 by 15 inches approximately.

The keys have Casio’s Tri-sensor hammer style, which gives the feel of a real piano. It is fitted with a three-pedal arrangement that includes the usual damper, sostenuto and sustain. And has 128 polyphony, which will satisfy the majority of players.

Simple to navigate…

It has six built-in speakers delivering 40 watts of sound, four in the top, and two in the stand. The controls are easy to use and centered around the five-inch color touch display. It is bright and clear and allows you to move around all of the functions with ease. At the touch of the screen, changes can be made to every aspect of the piano’s performance. It has a metronome and a music stand that pops up.

The piano sounds are authentic and clear and give off a concert grand sound. There are options though for other piano-based genres. These include jazz, rock, and of course, classical. If you want to record something, then it has a MIDI recorder capable of handling 17-tracks. There is also a USB recording option.


There is a lot packed into this piano, and with its nice design, it represents a good buy. By Casio standards, it is a little expensive, but there is a lot packed into it.

Casio CGP-700BK

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Nice design and easy to use controls.
  • Cost-effective price.


  • Quite expensive by Casio standards.

7 Casio Privia PX-160BK

There was a time when Casio keyboards were viewed by many people as belonging in a Christmas cracker. Just a little toy for a child for some fun. It was always a bit unfair comment, but it’s certainly different now. They do still produce smaller instruments for children. A good idea. Anything that introduces children to music must be good. But now they are also playing with the ‘big boys’

The Privia range is a case in point. When you see them named in a list of the best pianos alongside Yamaha, Roland, and Kawai, they have arrived.

What a sound…

This 88-key Privia model might not be in what some call the big league. It provides the quality of those pianos but without some of the extras. It is just a keyboard: no stand or seat and no pedals or endless control buttons. But what a sound you get. The stand and the seat are available as optional extras if you wish.

The controls are kept to a minimum. Placed on top of the keyboard for easy use, they are almost invisible to the clever design. It has Casios AIR, the Acoustic Intelligent Resonator. This produces the piano sound that Casio keyboards are now known and respected for. Four levels of sampled sounds are taken meticulously from a concert grand for each note. The results are quite staggering at this price point.

Just like the real thing…

The keyboard gives you the dynamics of playing styles through its hammer action. The speed and dynamics of each played note are captured by sensors. These create the atmosphere and feel of the real thing.

This is not a keyboard with an endless array of sound options. It is not a workstation. If that is what you are looking for, it won’t suit. If though you are looking for a great piano sound with a few extras, then this may be it. Sounds are limited to grand pianos and a harpsichord. Electric pianos and some warm, rich strings,

Other features include a Split keyboard, Layering, and Duet mode. It has a recorder for performance recording with two tracks. Two eight watt speakers allow you some sound, but it isn’t exactly loud. If you’re looking for more volume, it is easily connected to any of the best keyboard amplifiers for a more dynamic sound or for use live on stage.

The Casio PX 160 is a truly great piano with a tremendous piano sound. Certainly could be described as the best Casio keyboard for the money and is one of the best digital pianos under 500 dollars you can buy.

Casio Privia PX-160BK

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • A great piano sounds with some other excellent keyboard sounds.
  • Brilliant price point.


  • Some will want more sound options.

8 Casio PX-360BK

The PX-360 is another example of Casio producing a quality keyboard at a great price point. This 88-key model has all the great technologies Casio put in their top range pianos. With those great sounds, they have added a myriad of extra sound features.

Ebony and ivory…

It has Casio’s Scaled hammer action for the keyboard that provides a realistic feel and touch. This action gives the piano a heavier touch and feel in the bass registers. The feel gets lighter as you progress up the keyboard. This simulated exactly the feel of a grand piano. The keys have been given an element of realism with texturing that simulates the feel of ivory and ebony.

Also included is Casio’s Acoustic Intelligent Resonator (AIR), which puts a real concert grand sound at your fingertips.

Quick as a flash…

Controls are located on the top of the piano and are dominated by the color touch screen. This controls all aspects of the sounds and other features. They are therefore visible clearly and changes made easily and quickly.

Built-in are 550 extra sounds, all with a high-quality definition. These include guitars and basses, as well as the more common brass and strings. Also included are more than 200 drum styles that cover all genres. Or, if you prefer, you can use the Rhythm editor and create your own sound.

Take 1…

Anything you play can be recorded using the in-built MIDI recorder or downloaded to a USB stick. There are some fitted rear-ported speakers to power your sound and some onboard effects to add some features to it.

At a cost-effective price, of course, it is one of the best keyboards without a doubt in these Best Casio Digital Piano Reviews.

Casio PX-360BK

Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)


  • Loaded with great sounds and features.
  • A great price point for so much sound.


  • No stand or seat supplied.


As we have already said, Casio has come along way since the days of the cheap watches and calculators. For them to be even mentioned in the same breath as Yamaha, Kawai, and Roland is a significant achievement. They deserve it, the pianos on this list demonstrate how far they have come.

The products have improved, and the variety has widened, but one thing remains the same. They still stick to their early philosophy of keeping everything cost-effective; we are not going to say ‘cheap Casio keyboards.’ That does them a disservice.

The reality is, though, that when compared to so many other manufacturers, they are cheap. But if cheap implies poor quality, as it sometimes does, with Casio, it is not the case. Yes, they still make instruments that may be called toys; that’s because they are aimed at children who play with toys. But, as we have already said, it is good to introduce music to children.

However, now, we need to choose the best Casio keyboard. Best in terms of value for money? That is a near-impossible task. They all are great value for money. We have therefore decided just to pick what we think is the best. Therefore, we have chosen as the best Casio keyboard the…

Included on the best of digital piano lists. Next to Yamaha and Roland and Kawai, but with one major difference – it’s a fraction of the price!

Great piano, great sounds, great price. The best of the best Casio Digital Piano in these Best Casio Digital Piano Reviews.

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