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Top 7 Best Travel Electric Guitars On The Market 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

As we become more mobile in our lifestyles, there are times when we wish we could take some of our favorite items with us. For some, it is their guitar. Not so much of a problem if you are in your car but enormous problems if you are on public transport. Planes, most of the time, forget it. They are often too big to carry on board. And would you trust someone else to take care of it when you check it in?

So what is the answer? It could be a business trip; it could be a holiday. You are off, and you want to take your electric guitar with you. Let’s have a look at a selection of the Best Travel Electric Guitars and find the perfect one for you…

Top 7 Best Travel Electric Guitars On The Market 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 7 Best Travel Electric Guitars To Buy 2023 Reviews

1 Stewart Electric Travel Guitar – Stow-Away

You are off on your travels, and you are going to miss playing your guitar for a few weeks. It gets us like that sometimes. You might not be able to take your favorite guitar with you, but you can take something. Here is a novel idea. Take it apart and put it in a small bag and carry it on the plane with you.

This Stewart electric travel guitar will collapse into a small unit and fit neatly into a backpack that is supplied for it. It has a removable neck that comes off and allows you to store it away.

How? More on this later…

It has a tuning system that is headless. No machine heads at the top. It has single-coil pickups and a graph tech bridge. It is a Strat look-a-like that folds in half. Nice body shape with a nice sunburst finish, it looks the part.

The interesting thing to consider here is the size. Most travel guitars are scaled-down in size for obvious reasons. This is a full-size neck and guitar body. The only visual difference is the headstock and the tuning system. The interesting thing about the whole exercise is that it sounds quite good and plays ok.

So back to how you do take the neck of a guitar off?

It has a clip connector at the neck. A specially designed joint that lets you remove the neck from the body. The strings stay on the body of the guitar, so you don’t need to take them off and put them on again. The interesting thing about the process is that when it is all reconnected, the sound and playing feel aren’t affected. It plays ok.

You can argue that the setup couldn’t possibly be right, and it isn’t. But it’s for travel and some fun and practice. You’re not going to play Glastonbury with it, though you probably could.

A bit on the expensive side…

As one of the best travel electric guitars, it meets the carry on standards for airlines, so you don’t need to worry about what’s happening in baggage. Great little idea, but sit down before you check the price. It certainly doesn’t fall into the category of best cheap travel electric guitar.

Stewart Electric Travel Guitar - Stow-Away

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • A great idea that collapses a full-size guitar for travel.
  • A nice looking instrument that plays quite well.


  • Very expensive.

2 Traveler Guitar ULEL BLK Ultra-Light Electric Travel Guitar

Traveler guitar has been making special guitars for travel purposes since they were founded in California in 1992. They make a range of guitars, but this Ultra-light electric is one of the smallest we have ever seen. There aren’t many places where this won’t fit. It has a 24-inch scale, is just 30 inches in length, and weighs only three pounds. It will easily fit an overhead locker on a plane.

It’s well-built with a hard maple body and walnut fingerboard and has a detachable lap rest. The neck is fitted with a truss rod. The tuning system is located in the tail of the body, thus eliminating the need for a headstock and tuners. It is actually a full-size guitar in disguise and plays like one.

Get the full experience…

As one of the best travel electric guitars, this has everything you need to deliver the full electric guitar experience. You can even adjust the height of the strings at the bridge. A quarter-inch jack socket lets you plug into an amp. When you’ve plugged it in you, have a dual-rail humbucker to give you some noise. It is a passive pickup (so no batteries are required) located in the bridge position, and it has a good range of tones.

It certainly is an impressive travel guitar. Full-size with everything you need to make some sound, it is a great little option and easy to carry around. It comes with its own gig bag.

Portable and playable…

If you like to travel around, this guitar is a great option for carrying with you, And at the price point, it seems like a good buy. It is easily considered as one of the best travel electric guitars.

Traveler Guitar ULEL BLK Ultra-Light Electric Travel Guitar

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Great little electric guitar and very portable.
  • Good price and has good hardware and pickups.


  • You will need an amp to use it.

3 Shredneck Travel Guitar

This is a travel guitar from Shredneck built very much in the Les Paul style. It has a 24 and three-quarter inch scale with 22 frets.

The solid Nato wood which body has the distinctive cutaway and has a cherry sunburst finish over a maple top. The neck is also a natural finish maple, and it is fitted with a Rosewood fretboard. The fretboard has some nice crown inlays.

An unusual design…

The headstock features a strange design that is quite unusual. It is fitted with some standard chrome-plated machine heads. Nothing too glamorous, but they get the job done. Down at the other end, a hardtail bridge with chrome plating.

The sound is created by two humbuckers. Because of the slightly smaller three-quarter size body, they look enormous. There is a master volume and tone control along with a 3-way pickup selector switch. The sound is really quite powerful and generates some great overdrive through an amp. Used as a travel guitar, it will, of course, need an amp.

Nicely balanced…

It is well made and put together and feels substantial in the hands. It has a nice balance, even if it is a little body heavy. At under six pounds, though, it is quite easy and comfortable to hold. It is made in China.

Although this guitar is designed as a travel guitar, it might also serve as a decent starter instrument for a very young beginner. Its three-quarter size would help, and the 24-inch fingerboard an asset for smaller hands. A decent travel guitar. Well made and quite sturdy with a powerful twin humbucker sound. Certainly, it should be considered as one of the best cheap travel electric guitars. It comes with a gig bag for carrying.

Shredneck Travel Guitar

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Nicely made with good looks and decent hardware.
  • Good sounds from the humbuckers at a very good price.


  • It will need an amp to be heard.

4 Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Another travel instrument from Traveler guitars. The previous guitar we looked at was electric only, but this model is an acoustic-electric. It is a three-quarter, 24-inch scale guitar with a maple wood body through neck design. The body bis finished in red lacquer. It has a walnut fretboard with inlay dots.

It measures just 28 inches in length and is under three pounds in weight. Despite its relatively small size, it is considered full-size. This is because it has the same playing area as a normal guitar would have.

Bright and clean…

The tuning system is the in-body design, and for convenience, it has a detachable lap rest. There is a piezo pickup that is fitted under the bridge. It doesn’t give the best sound you can imagine, but it is bright and clean and has an acoustic feel to it. There is a standard jack socket to plug into an amp if you choose.

As an acoustic guitar, it must be quite obvious that the volume is going to be limited. Acoustic guitars generate there sound from the body. With this guitar, there isn’t one. However, there is enough sound to be able to use it unplugged. Just don’t expect a Dreadnought volume.

Not the cheapest…

This is quite a good instrument. It is very portable and lightweight and plays nicely. As we have said as an acoustic, it won’t raise the roof, but it is loud enough for practice. It is though quite expensive, which is the downside.

We should give Traveler guitars the benefit of the doubt about being acoustic. In doing so, then it could be considered the best travel acoustic-electric guitar.

With all these great features, could this be the best of the best Travel Electric Guitars? Read on to find out…

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Nicely made with good hardware.
  • It can be played acoustically, and it is very portable.


  • Some might think it expensive.

5 Traveler Guitar Speedster Electric Travel Guitar

Yet another instrument from Traveler Guitar. I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised; it is what they do. This model, the Speedster, has a similar design to the other models we have seen, with similar design features. It is 30 inches long and weighs just five pounds.

It is made with a maple wood body and neck in a through-design and has a Rosewood fretboard with a scale length of 24 inches. The body is given a Red metallic color finish. It is considered a full-size guitar. Despite its compact size, the playing area is the same as a normal guitar.

Tonally versatile…

It is fitted with a dual-rail humbucker pickup that gives a powerful overdrive sound with plenty of sustain. And also has some good hardware. It has a Tune-O-Matic bridge with saddle adjusters and the Traveler guitar in-body tuning system with chrome-plated tuners. There is also a support for the arm when playing. It has volume and tone controls that let you dictate the sound.

The action on the neck is quite good, but it seems to have a small problem. Without the lap support Traveler guitar often put on their guitars, it gives the impression you stand to play it. That’s fine, but there is nowhere to rest your hand comfortably. The tendency is to rest it where the tuners are, which constantly detunes the guitar — it is just a case of getting comfortable with it.

What a looker…

It has a decent sound and of course, is very portable fitting in with airline regulations. As with all Traveler guitar products, it is well made with an eye-catching design.

Quite expensive despite its benefits, which will put some people off.

Traveler Guitar Speedster Electric Travel Guitar

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Good design and well-built.
  • Good hardware and fittings with a humbucker.


  • It will take some time finding a comfortable playing position.
  • Quite expensive.

6 Steinberger GTPROBK1 Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Steinberger is a guitar maker based in New York and effectively owned by Gibson. This is one of their traveling guitar range and very impressive it looks.

It has a neck through-the-body design. The neck is made of maple wood and goes right through the body. It has extra maple wood sides attached to it. The body is finished in a black polyurethane.

Some specs…

It is a 25-inch scale with a nicely designed easy to play ‘C’ shape neck with a Rosewood fretboard. There are 24 frets, all of them playable. It has a hardtail bridge with individual adjusters. The tuners finished in black, are located behind the bridge in a convenient, easy to use position.

One thing you can say is that it is a compact little guitar designed for traveling. But that doesn’t mean you can’t build in a big sound. This they have done courtesy of three pickups. They have also chosen a nice mix of sounds, which is impressive design work. The pick up at the bridge is a humbucker, as is the pickup in the neck position. The middle pickup, though, is single-coil — a good mix.

Trem heaven!

There are simple controls to handle it with one Volume control and one Tone control. For pickup selection, there is a five-way toggle switch. You can throw in one extra feature an impressive R-trem locking tremolo arm. Not often you get that much hardware and features on a portable traveling guitar.

It is a great little instrument with plenty of tonal options and a good easy playing style. With three pickups and a tremolo, it certainly sits well against its competitors. It also has a great look to it.

Make sure you’re sitting down…

There can be no disputing; it is a top electric travel guitar. Unfortunately, so is the price which is certainly going to put some people, good as it is. It comes with a gig bag.

Steinberger GTPROBK1 Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Our rating:3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)


  • Good design, well-made with good hardware and fittings.
  • Great tonal choice with three pickups.


  • Ouch, the price.

7 Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Electric Travel Guitar

Our friends from California have another model for us to look at. Most of their traveler guitars do look the same, and there are just some subtle design changes to look out for.

This is a one-piece neck-through-body design. Both the neck and the body are made from Maple wood. The body has been given an attractive natural wood finish, which allows the grain to show through. There is a detachable lap rest for comfort when sitting down to play.

Fully adjustable…

It features a Rosewood fingerboard with dotted inlays. There are 22 frets, all of them easily accessible. The in-body tuning system is fitted with chrome-plated closed gear tuners. It has a fully adjustable Tune-O-Matic bridge.

The sound is punched out by a single humbucker that gives a powerful tone. There is a quarter-inch jack socket for connecting to an amp.

The same size, but smaller?

At just 28 inches long and weighing just over three pounds, it is very portable. It will conform to airline onboard baggage regulations. As with most Traveler guitar models, it is considered full-size because the playing surface is the same as a full-size instrument. Nevertheless, it is a three-quarter size.

As with all their models, it is well made, compact, and functional. They have good features and decent quality hardware. We cannot help thinking though that these guitars are quite expensive. For some of them, you can get a top range Squier or Epiphone at a similar price.

They are not traveling instruments we know, but you would have to miss your guitar a lot to join this price point. Still, it will suit some people because it is a quality product.

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Electric Travel Guitar

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Well made, with good features and hardware.
  • Compact and lightweight.


  • Expensive.

Best Travel Electric Guitars Buyers Guide

Have Guitar, Will Travel

Some of us lucky people don’t have to be without our guitars for very long. And if we have to go anywhere by car to stay, we can throw one on the back seat. Planes are different. We just have to go without for a while. It might only be once or twice a year.

Some people, though, have to travel a lot and have to go away with their business or activities. Some want to carry some sort of instrument with them. If its public transport of any description, you have a potential problem. You could buy a small acoustic guitar.

There are plenty of them, but maybe you want that electrified sound. It’s what you like. So you want a portable electric guitar. One that can be carried around easily. One that will not contravene all the endless rules and regulations.


Planes are probably the biggest problem…

The overhead lockers are not so big. But they will easily take all of the guitars we have looked at here. So there is some choice to be had. One clever design took what looked like a Strat and removed the neck and virtually folded the guitar in half. It is a bit of a performance having to put it up and take it down. But you have the advantage of a full-size guitar and a copy Strat at that.

The norm, though, is to make the guitar about three-quarter size but make sure the playing area is full-size.

Superb starter guitars…

Something did occur to us while we were looking at these travel guitars. When you’re not traveling, they would make a great starter guitar for someone who wants to learn. Small scale, easy to play. It might be a good option and another reason to get one. Certainly puts it to good use when you are not traveling.

best travel electric guitars review

There is one reality about these guitars though you must consider. They will all need to be amplified. Some more than others, but they will need it. You can get a portable electric guitar, but you will also need a portable amp. You can get them, of course. Small enough to fit in your pocket, some of them. But it is something to consider.

Most of the prices, with the exception of one excellent guitar, were about the same but still set yourself a budget.

Other options

Are you absolutely sure that you want an electric to travel with? Maybe an acoustic would be a better choice? If so, please check out our in-depth reviews of the Best Acoustic Travel Guitars. Other reviews that could well be of interest are the Best Electric Guitar Strings, the Best Acoustic Guitar Strings, the Best Portable Amplifiers, and the Best Guitar Cables currently available.

So, What Are The Best Travel Electric Guitars?

As far as electric guitars that are truly portable, there is not a great deal of choice. What there is to choose from, however, is quite good. They are well-made with some good features and sound options.

One of the problems we envisage might be that having a portable guitar is one thing. But what about hearing it? Does that mean you have to carry an amp as well? It is then starting to get a little less portable.

We have therefore gone for an acoustic-electric version. Won’t be a real acoustic because of its design, but it can be heard. We have therefore chosen the…

…as the very best of the Best Travel Electric Guitars. Compact, lightweight, and with good features and build quality, it is a very good buy.

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