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Top 10 Best Party Speakers In 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

It was Julia Child that said that “a party without a cake is just a meeting”. And she’s not wrong. But a party without banging music is just… well, it’s just awkward. And that’s why you need the best party speakers as a critical part of your party list.

If you want your party to bang, then you can’t afford to use just any kind of speakers. You need party speakers.

Party speakers are specially designed to keep your party alive. So, usually, they come with boisterous bass and powerful volumes.

Today, we are going to be checking out some of the best party speakers on the planet. We’ve got ten of them lined up for you. And, at the end of this review, you’ll find a buying guide where we explain the nitty-gritty of picking a good party speaker for your shindig.

So, let’s get this party started…

best party speakers

Top 10 Best Party Speakers On The Market 2020 Reviews

1 Sony GTKXB7BC High Power Home Audio System With Bluetooth

The Sony GTKXB7BC is an amazing speaker from the legendary Sony, which should already give you a significant confidence boost in this speaker. There’s a lot to check out in this highly reliable and portable speaker, so let’s get to it…

First of all, we’re really happy that this speaker is fairly lightweight. So, it’s super easy to pick up, pop into the car and hightail to your party venue. The light weight also makes the speakers super flexible because it doesn’t matter where your party is; this speaker can get there easily.

Plus, there are LED lights which give the speaker its pop! They are also functional because they work as indicators. One tells you when you connect a USB, another tells you when you’ve paired, and the other indicates audio.

All the connecting ports are positioned behind the speaker which gives the speaker a clutterless appeal.

And to add to the flexibility of this speaker, it works in either orientation, either horizontally or vertically. This makes the speaker usable in any situation whether you need to manage or fill out space.

And now sound, this comes with 470 Watts of power which means it will deliver on volume without distorting your sound at all.

The Sony GTKXB7BC is actually best for outdoor parties with friends or loud all night jammed up soirees. Whatever that means, you get the point. Lol. This isn’t meant for small get-togethers. The power of volume from this speaker is not meant for any party other than the craziest.

Bass lovers will also love this speaker as it more than delivers in that respect too.

Finally, connectivity options include both NFC and Bluetooth.


Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

  • Awesome bass.
  • Enough connectivity options.
  • Comes in three colors.
  • Also features LED lighting to spark up your party.
  • Can connect to loads of devices and speakers at a time.
  • Can also change EQ settings.
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable.
  • Study and durable.
  • Does not come with an included audio cable.
  • A little bit pricey.

2 The SoundBoks 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Let’s start by saying that the SoundBoks 2 is not for everybody. It’s pretty high end and much pricier than the Sony which we just reviewed. But, if you’re willing to spend that much on a Bluetooth speaker, then the SoundBoks 2 is an excellent choice.

This speaker comes with a battery life of up to 40-hours. And that’s just crazy! You even get to select to get an extra battery if you want. But, we doubt you’d need to, since the average party lasts about 6 to 8 hours tops.

We also are quite impressed by the quality of sound the SoundBoks 2 delivers. It’s superb and so much better than what the average party speaker delivers. To be honest, it sounds a lot better than the Sony GTKXB7BC which we just reviewed. But then again, it costs a lot more as well.

But, there’s more to be impressed by, so stick around…

The SoundBoks 2 produces an incredible 122 dB of superior sound quality. That is super powerful, and crazy loud. This speaker is easily one of the loudest, if not the loudest speaker, you’ll find in the market today.

Moreover, it’s a large-sized speaker, and so it naturally produces a big sound. What impresses us even more, is that SoundBoks thought to include a backpack with this speaker which makes this easier to carry around.

This is a solid speaker, no doubt. So, you can be sure that it will last a really long time. The front part of the speaker comes with a metallic grille. So you can be confident that your cones won’t accidentally get damaged.

In all, this speaker is incredibly strong so it’s great for things like flashmob celebrations, shore bonfire parties, or roadside busking. It would be overkill for anything much less.

The SoundBoks 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

  • Up to 40-hours of battery life.
  • Super sturdy and durable.
  • Loud, delivering up to 122 decibels.
  • Includes swappable batteries.
  • Quite lightweight.
  • Pricey.

3 DiamondBoxx Model XL2 Speaker

The DiamondBoxx XL2 is a super loud speaker that delivers an incredible amount of bass for a speaker that’s battery-powered. In fact, we are super impressed. This delivers bass as low as 35HZ. But it does not disappoint on the highs either. It keeps them really neat and crisp no matter how high the volume gets.

This delivers an amazing 120dB of sound quality. So, it can get really loud. In fact, if you want it even louder, you can! It comes with a linking cable which can be used to connect a couple of DiamondBoxx speakers together for an even louder, as well as wider sound.

And the best part is it all runs on batteries and can play for as long as between 3 to 25 hours without external power.

This speaker features 14 speakers and 12 amplifiers. As for wattage, it’s rated at 1000 watts. And, even at louder volumes, there is very little distortion.

This is a super portable speaker. Plus it also comes with a leather handle which adds to its portability. So, get ready to take this along with you to your next pool, beach, park, or barbecue party.

It also comes with a USB jack which can be used to charge your phone.

It is pricey, no doubt. But this is a pretty good party speaker nonetheless.

DiamondBoxx Model XL2 Speaker

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

  • Amazing sound.
  • Great bass.
  • Comes with 14 speakers and 12 amps for a large, powerful sound.
  • Also includes a linking audio cable.
  • Comes with a USB port for charging devices.
  • Portable.
  • Battery can last up to 25 hours.
  • Super pricey.

4 Rockville RPG122K 12inch Powered Speakers

The Rockville RPG122K speakers are a great addition to any party whether indoor or outdoor. They are fully equipped with everything you need to create an awesome listening experience for your party. It’s also great that these come with their own stands which means that they are usable anywhere.

One thing that we can be sure about with Rockville, is that we are getting sturdy speakers. So, the Rockville RPG122Ks are sure to last a long time and won’t be easily damaged.

They are, however, not lightweight. So, you won’t be able to move these around easily. But then again there is also an ergonomically shaped handle which makes transportation a bit easier.

As mentioned, these come with stands so, that should help with set up. However, in all honesty, these stands aren’t the highest quality you’ll find. Just be careful with them if you want them to last.

In the looks department, the Rockville RPG122K does not disappoint. It looks good and will definitely add that pop to your party.

But, in the sound department, these speakers blow minds! It produces 1000 watts of power which is super impressive. And then there are the 25mm Piezo Compression Tweeters which deliver crisp highs.

But it’s even more impressive to find that there are tons of options when you get the Rockville RPG122K.

It comes with Bluetooth connectivity, meaning that you can play music from your phone or any of your devices seamlessly.

Also, this comes with a USB port which makes it easy for you to play MP3 from your thumb drive. Let’s not forget that there’s also the option of playing directly from the built-in radio as well.

They are nicely priced speakers too!

Rockville RPG122K 12inch Powered Speakers

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • Comes with loads of options for playing your music.
  • Sound comes out full and rich with no distortion even at max volume.
  • Comes in an appealing design.
  • Fantastic bass response.
  • Also comes with a mic.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Stands aren’t exactly high quality.
  • Mids are not fantastic.

5 Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Here’s the powerful, attractive, user-friendly speaker from Aiwa, the Exos-9. There are many things to like about this speaker. And of course, there are also other things that we feel Aiwa could have improved on. So, let’s get going.

First things first, you can’t look at the Aiwa Exos-9 without feeling stunned. It’s really stylish and classy. And the black finish, also gives this speaker, its elegance. Whether you’re using this for your living room party or your backyard bash, this is a great looking speaker.

But don’t be deceived by the looks of this thing, this speaker is built like a tank. It will last a really long time. It doesn’t feel cheap and at all, and it will definitely be able to take quite a beating.

Now, so far the design of this speaker checks out for us except in the portability aspect. This isn’t exactly a portable unit. It is quite heavy and doesn’t come with a handle or with wheels. So, transportation isn’t exactly easy.

And now for the sound which is what we’re here for. It delivers exceptionally clear lows and highs without any form of distortion no matter the volume.

Also, the speaker delivers 200 Watts of power. So, it’s not super loud but it will be loud enough for a not-so-large party.

Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

  • Sound quality is excellent.
  • Impressive battery life.
  • Stylish design.
  • Comes with an audio jack which you can use for direct connection.
  • Controls can be a bit complicated for some.
  • The battery is a little difficult to remove.
  • Not exactly portable due to the heavy weight.

6 Ion Audio Rocker Flash Wireless Rechargeable Speaker

The Ion Audio Rocker is eye-catching, fun, and a real party rocker as its name suggests.

The first thing you need to be aware of when checking out this speaker, is to keep your expectations modest. Getting a speaker in this price range that’s super powerful in both bass and volume is nearly impossible. So, don’t aim too high.

That said, the Ion Audio Rocker comes with only 50 Watts of power which is good enough but only for a small gathering. 50 Watts is just not enough for that crazy loud volume you’re probably imagining. But it’s no problem for smaller parties.

However, we’ve got to give it to Ion Audio; the sound comes out well balanced.

As for volume, this speaker is average. And it is quite clear too except when you crank it up to more than 75%; then distortion starts to be heard. But then again for the price, this is one of the best speakers you can possibly get.

As for build quality, we would say this is a pretty solid speaker, so it should last. The design is also stylish yet functional. Plus, it’s portable with a handle and wheels that make it easy to transport.

Of course, we can’t forget another reason we love these speakers. They are fun speakers with lights coming out here and there to add the pop to your shindig.

Lastly, this comes with a microphone. Well, it isn’t exactly the highest quality mic in the market but then again, you’re buying the speaker not the mic, right?

Ion Audio Rocker Flash Wireless Rechargeable Speaker

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  • Comes with an auxiliary cable (3.5 millimeters) for non-bluetooth devices.
  • Disco lights to add to the festive ambiance.
  • Can adjust lights to suit the mood of the party.
  • Comes with powered woofer to deliver quality bass.
  • There’s a bit of distortion at high volumes.
  • Too small to give a really powerful bass.
  • Lights cut down battery life by two-thirds.

7 Samson Expedition XP800 Portable PA System

The Samson Expedition XP800 is a portable, lightweight, battery-powered, 2-way speaker. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and is a great speaker to take to any party. So, let’s check this speaker out…

The controls are pretty easy to use. And they let you individually control different parameters on this speaker. There’s also a pairing button for Bluetooth connectivity as well as an indicator light that lets you know when you have paired successfully.

The battery… Well, it isn’t exactly long lasting, at least in comparison to some of the speakers we have seen so far with a battery life of about 8 hours. But there is also a power adapter which allows you to connect this speaker to the mains. The adapter also allows you to charge the speaker.

The sound of this speaker is great with a good level of clarity. We also love the focus on the mids, although the bass isn’t exactly the chunkiest. But then again, this is pretty nice sounding without the big boom of a larger sized speaker.

And if you try to demand more bass than this speaker can handle, the overall sound quality is definitely going to suffer.

Finally, we love the fact that this speaker is quite affordable. So for a speaker this competitively priced, the XP800 is pretty decent.

Samson Expedition XP800 Portable PA System

Our rating:3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • The sound is clear.
  • Controls are easy to use.
  • Works on battery and also comes with a power adapter.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Volume and bass aren’t exactly powerful.

8 SuperSonic IQSound Wireless Bluetooth Portable DJ Speaker System

Now check out this high quality speaker system. It is solid and durable and has enough buzz to make it a highlite at any party.

It could be said that this speaker isn’t the best-looking speaker in this review. And it doesn’t exactly look sleek to us. But it does come with a disco light which can add to the festive ambiance of your party.

Also on design, we love how solid it is, so we are pretty sure this will last. But as with all speakers within this price range, this might not pack all the high-end qualities you’d expect.

It packs some punch, yeah. But this isn’t exactly the loudest speaker on the deck. The audio performance, though is fair. So, it will do for most party situations, whether indoors or outdoors. That is, as long as it’s a small party, this isn’t powerful enough to carry a large party.

Well, this comes with Bluetooth connectivity, so, you avoid the clutter of wires. It easily connects to any Bluetooth-enabled devices such as your smartphone or iPad. Plus, this also adds to the portability of this speaker.

And, with its Piezo tweeter and woofer, this speaker delivers on bass and treble nicely enough.

So, altogether, though this is a budget speaker, you can still make this work for whatever you need it for.

SuperSonic IQSound Wireless Bluetooth Portable DJ Speaker System

Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

  • Quite solid and durable.
  • Comes with a disco light that adds to the festive ambiance of your party.
  • Decent volume.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to avoid the mess and clutter of wires.
  • Volume isn’t exactly powerful.
  • Only usable for smaller gatherings.

9 Pyle Powered Active Bluetooth PA Amplifier System

Check out the Pyle Powered Active Bluetooth Speaker. It comes with a 15-inch subwoofer which really delivers on the bass. Plus with a wattage of 1200, you can be sure that this speaker will deliver a tremendous volume of sound.

This can conveniently and easily power larger parties with its wattage.

With its Bluetooth connectivity, this can easily connect to nearly any device. Whether it’s your smartphone, or your iPod or iPad, this speaker does just fine, giving you the flexibility you need. And to add to the versatility of this speaker, especially in setup, this comes with its own stand.

This also comes with a lining cable that allows you to connect multiple speakers at once for a massive sound. And if you want to connect your instrument or a mixer directly to this, there’s the XLR input. Indeed, this speaker is truly flexible.

For portability, this comes with a handle which makes this easily moveable from place to place. We also love how the control knobs are quite easy to use.

Finally, we like the fact that this speaker looks good, even though it doesn’t seem to have a reputation for durability. But then again, this comes at a budget price, so you can see how this speaker still makes it to our list.

Pyle Powered Active Bluetooth PA Amplifier System

Our rating:3.4 out of 5 stars (3.4 / 5)

  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Handle for portability.
  • XLR input will allow you to connect a mixer or instrument.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Flexible enough for setup.
  • Can give some occassional distortion at louder volumes.
  • Bluetooth range is not the best.

10 Pyle PSUFM1235BT Bluetooth Loudspeaker Karaoke

And we end this review with yet another speaker from Pyle, this time a karaoke speaker.

We are not fans of the looks of this speaker, but it does come with flashing LED lights which we can’t hate.

Moreover, we all know that a nice way to add a unique touch to your party, is to bring in some karaoke. It will make it quite memorable as your guests have a few good laughs, often at themselves. But, it especially works when you throw in a great karaoke speaker.

The Pyle is a nice choice. And we especially like it for its price. Plus, it also comes with its own mic, of course.

It’s a 2400 watt speaker, so it does bring a lot of volume. Now add that to the 12-inch subwoofers in this bad boy, and you get thumping bass as well. The tweeter also helps to keep the highs straight so that they come out nice and bright.

This also comes with Bluetooth connectivity meaning that it connects seamlessly to any device. Plus, it works in any venue at all, whether at your house, your backyard, or even onstage.

And if you want to take the karaoke game even further, this speaker also comes with the ability to connect more microphones as well. It’s a pretty fun speaker for sure.

Pyle PSUFM1235BT Bluetooth Loudspeaker Karaoke

Our rating:3.4 out of 5 stars (3.4 / 5)

  • Quite affordable.
  • Loud and quite clear.
  • Lights up to add to the party mood.
  • Comes with a wireless mic and the option to add more mics.
  • Included mic isn’t exactly great for karaoke.
  • A couple of customers wanted this louder.

Buying Guide For Best Party Speakers

Party speakers are speakers that use LED lights, Bluetooth, as well as other features to create the ideal party environment. And there are all kinds of party speakers currently in the market which come in different sizes and with all kinds of accessories like microphones.

As mentioned, your party needs party speakers and not just any kind of speakers. This is because party speakers are designed differently. Manufacturers specially engineer party speakers such that they deliver on volume and thumping bass to give your party that boom!

best Party Speaker

We’ve got a lot to discuss concerning party speakers today. And, in addition, we’ll also be answering some frequently asked questions as well. But, just before we delve into all of that, let’s take a look at the history of party speakers.

A Brief History Of Party Speakers

It was Dolphin Audio that invented party speakers in 2012. It would appear that the Founder/CEO of Dolphin Audio is a fun person as it is said that he saw the need to create party speakers because he felt speakers and lights should always come together.

As a result, the team at Dolphin Audio got to work, and before we knew it, Dolphin Audio party speakers took the market by storm. And customers loved them! Since then, the world of party audio has continued to experience a massive revolution.

In fact, by 2015, party speakers had become so popular among American parties that people slowly began to ditch the idea of a DJ. Many instead decided to get the new and attractive party speakers available especially since they seemed to be a more cost-effective option.

Party Speakers review

In adapting to this new wave, DJs themselves began to get party speakers of their own. And today, the party speaker movement is continually growing stronger. Tons of companies are now jumping on the bandwagon and competition is fiercer than ever.

In our guide today, we are going to show you how to sort through the confusion and settle for the best. But, before we do that, here are some advantages of getting party speakers.

Benefits Of Using Party Speakers

The first advantage of using party speakers is their portability. Thanks to technological advancements, party speakers are getting smaller in size. But, it’s even more impressive that this has not affected sound quality.

So, in most cases, party speakers look lightweight, compact and still sound exceptional. And yeah, they look good too!

Also, most party speakers come with rechargeable or replaceable batteries which can save you a huge embarrassment as a party organizer. For instance, in the event of a temporary blackout, your party does not have to stop. The fun can still go on while you remedy the situation without the knowledge of your guests.

Bluetooth connectivity is another major advantage of party speakers. As part of innovation, most manufacturers make their party speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, and this has so many benefits.

best party speaker review

First off, it takes out the clutter and inconvenience of wires. Plus, it also adds to portability since you automatically eliminate wires from the stuff you have to pack for your party setup. And yeah, with cables out of the setup, there are fewer chances of someone getting caught up in all the rowdiness that soirees bring.

Now that you know all the reasons, you should consider getting party speakers for your next bash.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Party Speakers


This is perhaps the number one consideration you want to make when deciding on party speakers. Prices affect a number of things like the features your speakers will have.

A good idea might be to window shop first in order to get a rough idea of how much party speakers cost generally. This way, you won’t have to end up spending way more than you can afford.

Sound Quality

Of course, this is probably the most important factor you want to consider. You need to be sure that your speaker does what you want it to in critical areas such as how loud it is – this is rated in watts. The more watts it has, the louder the system will be.

As well as it having a full frequency range – ideally this should be 20hz to 20kHz. The lower the range, the lower the bass will go.

ion speaker


The purpose of your purchase should also inform what kind of party speakers you should get. For instance, you might just need party speakers for jam sessions or a small party. If this is the case you won’t need the power of the bigger speakers in this review.

But, if your planning on larger gatherings, then you will need to spend more and get a higher volume system to get the party going!

Size of the woofer

Size impacts on the quality of sound you get from speakers. And that’s why larger speakers tend to sound better.

The bigger the woofers the more bass they can handle. For example, a typical 15″ speaker can produce lower frequency ranges than the majority of 12″ speakers. There are of course exceptions and certain woofers, as well as advanced cabinet designs, can produce lower frequencies than others.

But, a good rule of thumb is that the larger the woofer, the more bass end it will produce.

samson speaker


What is a Three-Way Speaker?

A 2-way speaker cabinet comes with a tweeter and a woofer. These handle the entire frequency range, with the tweeter taking care of the mids and highs, while the woofer looks after the bass.

But a 3-way speaker adds a separate mid-range speaker which only works in on the mid frequencies, allowing the tweeter to only be used for the high end, which produces an overall clearer sound.

A crossover is used inside the speaker to split the frequency band up into different sections, which are then sent to the optimal speaker to produce those frequencies at their best.

What is a Three-Way Speaker?

A four-way speaker works in exactly the same way as a three-way, but it splits the mid-section of the sound into a hi-mid and low-mid, which along with the high and low end, make up a ‘four’-way speaker.

What are Active and Passive Speakers?

Passive speakers do not come powered and therefore need a separate, external amplifier to power them. Active speakers, on the other hand, come powered, so they don’t require an external amp.

All the speakers within this review are powered so you will not need any additional equipment to get them working.


We choose the Sony GTKXB7BC High Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth as our best of the Top 10 Best Party Speakers in this review.

The SoundBoks 2 Bluetooth Speaker has a better sound quality. But the Sony GTKXB7BC gives us the best performance to price balance.

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