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Top 10 Best Marine Speakers You Should Buy In 2023 Reviews

So you are sitting on the dock of the bay looking at your brand new boat, and you think ‘I must have a nice stereo fitted.’ You will need some special speakers. Ordinary speakers don’t handle life on the ocean wave so well, and you will need some specially designed and certificated Marine speakers.

They are tougher than the regular speaker and use heavy-duty components and of course, are able to handle wet and salty conditions. They are designed to be able to ‘sail through’ some harsh and sometimes hostile conditions that will at times include extreme heat. So let’s have a look at the best Marine speakers and find the perfect ones for you…

Top 10 Best Marine Speakers You Should Buy In 2023 Reviews

Top 10 Best Marine Speakers For The Money 2023 Reviews

1 Kenwood KFC-1653MRW 6.5″ 2-Way Marine Speakers

Kenwood is well-known for its high-quality stereo amps and speakers. The original company was established in Japan in 1946 and in the 60s was renamed Trio, a name at the time known for quality hi-fi.

In 1986 Trio bought Kenwood and went with that name after it was thought it would be more appealing to the US market. In 2008 they merged with JVC to become JVC Kenwood. A few changes but one thing that hasn’t changed is the high quality they produce.

Crystal clear…

The 1653 MRW speakers are a 2-way speaker system designed especially for marine use that can punch out 150 watts maximum or 50 RMS. The sound they produce is clear, and with a frequency range of 60Hz to 20kHz, they produce a solid bass. The high frequencies are pushed on by a 1” balanced dome tweeter.

They are, of course water-resistant, and the rubber surrounds ensure that any water from natural splashing or rain is excluded.

Come rain, come shine…

Fitting is easy, and the depth of the mount is just 2.44inches. Specially designed for outdoor use where they will come into contact with water they are so designed as to remain waterproofed in very poor weather.

These are a very good set of speakers from a manufacturer known for the quality of their audio, and they are set at a very attractive price point. One issue that did surprise us was that they come ready to fit, but do not include any wire for the connection.

Kenwood KFC-1653MRW 6.5

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Good sound.
  • Easy to fit.


  • No fixing wire supplied.

2 Garmin MS-FR6022, Fusion, 6″ Marine 2 Way Loudspeaker

Being at sea can be a hostile environment at the best of times, but if the weather turns against you, there aren’t many places which are more challenging. That applies especially to electrical equipment. We are not talking a bit of moisture it could be that your craft and anything on it will be hammered by seawater.

Salty seawater is corrosive. If you have sound speakers exposed to this, they’d better be good, or you will lose them.

Fortunately, Fusion’s FR6022 are designed and built to handle exactly that. They include materials that meet established International standards for the resistance of salt and fog. The engineering in the design means that they are able to provide good and stable performance even for lengthy periods of exposure.

Goes the distance…

This pair of speakers incorporate CURV technology from Germany to ensure a powerful sound. The tweeter speakers are secure in a sealed unit with totally waterproof fittings and surround. The cone is made from a composite that is given a heat treatment that then forms a far tougher cone.

It makes it able to withstand the environment, but it ensures the sounds are still clear and powerful. The speakers are six inches in width and have a power rating of 200 watts.

Grill options…

They are designed with efficiency in mind, and such features reduce battery usage and also reduces any potential interference to other electrical equipment that may be used for navigation. Included are three different design options of grilles for the speakers to help you match the aesthetics of your craft.

Good speakers with a powerful sound and manufactured with quality materials that meet high standards and with a good price point. Are they the best marine speakers? Read on to find out…

Garmin MS-FR6022, Fusion, 6

Our rating:4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)


  • Well made with good materials.
  • Good sound using CURV technology.


  • No separate tweeter

3 Sony XSMP1611 6.5-Inch Dual Cone Marine Speakers

Sony’s contribution to life on the ocean waves is as with all of their products, impressive sounds. These are a pair of 1-way design speakers that have a dual cone that have a power rating certified at 65 watts RMS. That RMS rating means that they can peak volume-wise in excess of 100 watts. That is quite loud for speakers of this size as they are just six and a half inches in diameter.

The speakers are coated in Polypropylene and have a treated cloth surround which adds to the sound quality and Sony claim, durability. They have a four-ounce Ferrite magnet which boosts up the lower frequencies giving you a powerful bass.

IPX5 rating…

Designed for marine use, Sony has created these speakers to be as tough as they need to be. They carry a water-resistant certification of IPX5 and are also saltwater and UV ray resistant. They have a removable grille which can be painted another color if you wish and they offer you a choice of front or rear mounting.

Whilst they carry all the necessary certification for marine use to emphasize their suitability, it is the sound where these speakers will score points. The 65 RMS rating is an indication of the power they are able to generate, and they do so with crisp clarity. The low frequencies are very evident and providing you are using a half-decent amplifier then you are going to hear a difference.

Sony XSMP1611 6.5-Inch Dual Cone Marine Speakers

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Good sound.
  • Very reasonable price point.


  • Durability might be a problem.

4 BOSS Audio Systems Marine MR50W 150 Watt Per Pair

Move over everyone; the boys are back in town. The Boss boys we mean, not Thin Lizzy. Wherever there is music or sound required, you are always going to find Boss products. They manufacture quality and usually at a very competitive price.

The Boss MR50W are a pair of 2-way speakers specifically designed for use on boats. Like most products Boss manufacture, these are rugged and built to do the job.

Raindrops keep falling on my head…

They are specially treated to make them suitable for the sea with recently devised insulation. And whilst they are not designed to be submerged, not a good idea for a boat anyway we think, they will be able to handle water splash and rain.

Whilst they have all the necessary requirements to handle some tough weather, it will be with the sound that these speakers will do well. That is what Boss do, after all.

Built to last…

The Polyurethane cones offer a big sound whilst also being durable and long-lasting and with the surrounding areas protected by a cloth material that is treated to protect and encourage the frequencies the sound is what you might expect from a Boss product.

The tweeters and voice coils have also been given the Boss treatment to improve sound quality. The dome shape of the Neodymium tweeters gives a wider spread of sound than the more common designs that offer a semi-dome arrangement. The voice coils are able to keep their strength and suffer no loss of sound quality despite lengthy periods of use.

Scare off the sharks…

The sound quality is therefore good, what about the performance level. 75 watts RMS for each speaker will give you the picture with a peak of 150 watts. We think that’s probably loud enough to scare off the sharks and the price? Very competitive to say the least and easily a contender for the best marine speakers.

BOSS Audio Systems Marine MR50W 150 Watt Per Pair

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Boss quality in sound and manufacture.
  • Great price point.


  • They are water-resistant, not waterproof.

5 Rockville Pair 8″ Black 2 Way 600 Watt Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers

We thought we had heard everything over the years but speakers on a wakeboard? That’s ok we can run with that. Wakeboarding has been around a few years now, maybe thirty, possibly born out of the leftover beach kids who maybe missed the Beach Boys too much and combined Surfin USA with water skiing. Great idea.

And why not put some music on board as you’re being towed around the bay at 25 miles an hour. Brian Wilson would love it.

Light-hearted comments aside, these are serious speakers

They’d have to be wouldn’t they. Made from stainless steel, nylon, and toughened plastic. They are designed to be put through the mill and come out the other end smiling. Reinforced steel brackets for mounting and components that are built to withstand the effects of the sea.

Rated at a staggering 200 RMS which probably means approaching 300 for the peaks, they are going to be heard quite clearly. Over the noise of the water and the towing boat, you’d need a bit of volume, and you’ve got it.

And every part of the design has been carefully assessed for risk and potential wear and damage and the materials used accordingly.


Some speakers claim to be marine grade. But there is no doubt these are, and saltwater is not going to worry them one iota. They weigh 17 pounds, and so if something nasty gets a bit too close, you can always use them to give it a whack on the head.

Outstanding speakers for marine use, whether on a wakeboard. Or in any other environment where you take them out to sea and one to consider best marine speakers.

Now, where were we…”Round, Round Get around, I Get Around…”

Rockville Pair 8

Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


  • Rugged, tough, and an incredible build quality.
  • Powerful sound.


  • Not cheap.

6 Kicker White OEM Replacement Marine 6.5″ 4Ω Coaxial speaker Bundle

The Kicker company started life, like so many others in the music world, as one guy in his shed or garage trying to make something better than existed at that time. That was in 1973, and now the Kicker brand is seen not only in the US but in other countries around the world.

These Kicker speakers are made for withstanding the elements. And everything about them is considered to ensure they will do that. Even the screws that you are supplied for fitting are made of stainless steel to avoid rusting. And these speakers are designed to provide a big sound on the water.

All-weather sounds…

The build quality of the speakers is high using stainless steel in areas where they are most vulnerable to the weather and water. The essential fittings are surrounded by Santoprene, which is a rubber-based material for added protection. The motors and speaker cones are treated to make them splash and spray secure.

The design aim was to exceed the standards required by the industry which are already quite comprehensive. And the installation has been designed to be easy. There are four speakers supplied, each with a diameter of 6.5 inches.

Quality construction…

They have an RMS of 50 watts and the sound produced is quite good. We wouldn’t say it was the best we’ve heard, but more than acceptable.

Decent speakers constructed with good materials, but quite expensive.

Kicker White OEM Replacement Marine 6.5

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Well made with components designed for marine use.
  • Fours speaker setup.


  • Quite expensive.

7 Kicker KB6000 2-Way Full-Range Indoor Outdoor Marine Speakers (Pair)

Another speaker system from Kicker, these speakers, though are designed to have a variety of uses. They can be used on a boat, but are also suitable for use anywhere outdoors, including near the pool or on the patio. They can, of course, be used indoors if you so choose. But maybe that is wasting the potential outdoor use they were designed for.

These are a high-quality speaker system suitable for use anywhere you choose. Each cabinet has a six and a half-inch woofer and two five-inch horn tweeters that will give you a powerful 75 watts RMS.

The Kicker way…

The speaker internals are designed and constructed in the Kicker way. The woofers having polypropylene cones. The frequencies are blended with a low-pass crossover. The speaker surrounds are secured with the tough rubber-based Santoprene material.

The mountings and fittings are built in such a way as to allow you to position the sound wherever it is required. The mountings are well secured and protected from the effects of water, and they are supplied with a set of rubber feet if you want to use them indoors without a wall fixing.

These are an interesting speaker system…

And they have a range of uses and perform well in all of them. They are quite large in size at 17 inches by 15 inches by 10 inches, but not particularly heavy. But if you are using them on a boat, then the position of installation is important as many other speakers sit almost flush to a wall, but these are mounted to stand away from a wall.

A good sound, and well-made with a variety of uses, they represent a good option to consider.

Kicker KB6000 2-Way Full-Range Indoor Outdoor Marine Speakers (Pair)

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Well made with good materials.
  • Good RMS level.


  • Quite large in size.

8 JBL MS6520 180W, 6.5 Coaxial Marine Speakers

JBL, a name synonymous with quality speakers. The name is taken from the initials of its founder who set up the company in the US in 1946. He also set up Altec Lansing that was again named after him. The company is now owned by Harman International who also owns AKG and other similar organizations. Harman are themselves owned by Samsung.

JBL specialize in speaker production in a variety of fields, and these marine speakers are just one area where they excel. Designers have been careful to ensure that they are tough enough to take on the elements. And the motor, basket, and magnet are all protected by rubber surrounding their fitting. Rubber is better edging protection than the foam that is sometimes used.

Highly sensitive…

The cones are made from polypropylene and give a larger than usual area than many other cones in this class, thus generating a high sensitivity. This, in turn, produces a greater frequency response.

The woofer cones and the balanced dome tweeters, therefore, produce a powerful sound that is both crisp and clear as well as rather loud. JBL has always had a reputation of manufacturing speakers that could blow your head off, and these at 180 watts peak each is following in that tradition.

Exacting standards…

They also have a reputation for high-quality products. Every speaker produced is rigorously tested to ensure they meet the exacting standards of a company known for excellence.

These are just a great pair of speakers and deliver the sound you would expect from JBL. They are priced quite high but represent good value.


Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)


  • Produce a great sound.
  • Well made with good materials.


  • The price might put some people off.

9 Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers

When you are buying marine speakers that you expect to designed to be rugged and able to handle some weather extremes, you expect them to look the part. These speakers from Polk come across as rather small at 7.5 by 6 by 9.5 inches and at three and a half pounds very lightweight for the job you require them to do…

But looks can sometimes be deceiving…

They have an all-weather design that is well-built with industrial level materials and have achieved their certification for all-weather use. They also can endure extremes of temperature, which depending on what location you live might be an issue. Rain can damage your speakers, but so can extremes of heat.

The mounting system has been well-designed to allow fixing just about anywhere on a boat or on dry land. Just screw the supplied brackets to the wall and click the speakers into place. They can be installed to let you angle the sound where you want it to go.

Another pleasant surprise…

Given their relatively small size, we were not expecting too much sound-wise, but we had another pleasant surprise. They were surprisingly loud with a peak rating of 80 watts and had a decent clarity with the higher frequencies. Yes, the bass was hardly evident, but given the physical size of the speakers that isn’t surprising. Overall though the sound was acceptable.

The sound is delivered by ¾” inch neodymium dome tweeters that have rubber-based protection, as do the four and a half-inch polymer cone drivers. Polk seems to have given a lot of design thought to producing decent quality from a small speaker, that will be more practical than some of the larger competitors.

They are well-designed and built speakers that have a variety of uses but used on a boat the sound is ok. They are weather-proof, and they are small enough not to take up too much room. The price point is set realistically.

Polk Audio Atrium 4 Outdoor Speakers

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Easy mounting fittings offer a range of sound dispersion.
  • Good design and a decent sound.


  • Do need to be used at quite a high volume to get a decent sound.

10 Pair of Kicker 41KM654CW 6.5″ 2-Way Coaxial 4-Ohm Marine/Boat Speakers

Kicker produces speakers that are made for the toughest of marine environments, and here is another example. Rugged materials are used in the construction of these coaxial speakers to ensure the performance level is maintained and to make them durable.

Their water-resistant design makes them suitable for installing on your boat, and with easy fittings, they can be mounted quickly and securely. They have a decent size, but they still have a very lightweight construction at just six and a half pounds.

A quality build…

The six and a half-inch titanium woofer and ¾” titanium dome tweeter deliver a powerful 65W RMS output per speaker which is more than adequate. The speakers are enclosed in Santoprene, rubber-based surround to give added protection.

The sound is well-balanced, and these speakers give a nice bass and treble mix even at a quieter volume, but the mids cannot be distinguished easily, giving them an all bottom and top sound.

Alloy car wheels…

The design is interesting and quite appealing, giving off the feeling of alloy car wheels, and this only goes to emphasize the quality of the build, which is high.

They are designed with marine activity involved and of course, are suitable for the boat. But they can be used elsewhere depending on the facilities to fit them.

They are good and well-made speakers which is what you expect from Kicker and at a price that makes them a good buy.

Pair of Kicker 41KM654CW 6.5

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Well-made with good materials.
  • Good volume with a decent sound.


  • All bass and treble and no mids.

Best Marine Speakers Buyers Guide – Won’t You Let Me Take you On Sea Cruise

To landlubbers like ourselves having boats, let alone having music on them, and even more extreme, a wakeboard with music is a rather alien concept. But then you think about it and realize there are a lot of people who spend a lot of time on rivers or the sea in boats so why shouldn’t they have music.

Having sound requires having speakers, and they have to built to withstand some quite extreme conditions. They have to be weather-proof and water-proof. Plus be able to withstand the corrosive tendencies of salt as well as cope at times with the heat of the sun.

marine speakers

No easy design exercise that one, and of course the finished article must sound good and have a decent volume, be easily fitted and be at a price that is reasonable.

A very complex design and manufacturing process.

Where Will You Use The Speakers?

What are they for? If they are for your boat, then size and ease of fitting will need to be considered carefully. Too large and they will be a potential hazard, but they need to be big enough to generate a decent sound and volume level. Build quality and weather certification will also be important.

If you are going to use the speakers outside at home in the garden or around a pool, then that doesn’t mean the build quality is not so important. Unless they are under-cover or inside, they will still need good weather protection.

We have reviewed ten options for best marine speakers, and something that occurred to us is that these speakers are actually multi-tasking. They can be used anywhere, even in or on your car. As long as you have the room and materials to fit them, they can be applied to a number of activities.

However, they are not as we read one company claim, portable. We don’t think in most cases they can be moved around too many times. Fix them and leave them seems to be the order of the day. Which is why some manufacturers have built them, so you are able to change the direction of the sound just by turning them on the mounting.

The boat and on the sea is though where they have been designed to be and where they will be most at home.

So, What’s The Best Marine Speakers?

We would want to buy a set of speakers that were built for use on a seaborne vessel, but also where there was enough flexibility in the design to use the item in other environments. We’d need them to be well-built obviously, but also with enough power to be heard over loud engines and the sounds of the sea.

We think we would buy these – great speakers, well-built, good volume level and sound and ready for the sea, but also a whole load of fun. We have therefore chosen as our Best Marine Speakers the…

Everything we needed and a bit more.

Our choice for best marine speakers.

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