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Top 10 Best Trumpet In 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Before we go through our best trumpet reviews, let’s get in our time machines. Let’s see when it was first used and how it developed.

How far back into the misty shades of time does the trumpet go?

Quite a long way, actually. 1500BC is the first that we can find mention of the instrument. Though, of course, in those days, it wasn’t an instrument as such. Well, for entertainment anyway. There was a trumpet found in the burial rituals of King Tutankhamun though it is doubtful he was partial to a bit of jazz. It’s a shame they didn’t find a banjo because Steve Martin would have had a field day. Other variations have been found in Scandinavia, Asia, and South America.

Originally used for either hunting or signals given in battle, it took a long time for them to evolve as instruments for pleasure. They didn’t even get valves until the 1800s and until then were played as what they still are known as today, ‘natural horns.’

Top 10 Best Trumpet In 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Then along came Jazz…

By the 1900s, though, jazz was appearing, and the trumpet suddenly took on a new lease of life and a different identity. Military use at this time was still important, but this is where there was a parting of the ways. The Military trumpet really became a bugle rather than what we know today as a trumpet. Trumpets are still used in military bands for entertainment rather than another cleverly disguised invitation to conduct mass murder or suicide.

By the 1900s, it had been accepted into mainstream music as a bona fide instrument. Before then, though, it had already begun to make its mark in what we call classical music. Musicians like Jeremiah Clarke composed The Prince of Denmark’s March in about 1690. This later became more widely known as the ‘Trumpet Voluntary.’

As time moved on…

But as the 19th turned into the 20th century, the trumpet had cemented its place in the history of music. Musicians like Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis. Louis Armstrong and others dazzled us with their skills.

Now we still have jazz, of course, but we have ‘big bands’ and rock groups — bands like Blood Sweat and Tears and Chicago and many others where the trumpet is prominent. Even the Beatles on Penny Lane and All You Need Is Love featured trumpet to name but two of their songs.

It’s a popular instrument now, and there are many manufacturers. So, let’s go through the Best Trumpets currently on the market and find the perfect one for you…

Top 10 Best Trumpet On The Market 2023 Reviews

1 Yamaha YTR-2330 Standard Bb Trumpet

What better place to start than with Yamaha. The world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments. And of course, the creator of some of the finest individual instruments around.

The YTR2330 is a B flat trumpet designed specifically with the student and learner in mind. This instrument is the latest manifestation of Yamaha’s top-selling student trumpet. Everything about it is designed and set up to make it possibly the best student trumpet. It is very light at only just over five and a half pounds and is made so it is easy and comfortable to play.

Fantastic for younger players…

One area that Yamaha is well-known for with all their instruments is the quality of the build. It is made of yellow brass, and every design feature is made to assist the young players. If it is easier to play and it sounds good, people will play. Another area Yamaha is keen to get right is the intonation, which on this instrument is very good.

To make the instrument lighter and easier to hold, they have made a few changes. There is no brace on the tuning slide. The main and second tuning slides are made using the same techniques as high-end Yamaha trumpets. It has a two-piece bell instead of one piece. There is always discussion about which is better, a one-piece or two-piece. There is no answer.

Two pieces are cheaper than one…

A two-piece bell is cheaper to make, and therefore often used for starter trumpets. And it has a slightly different sound than a one-piece, which some prefer. However, a two-piece bell is not a massive cost-cutting exercise.

Yamaha has put quality Monel pistons on this instrument as they last longer than the often used nickel-plated versions. The pistons are smooth, and they have added redesigned buttons and piston caps. It comes with a soft carrying case and a Yamaha mouthpiece. There is also a cleaning kit which includes valve oil, various cleaning brushes, and a polishing cloth.

This is a quality instrument and a great instrument for a starter. It could be viewed as expensive, but it might be the best student trumpet around. Yamaha is certainly one of the best trumpet brands.

If you want to know more, check out our in-depth Yamaha YTR 2330 Standard Bb Trumpet review.

Yamaha YTR-2330 Standard Bb Trumpet

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • A well-made instrument by a renowned manufacturer.
  • Good materials and features used.


  • Some will think it expensive for a starter instrument.

2 Jean Paul USA TR-430 Intermediate Trumpet

The Jean Paul TR-430 is a B flat trumpet designed for the Intermediate player as against a starter. Jean Paul does make a starter trumpet, the TR-330. This model is made a little heavier with features more suited to a player with a little experience.

It is made of yellow brass material and has a lacquer finish. The Lead pipe is made of Rose brass. There is a third trigger that is adjustable. This is a good feature, and It allows the player to have a more natural hand position. Having a more natural feeling will help the intermediate player continue to develop good technique.

Accuracy and playability…

Having triggers, of course, gives the player more control with intonation. There are some trumpets with triggers on the first valve. Here it is on the third. Notes played on the third tend to be naturally sharp, so intermediate players adjust their intonation either using tuning slides or triggers or both. There is a third slide stopper. Players can then play higher notes accurately.

It is a well-built trumpet, and the various finishes of lacquer offer it a stylish look. However, it should be pointed out that lacquer finishes can deteriorate quickly if not taken care of. It is a one-piece hammered bell. Jean Paul is a US company, but this particular instrument is made in China.

Nice and smooth…

The valves are of a reasonable standard and made of nickel-plated brass. They are quite smooth in operation. They will need regular maintenance to prevent sticking, as is the case with all trumpets. It comes with a regular size 7c mouthpiece.

It is designed to be easy to play with a .459 bore, which is considered medium. This makes it a little easier to play. It comes with a very attractive carrying case that is quite robust.

This is a decent buy without being considered the best intermediate trumpet on the market. But if you want a trumpet for a player who is improving but doesn’t want to spend a fortune, then this is a good buy.

Jean Paul USA TR-430 Intermediate Trumpet

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Attractive looking trumpet with some nice features.
  • Very good price point.


  • Lacquer finish can deteriorate if not taken care of.

3 Jupiter JTR700 Standard Series Student Bb Trumpet

Jupiter is a Taiwanese company and part of KHS. KHS was originally established in 1930 to provide assistance to schools. They provided some basic instruments, but it wasn’t until 1980 that Jupiter was formed to manufacture woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. They have now grown to a significant size and produce instruments under a variety of names.

Jupiter is the name used for wind instruments. Much of the materials used in their manufacture are imported from Europe, the UK, and the US. Manufacturing is undertaken at their large sites in Taiwan and mainland China. The 700 range of trumpets is made in China and assembled in Taiwan.

Stylish looks…

As a student trumpet, this is a well made and quality instrument. It comes in an attractive brass lacquered finish and is a stylish looking instrument. The build quality is high, and it has some interesting features.

The pistons are made from stainless steel, and there is a slide saddle for the first valve. The third valve has an adjustable slide. It has a bore of .460, which is considered medium and easy to play. The bell is 4.8 inches.

As a trumpet for a student, then it has good features and is well-made. Intonation is also good with built-in slides. It certainly is a better quality instrument than some brands who claim their instruments are for starters. The trumpet is not an easy instrument to play and can be very frustrating in its early stages of learning. Therefore the ease of playing is an important point.

Encourages younger players…

This trumpet has been designed with that in mind. The valves are smooth, and the bore size means you do not have to blow too hard. The positioning of saddles and sliders encourages a correct hand position and, therefore, good technique.

If there is one criticism, it is that the sound this trumpet produces whilst being good is not loud as some are. Some will see this as a disadvantage. It comes in a wood-frame case. We would not call this instrument the cheapest on the market, but it certainly is a candidate for the best student trumpet.

Jupiter JTR700 Standard Series Student Bb Trumpet

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • High-quality build and materials.
  • Great sound and easy to play.


  • It is quite quiet when compared with others.

4 Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet

The Mendini range of trumpets by Cecilio is recognized as being a very good trumpet for a starter. They are also priced at a very cost-effective level for those who may not want to spend too much on a first instrument.

Cecilio is a name associated with the design and manufacture of a range of instruments for the orchestra. They are a respected brand, and the Mendini range follows those traditions. Every instrument is tested twice before its despatch to their US warehouse and storage facility.

Perfect intonation…

This B flat trumpet had been designed for the beginner. It has something that is not always common in trumpets made for the beginner, in that the intonation is good. Trumpets naturally play a little sharp at times, and so correct intonation is important to a student.

The bore size is .460 of an inch, which is considered a medium that makes it easier to blow. It has a five-inch bell, which is made from yellow brass and has a lead (not the metal lead) pipe to the mouthpiece made of phosphorus copper.

The body is lacquered, which does make it a little susceptible to deterioration if not taken care of. The valves are stable and smooth. There is a third sliding lock and also a saddle for the first thumb. This encourages a correct hand position and, therefore, good technique.

A little care needed…

In the hand, it weighs only six pounds and does feel a little light. Care needs to be taken, therefore, when using it and especially when transporting it. It does come with a hard case, which is an asset.

As the best beginner trumpet, it must be taken seriously. It has some extras thrown in, a silver-plate size 7c mouthpiece, some oil for valve lubrication, and a cloth for cleaning.

Given its price and the quality of the build, this must be considered as a great buy and worthy of inclusion in these best trumpet reviews.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this trumpet, please take a look at our in-depth review of the Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet.

Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Well made with good materials and features.
  • Great price.


  • The finish can deteriorate if not taken care of.

5 Etude ETR-100 Series Student Bb Trumpet

Looking for a good trumpet for a complete beginner can be a nightmare. Especially if you don’t know much about it yourself. There are some important things to watch out for. We will cover those in the Buyers guide at the end of these reviews so more on this later.

The Etude 100 series is a B flat student trumpet that has a lot of good things going for it. It is made of yellow brass, which most good trumpets are. Brass is durable and not particularly heavy, so it is easy for a student to manage. The brass is covered with a lacquer finish. We are not great fans of lacquer on a brass instrument. It looks great brand new but can deteriorate very quickly if it is not handled carefully.

Stainless steel construction…

The pipe leading to the mouthpiece is made of Red Brass and has a standard taper. It has a five-inch two-piece Bell. No problem with the quality of the valves though, the Stainless steel construction means they are lightweight and hardwearing. They will need to be maintained as you will have to do with all valves to ensure they don’t stick.

It has a bore size of 0.46 inches, which is considered a medium-size but a good size for a student. It doesn’t take too much breath, and notes are formed relatively easily with a nice tone.

Well designed and comfortable…

To assist young players in starting out, it is important for a trumpet to be comfortable to play. It has a third valve ring that is adjustable to fit your hand size and a thumb saddle for placing your thumb when playing at the first valve. Obvious requirements possibly but essential to enable the student to get hand shape right and thus their technique.

It comes with a great padded case and a size 7C mouthpiece. This is a very good trumpet and at a very cost-effective price. For this reason, it must be considered as the best beginner trumpet.

Etude ETR-100 Series Student Bb Trumpet

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Well made with good materials.
  • Easy to play and ideal for starters.


  • It doesn’t come with some of the usual extras like necessary valve oil.

6 Getzen 590S-S Trumpet – Standard

T.J. Getzen established his musical instrument repair company in 1939 in a converted barn in Wisconsin. They started manufacturing trombones at first, but in 1947, they produced their first trumpets.

Despite upheavals, resignations, a fire that destroyed their manufacturing plant, and various other potential pitfalls, they survived and today are still run by family members.

Not exactly a bargain…

One of the ranges of trumpets they produce is called the Capri series. If you happen to be looking for a budget-priced trumpet, then this is probably not the instrument for you. It is considered to be a student instrument, but the price point is certainly going to send people looking elsewhere despite its quality.

This is a well-made trumpet of that there is no doubt. As most trumpets are, this is made of yellow brass, but many of the common similarities end there. It has a silver-plated finish, which adds a certain ambiance to the instrument and a nickel silver mouthpiece.

The quality of the build is exceptional…

It has a .460 inch bore, which is considered medium and makes it very easy to play. The two-piece yellow brass bell is 4 and ¾”. Built-in are some nice features like the trigger on the first slider and an adjustable ring on the third slide, The insides of the tuning slides are made from nickel.

Nickel certainly isn’t the cheapest material that could be used, but the anti-corrosive attributes are well-known. For this area of the trumpet, which may experience natural moisture, that is an important benefit.

A superb sounding instrument…

It sounds as good as it looks with great intonation and is a very good instrument for a serious player, maybe wishing to upgrade from their first trumpet, ensuring it a place in these best trumpet reviews. It’s likely to last you a while if it is maintained properly. It comes with a hardwood case and a size 7C mouthpiece.

Getzen 590S-S Trumpet - Standard

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Well built instrument.
  • Quality materials used in construction.


  • The price will put some people off.

7 Glory Brass Bb Trumpet

As a bunch of UK comedians once said, “And now for something completely different.” We must confess that we think the trumpet can be a beautiful looking instrument. It’s silver-plated or yellow brass finish gives it a certain reserved style that is somehow reassuring.

So our question is, why on earth would anyone want to make it black?

Thankfully it isn’t painted it’s a lacquer, Lacquer is prone to deterioration, so what is going to happen when it starts to come off? We are not fans of the color scheme one little bit. But is it value for money as an instrument?

It is one of the lower-priced instruments around. So if you are looking for a B flat trumpet for someone to start that is cheap, this could be an option. However, unfortunately, it isn’t the best of the student trumpets you will find. It is a very budget level instrument and made as cheaply as it can be. If you are hoping for reliability and quality, even for the price, you might be disappointed.

Not exactly a quality sound…

It is comfortable and easy to play, and it is made of yellow brass, though you would never know it. The tonal quality, though, is not so good, and there are problems with sticky valves. It has been designed to be cost-effective, and quite a few corners appear to have been cut to achieve that. You may be lucky and get a decent instrument, but there is a risk you won’t. If it is for someone to play for a short period of time, then move up to a better trumpet, it might suffice.

It does come with a nice carrying case, a 7C mouthpiece, and some extras to take care of it like valve oil. It certainly isn’t the best student trumpet you will find. However, if you happen to like the color scheme, you might be tempted.

Glory Brass Bb Trumpet

Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


  • Very cheap price.


  • Least said about the color, the better.
  • Not very well made.

8 Mendini MTT-30CN Nickel Plated Intermediate Double-Braced Bb Trumpet

Another B flat trumpet from Mendini but this one at a slightly higher level. This instrument is suitable for a starter but will also suit an improver up to the intermediate player.

This trumpet is made from yellow brass but is nickel-plated. It has a rose brass lead pipe, and the bell size is five-inch. There is a .460 inch bore size, which is about medium and makes it easy to play. There is a first valve thumb saddle and slide lock on the third.

Safe and secure…

It has been designed with double-bracing. For a student, it is hardly likely they will notice a difference. A more experienced player will. It just makes the trumpet feel a little more secure in the hands. Single bracing trumpets feel a little more flexible.

There are some impressive fittings to this trumpet. Monel valves, for instance, are usually only found on quality grade instruments. They have a fast and very smooth action and are very responsive to the touch. These valves go a long way to providing good intonation.

What’s in the box?

There are some very good extras included in this package. There is an instrument stand that folds away and a standard size 7C mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is given a silver plating. There is a metronome with a chromatic tuner. Besides all these are a variety of cleaning cloths and products to care for the instrument, including valve oil.

This is certainly a contender for the best student trumpet, especially when considering the price point. It has a high-quality build with good features and materials. It also has good intonation. These instruments are built in China to a high level of workmanship.

It comes with a very attractive carrying case and represents excellent value for a starter or intermediate player.

Mendini MTT-30CN Nickel Plated Intermediate Double-Braced Bb Trumpet

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • High standard of build quality.
  • Good materials and features at a great price.


  • Needs to be well-maintained.

9 Bach LR180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet

Now we move to another level entirely in terms of quality and of course price point. This Bach B flat trumpet is an instrument that is established as one of the most popular trumpets amongst professional players.

Vincent Shrotenbach was born in 1890 in Vienna and originally trained on the violin, and then he took up the trumpet. He fled Europe at the outbreak of World War One and went to New York. There he shortened his name to Bach, and he auditioned and earned a place in the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

He had an engineering degree and started to use this knowledge to produce trumpet mouthpieces. Soon he went on to produce the instrument itself.


This includes far too many features to discuss at any length here. There really is only space for points and statements. So, let’s start with it having the reverse mouthpiece design and special Monel valves that are designed to play fast and accurately.

It has a very lightweight body that is appreciated by classical and jazz musicians alike. And has a .459 bore size with that bell sound this instrument is famous for. The bell is a one-piece construction and has a very slow taper, which increases the excellence of sound. It is fitted with a third valve slide ring and slide hook at the first valve.

Silver-plated finish…

It is made of yellow brass, as is the lead pipe and the Bell. And is given a beautiful silver-plated finish that rather says a lot about the standard of this instrument. It comes with a size 7C standard mouthpiece and a deluxe wooden carrying case.

It is not often that you come across such quality in an instrument. And it isn’t really a starter instrument at all, though a beginner would be a very lucky young person to start off with one of these. At the top level, it competes with the Yamaha’s of this world. It is not hard to see why it is respected by the pros.

Take a deep breath…

But of course, quality comes at a price, so sit down and take a deep breath. It isn’t cheap when compared to what we have been reviewing. The best professional trumpet? It’s going to be one of them. However, when you are conducting Best Trumpet Reviews, then this instrument has to be included.

Bach LR180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Just about everything.


  • Nothing, but the price will certainly make it out of the question for some.

10 Ravel Trumpet – Standard (RTR301S)

Ravel is another company with a history of producing musical instruments. They have over 63 years of experience in manufacturing quality instruments for players at all levels. With their trumpets, they make sure the quality is high. But they also ensure they are affordable. Especially for the beginner. Ravel ensures that the instrument is good for the beginner but with quality high enough for a more experienced player.

They have nothing to do with the well-known French composer Maurice Ravel, famous for his Bolero. They have named the company in his name to honor him. Nice idea, providing your instruments are of high quality. Fortunately, Ravel makes good instruments.

Fantastic looking instrument…

This B flat trumpet is made from yellow brass and then silver-plated. The look is great and is bound to impress any young student or older improver alike. It has a medium-sized 0.459-inch bore and a 4.9-inch bell.

It has a first slide hook for the thumb and a fixed finger ring on the third slide. And is also fitted with tuning slide bumpers, sometimes called ‘O’ rings. These keep the slides virtually silent. They stay in place as the slides move.

One of the highlights of this instrument is the Monel pistons. These are high-quality pistons with plastic valve guides. Monel is known to produce great pistons and valves that help intonation and are hard-wearing. This helps the trumpet have good intonation and a very good sound.

What’s in the box?

Set at a nice price point, it is not the cheapest student trumpet you will find, but it will be one of the better instruments. It comes with a standard 7C mouthpiece, a cloth, and gloves for cleaning, and also has a carrying case. It is made in the US.

Slightly more expensive than the usual student price you will find, but the quality is good. A very good instrument from one of the best trumpet brands.

Ravel Trumpet - Standard (RTR301S)

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • A good quality instrument from a good manufacturer.
  • Includes a lot of good features.


  • The price might be a little high for some for a starter instrument.

Best Trumpet Reviews Buyer’s Guide

We mentioned in the Etude review about addressing the important issues when buying a trumpet for a student.

There are so many trumpets for students and beginners out there, and it is at times very hard to pick your way through them all, especially if you are unfamiliar with the jargon. So, let’s have a look at a few of the important things to consider when buying a trumpet — especially an instrument for a beginner or improver.

What makes a good trumpet for a beginner?

It is not an easy instrument at the best of times. So you need to try and get an instrument that plays easily. A smaller bore size will help a beginner to produce sounds, and most bore sizes on these instruments were fine with a medium size of about 0.45.

Best Trumpet reviews

It is also a good idea to invest in a trumpet made with good quality metal. That way, it will withstand a lot of use. The constant cleaning and maintenance also takes its toll, so it needs to have good materials. Brass, or yellow brass, as it is more commonly known and Nickel are good materials for construction.

Weight can also be an issue…

It is an instrument that has to be held up. Arms can get tired if it is rather heavy. Some models we looked at were made to be lightweight. And the way it is held, the thumb and finger support are important. Adjustable sliders and rings are better as you can get them to fit the player. They will then hold the instrument properly and start to develop a good technique.

Intonation will often be a problem as trumpets, especially the third valve, play a little sharp. Good quality valves and pistons are important, as are good sliders.

 Trumpet reviews

Setting a Budget

This all sounds like a lot of things to worry about. Virtually all of the instruments had most of these requirements. Some, even the cost-effective models, had them all. Nevertheless, there is still quite a wide gap in the price ranges. Set yourself a reasonable budget for the instrument. Compare features and prices and make your choice as close to your budget as possible.

It is possible to find a very good instrument at a decent price.

Fancy something a little bit different?

If so, it’s well worth checking out our reviews of the Best Pocket Trumpets. We have also reviewed a lot of other trumpets on 429 Records, so do a search for Trumpet or check out our Yamaha YTR8335RGS Pro Xeno Trumpet review, our Yamaha YTR 2335 Trumpet, and our Mendini by Cecilio MTT L Trumpet review.

So, What’s The Best Trumpet?

This is a very hard question to answer, but principally for one reason. That reason is how much are you willing to spend? The vast majority of these trumpets appear to be aimed at the student or intermediate player. That is, therefore, what we will buy. But even in that category, the prices vary so much.

There was, of course, one trumpet we looked at that stood head and shoulders above the rest. Not only in quality, but also with its price. It clearly was the best professional trumpet manufactured by one of the best professional trumpet brands. It seems a bit unfair to include it in the Best Trumpet Reviews even though it clearly was.

We have therefore decided to choose a trumpet from a world-renowned manufacturer. A known performer that is well-made and reliable. A bit more expensive than the average but in our view, the best student trumpet. That is the…

Great quality and reliability.

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