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Top 10 Best Comfortable Earbuds To Buy 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

In the modern times that we live in, many of us spend a great deal of our time with buds in our ear or a set of headphones on. We use these to listen to music, podcasts, and books, or to make private hands-free calls when walking or on the road.

But, what are the most comfortable earbuds on the market today?

With so many options, it can be overwhelming, but to help you find the perfect option for you, we have put together a list of reviews to help you determine the top features available. And there’s even a buying guide included that breaks down the key things to consider prior to making a purchase.

So, let’s go through them and find the perfect pair of comfortable earbuds…

Top 10 Best Comfortable Earbuds To Buy 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 10 Best Comfortable Earbuds On The Market 2023 Reviews

1 Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether you call them in-ear headphones, earphones, or earbuds, it doesn’t much matter, but what does matter is the comfort. It’s important to ensure that you won’t want to stop listening due to a pain in the ear, but that’s not the only aspect to consider.

Hows the sound quality?

Bose is known for its top end sounds production, and the QuietComfort 20 includes noise cancelling technology to reduce surrounding distractions, which will help you to enjoy the music more deeply. The Aware Mode then lets you push a button to hear what’s around you, which we think is a brilliant idea when crossing the road.

This is all backed by TriPort technology and Active EQ for delivery of lifelike, digital-quality audio. The deep, clear sound will make you feel more like you’re in a movie theater than walking down the road.

What makes them so comfortable?

The StayHear+ earphone tips provide long lasting comfort due to their design that increases stability. Great for those on the move. Plus, with an inline microphone and single touch answer/end button, you’ll be able to deal with everything the day throws at you without missing a beat.

All these great features make them possibly the most comfortable iPhone earbuds.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • TriPort technology and Active EQ for superior sound.
  • Noise canceling technology with Aware Mode.
  • Stay Hear+ earphone tips for comfort.


  • Great for Apple, but will only work with selected Samsung and Android devices.
  • Wired connection isn’t the most freeing.

2 Shure SE535-CL Sound Isolation Earphones

Coming in at the top of our list if ordered by cost, the SE535-CL by Shure offers what might be the best earbuds money can buy. The features alone make this an option worth considering, but the best part may be the options.

Long-lasting relevance you can rely on…

The SE535-CL has a detachable cable system. This allows for multiple connective options, which in term allows for upgrades, minimal maintenance, and ensures that you won’t need to purchase new earphones down the road due to constant modernization.

How’s the sound quality?

The design includes sound isolation technology that blocks up to 37dB of external noise to allow you to get lost to the music no matter your environment. Along with triple high-definition MicroDrivers that product spacious sound and a bass that bring it all together for a cinematic audio experience no matter where you might be.

Will they stay put in my ear while exercising?

Most certainly, with the secure over-the-ear design that keeps the earphones in place and the cables from tangling up. The audio cable is also shortened to 46-inches long, to help with tangle issues, which we expect many users will appreciate greatly.

What about a wireless connection?

You got it; with Bluetooth options available, you have the choice of either wired or wireless connection. In fact, you can even convert older wired SE535 models with the new Bluetooth-Enabled Cable (RMCE-BT1), though we should note this is sold separately.

Shure SE535-CL Sound Isolation Earphones

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Detachable cable system.
  • 37DB of noise canceling built-in.
  • Secure over-the-ear design.


  • The most expensive option reviewed here.

3 Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

A second option from the well-known band Bose is the SoundSport wireless headphones, which will set you back a fair bit less than the above option from the same manufacturer. This option, however, is wireless to keep your movement free from the restrictions that wires impose.

Do wireless earbuds offer good sound quality?

Yes, and not only is the sound quality, but these earphones are truly wireless. They don’t have the cord attaching them even, and there are no wires whatsoever. So, there won’t be anything to get tangled at all.

Never lose your buds…

This model from Sony includes a ‘find My buds’ tracking software so they’ll never get lost no matter how forgetful you might be. They are also sweat and water resistant with an IPX4 rating you can trust, plus three different pairs of Stay Hear Sport tips for a secure and comfortable fit.

How good is the microphone?

Equipped with a dual microphone array located on the right earbud for a crystal clear voice when making calls through a smartphone. We like this, but feel you should be a way that the call audio will only be heard in the right earbud.

You even get up to 5 hours of play time with each charge…

And an additional 10 hours provided by the included charging case. We really like this feature for long days of connection that this modern life requires.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)


  • Truly wireless design for maximum freedom.
  • Find-my-buds tracking software.
  • IPX4 waterproof rating.


  • Some users experience issues with the left earbud cutting, though we expect this is likely just during calls, as noted in the manual.

4 1More Triple Driver in-Ear Earphones

Jumping a fair way down the list in the way of upfront cost, this set of earphones from 1More delivers a high-resolution bass driven sound. It is amazing what you can get these days at such a low price point.

Save money without losing out on features…

The headphones are built with two balanced armatures and a separate dynamic driver. Working together, these give off a brilliant listening experience with both deep bass and clear highs. Not only that, but the internationally acclaimed producer and sound engineer Luca Bignardi (Grammy award-winning sound engineer) worked with the 1More team to deliver a precise representation of the music you love.

But, can they be comfortable at such a low price point?

Designed with an oblique angled ear fitting and nine sets of ear tip sizes provide a natural fit for all, and the better the fit, the more comfortable you’ll be for sure. Not only that, you get an in-line remote control with volume control, song selection, and call accepting/ending. Plus, the MEMS microphone has independently set ground wires to help combat cross-talk and background static.

1More Triple Driver in-Ear Earphones

Our rating:3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)


  • Solid sound quality for the price.
  • Ear tips to fit anyone.
  • MEMS microphone for clear calls.


  • Good for the price, but the sound quality can’t compare to some higher-end options.

5 KZ ATE Copper Driver Ear Hook Earphones

Dropping once again in price, and all the way down to a point we can’t believe anyone is making a profit, the ATE copper driver earphones from KZ is a great option for those looking for cheap and comfortable earbuds.

Built for running…

Built lighter to reduce the burden, and designed to fit most ears, these earphones are comfortable hour after hour. The noise isolation helps prevent sound leakage, so you’ll get the full experience.

How’s the sound quality?

It’s not going to compare with the top end units on this list of reviews, but you will get a high resolution from the copper driver. Plus, the CVC digital noise reduction technology keeps distractions to a minimum, giving clear calls with the HD microphone.

We all like gold things…

Unfortunately, it’s only the jack that is gold-plated for a better contact surface and reduced oxidation. This reduces signal loss and provides better audio quality, for a great budget-friendly set of earbuds.

KZ ATE Copper Driver Ear Hook Earphones

Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)


  • Copper driver for sound quality.
  • CVC digital noise reduction technology.
  • Gold-plated jack.
  • Super inexpensive.


  • Not the sounds quality that other options provide.
  • Minimal build quality, though better than expected for the price.

6 Sennheiser IE60 Headphones

Stepping a rung or two back up from rock bottom prices, the IE60 from Sennheiser certainly isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s also nowhere near the top of the line either.

How’s the sound quality?

The dynamic speaker system included in the IE60 has powerful neodymium magnets to provide a higher degree of sound definition and a deeper bass. This is all topped by a significant reduction of ambient noise up to 20dB, to allow you to drift deeper into your music without outside interference. All of this with a frequency response 10-,18000 Hertz, Impedance 16 ohm

What about the fit?

Designed with a superior shape for a slop-free ear-canal fit, so much so that they will feel like they were custom made just for you. We do wish that these were wireless, but for a wired option, they would make a fine addition to your listening experience.

Possibly the most comfortable earbuds for small ears…

We should note that these do seem a touch fragile, and we did experience a touch of sound loss when moving around. Because of this, we wouldn’t recommend these as the most comfortable running earbuds, but they would be great for those quiet times in the car, train, etc.

Sennheiser IE60 Headphones

Our rating:3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)


  • Powerful neodymium magnets to provide sound.
  • Ambient noise cancelling technology.
  • Tight fit within the ear canal.


  • There is a drop in sound quality during excessive movement.
  • Not the strongest build quality.

7 Bang & Olufsen H3 in-Ear Earphones

B&O Play, or Bang & Olufsen, has produced a pair of earphones that provide a fantastic level of sound quality, especially for the mid level price point. For a set of wired earphones, these both look sleek and provide a level of sound to match.

Light but solid design…

Fabricated from a solid block of aluminum, these earphones are both ultra-light and provide an unexpected level of sound performance covering the frequency response range of 20-16,000 Hertz. The full tone dynamic sound integrates a custom designed 10.8mm driver, which just adds to the above specs for an authentic original sound.

What else is important?

Yes, they do have a wire that restricts movement, but for this price point, that should be expected. The only real complaint we had was with the microphone. It just doesn’t quite live up to expectations. Still, the sound produced by the earphones overcomes any complaints we have regarding the microphone.

Not the most comfortable earphones for sleeping…

Ensure that you purchase the appropriate setup, with differing models for Apple and Android devices. We agree this is a bummer, but how often do you really switch devices?

Bang & Olufsen H3 in-Ear Earphones

Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


  • Ultra-light design.
  • Full tone dynamic sound from 10.8mm driver.


  • Microphone issues have been noted by many users.
  • Many find the design uncomfortable.

8 Westone W10 Single-Driver True-Fit Earphones

Having produced a design that the music enthusiast will rejoice in, Westone’s W10 features a specially-tuned, single balanced armature driver for clarity and detail of sound to be appreciated.

But that’s not even the best part…

The W10 from Westone has the lowest profile, most compact, ergonomic design of any earphones we reviewed. This is due to the nearly 60 years of design innovation and product manufacturing. These earbuds can be worn hour after hour without you even noticing they are in. In this model, this is achieved through the silicone and comfort-foam ear tips that provide a tight fit and ensure superior noise isolation.

What’s with a twisted audio cable?

The professional quality twisted MMCX audio cable is of such professional quality that many of the biggest names in the music industry use these earphones while on tour. The twist helps keep the cable noise free, light-weight, and flexible. Because we have all experienced issues with tethers splitting over time, and that just kills the sound quality.

What are the numbers?

Equipped with an armature driver with 122dB with 1Mw sensitivity, 20-16 Hertz frequency response, and an impedance of 19 ohms @ 1kHz. For those in the know, no further explanation is needed, but for the rest of us, this equates to top quality sound that we think you’d appreciate immediately.

Westone W10 Single-Driver True-Fit Earphones

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Supplied with five pairs of patented Star silicone ear tips and five pairs of True-Fit comfort-foam ear tips.
  • Twisted MMCX audio cable.
  • Single balanced armature driver.


  • Not a great fit for all ears.

9 RHA T10i High Fidelity Noise Isolating in-Ear Headphones

RHA is known for top quality products, and the T10i falls squarely within that reputation. Just ensure that you pay attention when you purchase, as there is a model both with and without the remote control and microphone.

Do they still make things by hand?

Yes, the high fidelity dynamic driver (770.1) is handmade, noise isolating, and constructed from stainless steel. This includes the unique tuning filter system that allows you to customize frequency response, and over-ear hooks to ensure a comfortable, noise isolating fit.

So great sound and comfort. But what else?

To help to maintain superior sound quality, the multicore, reinforced, oxygen-free copper cable has a gold plated connection. There’s even a three-year warranty so you can entrust the quality won’t drop with use.

RHA T10i High Fidelity Noise Isolating in-Ear Headphones

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Handmade high fidelity dynamic driver.
  • Customizable frequency response.
  • Multicore copper cable.


  • A lower quality product than expected for the price.

10 Focal Sphear S Closed Back Headphones

Finally, we have reached our final item on our list of the most comfortable earbud reviews, and this final option is surprisingly inexpensive. Because these days you don’t have to spend a great deal of money to gain superior sound and comfort.

Keep reading; we still have the buying guide to help with your purchase…

These might not be the top of the line earphones, but they do still include large 10.8mm dynamic drivers for a natural and rich sound. The Bass-reflex system provides low-end frequency response, while the ported acoustic chamber spits out a balanced tone. In the end, it’s a better sound production than one would expect for so low of a cost.

Does it come with controls?

Yes, even at this super low price point, Focal includes an in-line remote and microphone in their Sphere S, for making and taking calls on iOS and/or Android devices. We’d say that for the price, it’s a steal.

Focal Sphear S Closed Back Headphones

Our rating:3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


  • Low-end frequency response.
  • Good noise cancelation.
  • Compact earbud housing.


  • Not the best bass levels.

Best Comfortable Earbuds Buying Guide

Having concluded the above list of reviews, you’ve now been presented with an overview of the numerous options available on the market today. Now to help you narrow down the features that will affect your listening experience the most, we have put together a list of key features to consider.

Comfort Is Key To Long Sessions Of Bopping Along To Your Favorite Tunes

This aspect of the earbuds can be broken down into a few points, and each one is worth taking into consideration. We’ll cover each of these below, but we will begin with the most important feature when it comes to comfort.

best comfortable earbuds

Penetration Is Key To Achieving Ultimate Results…

While the deeper the earbuds penetrate into the ear canal, the better the reduction in ambient noise. However, those earphones that sit deep within the ear canal also tend to be a touch less comfortable. For this reason, some options, like those from Bose, offer a winged tip to secure the earbuds within the entries of your ear canal.

Jumping a touch in the other direction, you have options that provide a tight seal within the ear canal. While many will argue that these provide a better sound quality due to the cut in ambient noise they provide, others dislike the intrusion.

Weight Also Affects Comfort…

While it’s often said that lightweight earbuds won’t last the test of time, it also must be true that the more solid metal options tend to weigh a fair bit more. This might help with sound quality and durability, but they push against the comfort scale. Similarly, the weight of the cables will also greatly alter your experience, as will the best option of wireless earbuds.

Are Wireless Earbuds The Best?

For many, yes. But, there is still the case of whether or not there is a connecting cable. Some wireless earphones are connected to each other by a wire, and often charging port. Others like the Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones are completely wireless, making them a very freeing choice. Still, their design keeps them from being the most comfortable earbuds to sleep in.

comfortable earbuds reviews

Plastic, Silicone, Or Foam?

The final aspect of comfort to look for in the various earbuds available relates to the earth material. Plastic is easily the most common material for the cheaper options, though silicone is the most preferred amount those looking for a softer, more flexible fit. However, foam is the top choice of audio professionals due to the way in which they expand and form a tight fit to reduce ambient noise.

Foam Is Not Always The Most Comfortable…

This is due to the way that they collect sweat in ways plastic and silicone won’t. Over time, the sweat can lead to skin irritation, which obviously will not be comfortable.

Audio Quality & Build Quality Are Intertwined Like Twisted Cables

It is true that you’re not going to get top end build quality from the super cheap options out there, but what you may not realize is that this means a reduction in sound quality. Devices that are not precisely aligned and assembled may vibrate, or lose audio in gaps within. This means that in addition to affecting the durability and longevity, the build quality can affect your listening experience.

Crystal Clear Sound Is What We All Want

The audio quality will vary greatly in the above list of the most comfortable earbud reviews due to the rather wide range of price tags they hold. The main thing you want to look out for here is a warm audio signature. You’ll want clear highs, and a strong, well defined bass. The midrange should be clean as well, and you certainly won’t enjoy boominess in the low end, or sound distortion in the high end.

It’s Always Nice To Have Controls At Hand

There’s a number of unique features out there like shirt clips, noise cancelling technology, and regularly a wide variety of ear tip shapes and sizes for better comfort. One of these other features that we like the most is the presence of a remote control. It will alleviate fumbling about to find your phone to skip annoying songs and roll the volume up when your favorite comes up.

Budget Considerations Can’t Be Skipped

While it would be great if we all could have the best of the best in both sound quality and comfort in our earphones, some of us would rather not spend more than we need to. There’s plenty of decent options in the lower price ranges, though you do also need to consider durability as cheaper options tend not to last as long.

Other Earbud Options

If you’re looking for even more options, then it’s worth checking out our reviews of the Best Earbuds and Best Headphones for Sleeping, the Most Durable Earbuds, and the Best Sound Quality Earbuds currently available.

And for those on a budget, check out our reviews of the Best Earbuds under 50 dollars, and the Best Earbuds under 100 dollars on the market.

So, What Are The Best Comfortable Earbuds?

The above should offer a good insight into the options that abound for the most comfortable earbuds available, and hopefully, the buying guide has helped you narrow down the key features to look for.

For those that still have some confusion, we would recommend going with the…

…for an option from a top end audio brand that promises to provide both pristine sound and ultimate comfort.

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