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Top 10 Best Pedal Power Supply You Should Buy In 2023 Reviews

The sudden development of pedals for guitarists and others brought forth a bit of a problem. Where do you put them, and how do you manage them? But, that was solved by the pedalboard. Now there was somewhere to keep all the pedals together, but it didn’t solve another problem. Power.

Some had AC power, but most didn’t. Those that didn’t were battery-powered, usually but not always 9v. Some batteries lasted longer than others. Some pedals drained more battery powers than others. You never knew exactly what was going to run out next, and the effect could be serious.

We needed a solution, and this could be it — the dedicated Pedal Power supply. Now we can really get ourselves organized and efficient. But will it work without adding any hum or unwanted noise?

Let’s find out, as we look for the best pedal power supply currently available…

Top 10 Best Pedal Power Supply You Should Buy In 2023 Reviews

Top 10 Best Pedal Power Supply In 2023 Reviews

1 Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus Isolated Power Supply

Voodoo Labs is a US company based in California and since the mid-80s has been designing and building electronics for professional musicians. This Power supply, the Pedal Power 2 Plus has been developed to power all the users’ pedals in a safe and controlled way.

It is well-built and tough with its secure, sturdy box and compact design and shape. It has eight 9v outputs. These outputs will provide power to any effect pedals that are operated by a battery.

Need some more power…

Some of the newer models of effects pedals are what they refer to as high power effects pedals like the Boss twin and the TC Nova which require a different power rating. These are catered for by the inclusion of two high current outputs.

Each of the eight outputs are totally isolated to create an environment that is devoid of hum and any other unwanted noise. Plus, they are filtered and for safety, short-circuit protected. Two variable voltage outputs are included that will simulate worn batteries, if that’s the sound you’re after?

Hush, hush…

The low noise transformer is designed for this unit and has balanced windings that are separate for every output. Some pedals are more sensitive to creating and reacting to external sound and interference, and this will quieten down even those pedals who normally give off some unwanted sound.

It is a well-built unit that will provide power to your pedals without any unnecessary hum or external noise. The price point is set well, which makes it an attractive buy and an early contender for best pedal power supply.

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus Isolated Power Supply

Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Well made with sturdy construction.
  • Each output is isolated.


  • Physically quite large.

2 Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS7 7-Output Isolated Guitar Pedal Power Supply

This Truetone pedal power supply resembles a brick in its build design and is built a little like one as well. It has seven power outlets, all of which are isolated which will help to reduce any potentially unwanted noise.

The configuration of outputs is two at 9 volts, one at 18 volt which is not switchable and four that are switchable between 9 and 12 volts. On the back of the unit are switches that allow you to set the power values you require. If any future pedals you acquire have varying power requirements, as is possible, then you can use this facility.

Extreme versatility…

This makes this particular unit extremely versatile in offering a variety of power options. Many pedals have this differing requirement, but you won’t need to worry about not being able to use anything that comes your way.

All cables and convertor plugs are included which will ensure any effects pedals will have complete compatibility. And special brackets are included so that this unit can be mounted to a Pedaltrain pedalboard. Plus the input voltage is switchable to allow use worldwide.

One important issue with power supply for pedals is the ability of the power unit to be flexible in its use. However, pedals come in all shapes and sizes, and likewise, their power requirements are often different. This board has the capability to be flexible and be able to adjust to provide power for any pedal.

Truetone 1 SPOT PRO CS7 7-Output Isolated Guitar Pedal Power Supply

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Flexible and can adjust to varying power requirements.
  • Well built and sturdy.


  • Maybe short on outputs for 9v pedals.

3 MXR M238 Iso-Brick Power Supply

MXR knows a thing or two about pedals, producing some of the best effects pedals around. It is the next logical step then to try and solve the problem of powering them all up in a simple and efficient way, making sure that all power requirements are covered.

Manufacturing the effects themselves they are only too aware of how the market has grown in size and in complexity. Musicians today use a variety of pedal styles, some digital, some analog, maybe all possessing different requirements?

All options covered…

This power supply gives you options with voltages and currents that other units don’t offer even a variety of milliamp choices within the 9 volts and 18-volt settings. This flexibility of use will give you just about every possibility you may require.

It has two variable voltage outputs that switch between 6 volts to 15 volts at 250 milliamps. This makes it suitable for even the most power-hungry pedals or maybe any vintage pedals that require alternatives to the modern supplies. All the outputs are isolated.

Light it up…

There are LED lights that act as status indicators for every pedal you have connected to keep you informed on what is going on.

It is well made with a tough case and is compact yet rugged and reliable. And is built to a size that will actually allow you to fit it to any of the best guitar pedal boards as a permanent fixture. It comes with a right-angled power cable fitting.

And it’s not just for pedal-mad guitar players. Anyone using more than a couple of effects pedals to create their sound will see the benefits of this power supply. Could it be the best pedal power supply? Read on to find out…

MXR M238 Iso-Brick Power Supply

Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Well made tough and rugged.
  • Has a variety of power options that will cover most power requirements.


  • Some outputs are assigned to actual uses.

4 Mooer Macro Power S8 Effects Power Supplies

Mooer is a company based in China that produce effects pedals at a budget price. They work largely at the lower end of the price bracket, but nevertheless, produce some nice stuff that is well made and does the job it is designed to do. No frills, no fancy tech on board just simple to understand equipment.

They have produced their own pedal power supply which is certainly worth a closer look.


They have included a lot of good features to make this unit attractive. Eight power outputs all of them isolated to cut down any potential hum or other unwanted noise. Four of them are 9v with 200mA and the other four power up to 400mA for the really high power pedals.

They have included a quick change voltage switch which will allow you 9v, 12v, 15v and 18v. This is placed on one of the 200mA outputs and is very handy if one of your pedals happens not to be the standard 9v. Besides these adjustable outputs, there is over-current protection.

World-wide use…

They have gone a stage or two further with their ideas for what musicians may need by including an option to switch between 230v and 115v allowing usage world-wide. And if you happen to encounter a power surge, there is a fuse built-in to protect your pedals from becoming toast. LED lights give you information on the status.

It is a well thought out pedal, and the features are not fancy and eye-catching, just useful, and in some cases very necessary. Included is cabling and Velcro for stability.

A great little product at a very good price and could well be the best pedal power unit, especially for those on a budget.

Mooer Macro Power S8 Effects Power Supplies

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Good features for power supply to various requirements.
  • Some good safety inclusions.


  • At this price none, really.

5 Mission Engineering Power 529 USB Converter

Now, this is a novel idea designed and manufactured by Mission Engineering. Is this the first power convertor operated by USB. Powering your pedals, up to five of them, from either a battery pack, computer or even a phone charger?

Mission engineering is a US company based in California that hasn’t been in business manufacturing for musicians, but this is a different and interesting development.

Built for the road…

It is a compact little unit but quite sturdy and well-built. It measures just six inches by seven inches by ten inches and weighs just over three pounds. At that size, carrying it around is not going to be a problem.

It has four outputs that are designed for standard power pedals at 150 milliamps. All outputs are isolated. A further 500 milliamp output is included in case you might be using or acquire a high power pedal. Five pedal link up might not be enough so you can link two 0f these together to give you a capacity of ten pedals.

USB it up…

You can operate this power supply from the wall by connecting the 529 via the USB to your adapter supplied for your phone or other devices. You can if you prefer, use a USB battery pack or if you are using it in a studio or at home to your computer.

We can see the advantages of this idea, but we can also see a few problems. It would appear at face value this power supply is going to be better employed in a stable environment like a recording studio where it can just be plugged in and left rather than being dragged around.

But that said, if you wanted a truly portable board with no mains connections, for example, if you are busking Gun’s ‘n Roses covers in your local park, using a power pack to power all your pedals is a lot easier than using loads of PP9’s.

It is a good idea but as it only has five outputs for the price, and is quite an expensive item.

Mission Engineering Power 529 USB Converter

Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)


  • Interesting new idea.


  • Quite expensive for just five outputs.
  • Has been known to be rather noisy.

6 Walrus Audio Phoenix 15 120 Volt Output Power Supply

Walrus Audio is an interesting venture. Made up of musicians and engineers and a few artists, they are attempting to make sound effects people love to hear but also to look at. They have brought this power supply to the market, so let’s take a look to see what they have done.

How many pedals do you have?

They have certainly included enough power outlets. Fifteen to be precise. That ought to satisfy even the craziest of ‘pedal-heads.’ The fifteen are broken down into usable groups — eight outputs with 100milliamps and a further four with 300mA for any pedals requiring high power.

Also included are two nine-volt/twelve outputs that are switchable and another switchable output for nine volts to eighteen-volt output. All of the outputs are isolated.

No unwanted noise…

It has a toroidal transformer that gives you impressive noise filtering and allows your pedal’s performance not to be clouded or disturbed by unwanted noise. You want to hear your pedals, not an incessant hum, and this power supply will offer that.

The build quality has been addressed, as well. It is a tough, rugged unit that will take a few knocks. And is 1o inches by five by three inches and weighs almost four pounds, so it is chunky little thing. It has a detachable power cord that is five feet in length, and included are fifteen power cables to fit pedals and two Line 6-style power cables.

A great design…

It is a quality power supply and designed to be slim enough to fit on your pedalboard if you wish. And it is handmade with a good design function and that alone means it is going to be expensive, and it is. Nevertheless, a good unit and must be considered for the best pedal power supply.

Walrus Audio Phoenix 15 120 Volt Output Power Supply

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Fifteen outputs.
  • Good robust design with lots of power options.


  • Rather expensive.

7 T-Rex Engineering FUEL TANK-JUNIOR Guitar Effects Pedal Power Supply

T-Rex Engineering is a Danish company providing effects pedals for guitars, bass, and keyboards. In operation since 1996, it has deliberately kept itself small as a business, and the designs of each product are decided by a small group of engineers and musicians.

Musicians being involved they would be only too well aware of the problems of pedalboards and powering them and their effects pedals, and so it was a natural extension of their product line to produce this power supply.

Takes up no space at all…

It is a compact little unit at 4 by 3 by 1.5 inches and weighs just over one pound. Therefore it will easily fit on your pedalboard. It has been designed with a right-angled plug for the mains lead. This ensures that it takes up as little space as possible if you do decide to use it on your board.

It has five 9 volt DC outputs for effect pedals, all of them isolated, and will deliver a clean power source. They will power just about any arrangement of 9-volt effects for guitar, keyboards or bass. It has both 115n and 230v capability that can be easily selected to allow you to use it internationally.

Built to last…

The objectives with this pedal as far as we can see have been met. It is compact, yet with a tough build that will withstand some knocks. It will fit on your pedalboard. And has enough outputs to power up the average number of pedals on board and there are designs in place to reduce any potentially unwanted noise.

All this plus its ability to be used anywhere in the world, subject of course to you having the right plug to use in any country, makes this a decent little unit. It comes with ten standard connecting cables.

A very good pedal at a very attractive price and may well be the best pedal power supply.

T-Rex Engineering FUEL TANK-JUNIOR Guitar Effects Pedal Power Supply

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Well made compact unit.
  • Some good features included.


  • Five outputs won’t be enough for some.

8 Accel FX Power Source

The Accel power source has ten filtered outputs all with over-voltage protection. Ten ought to be enough options to include all the pedals even for the most pedal hungry musicians. Priced very economically, and if you were to add up the costs of replacing 9-volt batteries on ten effects pedals, we don’t think it would be very long before this little unit had paid for itself.

The eight outputs are arranged so that one to seven are operating 9 volts at 100 milliamps and the last output, number eight runs 9 volts at 500 milliamps. Any effects pedal that runs using a nine-volt battery only needs 70 milliamps and so outputs one to seven will handle just about all of the most used pedals on the market.

Turn up the power…

There are one or two it won’t handle, of course, some of the newer more powerful pedals, but a quick check of the power ratings for any pedals you are in doubt about will tell you. Output eight is designed to handle one such pedal needing more than the average power requirement.

Each output has an LED to show status and the output voltage and milliamp information has been assigned an alternative color, e.g., 9 volts at 100 mA is red.

It is quite a compact little unit and will fit on your pedalboard if required. But when handled, it doesn’t feel particularly strong. All cables are included.

It should be noted that the outputs on this power supply are not isolated, so there could be issued with unwanted noise.

Accel FX Power Source

Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Compact and will fit on your pedalboard.
  • Competitive price.


  • Doesn’t seem to have the most durable build quality.
  • Outputs are not isolated.

9 Donner Dp-1 Guitar Pedal Power Supply

Donner has always been known as a budget provider of effects pedals and associated products. The pedals especially, do the job, but no more and at a cost-effective price. You can actually buy six or seven of their pedals that work great for the price of one ‘boutique’ pedal.

No bad thing in some circumstances as far as we are concerned, but just recently they have begun to move their position.

They recently brought out one of the best digital delay pedals that was good enough to be compared with the big boys at Boss etc., and now this power supply is certain to be considered as the best pedal power supply.

Goes up to Ten…

This power supply will give you ten outputs. And there are some options for choice for power ratings with seven outputs with 9 volts at 100 milliamps, one with 9 volts and 500 mA and to complete the options one at 12v and one at 18 both at 100 milliamps. Therefore, most of the bases appear to have been covered.

A vital inclusion is the protection offered. In the case of a short circuit in one of the outputs, the others are protected, keeping your pedals safe in the process. It also comes with polarity reversing cables which are useful. Serious damage occurs if the polarity is wrong. LED indicators are assigned to each output to advise whether they are in use.

Not the greatest build quality…

All good so far, but it does seem that the build quality has had some corners cut. It is certainly not a rugged build like some of its competitors which is a shame as the operation of the unit looks good and competent.

For the job it has to do it does need to withstand a few blows and maybe this is where it will struggle a bit. We say maybe because without picking it up and throwing it across the room you’re not really going to know.

Donner has produced an efficient and well-designed power unit, but maybe a little more strength in the build might have made it better.

Donner Dp-1 Guitar Pedal Power Supply

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Some good safety features built-in.
  • Ten outputs give you plenty of options.


  • Build quality might be not up to strength.

10 JOYO Power Supply 2 JP-02

Joyo is another effect pedal manufacturer that work more in the budget end of the market. They do though provide a decent pedal at a very cost-effective price, and so it is worth taking a look at what they offer with power units for pedals.

The first thing you notice about this unit is that it is identical to the Donner DP-1. In fact, they are so alike, price point as well, that it does make you wonder if one hasn’t actually copied the other, or if they are simply re-branded?

The same bad points…

Like the Donner, this is a budget unit and priced accordingly. As it is a replica of the Donner, the build quality is the same, which is its weak point. As it will be used often in stage situations, it has to be able to take a few knocks, and it doesn’t fill you full of belief that it will cope. If there is a negative point about this power supply, it is that.

The internals though is also similar to the Donner, but there are some question marks over the quality of the transformer and the isolation of the output circuitry. We say question marks because they remain quiet on the issue, but in use, it seemed ok, and there was no excess hum or unwanted noise.

A good budget buy…

It gives you ten output channels eight of them at 9v at 100mA and two with higher voltages at 12 and 18. And it comes with all the necessary cables,

It does though, do a decent job and for the money is a good buy at entry-level.

JOYO Power Supply 2 JP-02

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Cost-effective price.
  • Ten outputs give you lots of pedal room.


  • Build quality a little bit suspect.

Best Pedal Power Supply Buyers Guide

Power Up The Board!

So you have a variety of pedals, mostly 9 volts, mostly operated by batteries. They all draw their power at different rates, and some are used more than others, you have batteries that are on the edge of running out. It’s a nightmare. And an expensive one. How long before the costs of the replacement batteries have equaled the cost of a power unit?

best pedal power supply

So Why Haven’t You Got One?

We spoke to a guitar player. He has seven pedals, and his answer was quite surprising. Then he said that he had never used one or even knew anyone that had one, but he wasn’t sure he trusted them. He felt they might break down in which case he loses the lot, or maybe an electrical malfunction turns his delay pedal or him into burnt toast. Hum and external noise was also a concern.

Based on that conversation, the priorities become clearer — safety and reliability of the unit and no hum or other noises. When we looked through our reviews, we realized that his concerns were quite out of date. They all, except one, have output channel isolation, they all have safety features, and they all ensure there are no external noises. We sent him the review list.

What Else Should You Consider?

Well, safety is a big issue with anything electrical, especially something that might have half a dozen other electrical items plugged into it. It can be dangerous, and our mind goes back to brilliant guitarist Leslie Harvey of Stone the Crows, killed on stage in the 60s by bad earthing.

Safety is an issue as is the quality of the build. It is going to have to take a few knocks, no matter how careful we are, so its got to be tough enough to take them.

The Budget?

If you buy budget level then it might, we say might, be a lower level of performance of those things we consider important. However, we are not saying that because they are cheaper, they are not safe, not at all. They would still all have had to pass rigorous tests. But the build quality might be less than a more expensive item and the output isolation not quite as good.

The decision on what to buy is, therefore, a little more involved than do I like the color of the box. And buying a pedal power supply is a serious business. If you get a good one, it will make life easier and much more efficient, and they are a big asset. And therefore, in the long run, it is going to save you money

So What’s The Best Pedal Power Supply?

You definitely want to pick a power source for your pedals that are not going to create hum or undue noise anywhere. However, you also want it to have special protection features and a rugged build to take the potentially rough existence it may have to face.

And we would prefer it to be built by a pedal manufacturer as they will understand as much as anyone what is required to make a great supply source.

Our choice then for the best pedal power source is therefore the…

Good and efficient in every way and at a good price point.

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