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Ibanez AS73 Artcore Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Review

The Ibanez AS73 Guitar is a preferred choice for many musicians because of its tuning consistency, tone, and flawless sustain. Mating up the mahogany neck, all-maple body, and a rosewood fingerboard, make this a beautiful and practical guitar choice.

In this Ibanez AS73 Artcore Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Review, we will uncover everything you need to know about this guitar. This will include its top features, specs, pros and cons, performance, the sound, and so much more.

So, let’s see what this fine ax from Ibanez has to offer…

Ibanez AS73 Artcore Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Who Is The Ibanez AS73 Made For?

The Artcore series was exclusively built for beginners and intermediate musicians who are not quite ready for high-end guitars but don’t want to compromise on appearance and sound quality. While the Artcore models were designed for beginnings, they are reliable and durable.

They are also an ideal option for experienced or professional guitarists who want to venture into a quality semi-hollow design without spending a fortune.

Ibanez AS73 Artcore Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Review

Design & Construction

The AS73 is a semi-hollow body electric guitar featuring an arched laminated maple top, sides, and back, with a cream binding that stretches from the lower bout all the way to the headstock. Maple is not only preferred because of its uniform appearance and looks but also because it produces a nice bright sound.

The Venetian double cutaway allows you to access the full length of the neck. Meanwhile, the all-maple body has a classic Transparent Cherry finish, which gives it a glossy and premium look. Also, it has two classic f-holes with white edging to them to add even more class to the design.

Ibanez Artcore Series AS73

Take control…

Onboard, you will find four Sure Grip III knobs- two for the volume controls and two for the tone controls. They all have anti-slip features for a simple setup. These work seamlessly with each pickup to your exact desired sound. The knobs are smooth with a classic appearance and match with the general aesthetics of the instrument.

There is also a three-way toggle pickup switch that lets you choose either the neck or the bridge pickup or both at the same time.

The Neck

The C-shaped neck is crafted from mahogany and features a satin finish. Its smooth design and shape make it comfortable and easy to hold. It is a set-in neck design, meaning it is wood-jointed, not bolted on like a number of guitars.

Ibanez opted for rosewood for the AS73 fingerboard. Rosewood has a nice feel and is unfinished. So, it feels natural under your fingers. However, this does mean that you will need to condition it occasionally.

Ibanez Artcore Series AS73 Semi-Hollowbody

The vintage bound Rosewood fingerboard has a flat radius of 12-inch and a scale length of 24.75-inches. And there are 22 frets running across the fingerboard. Another advantage is that the profile and shape of the neck will enable you to access the upper frets easily.

The fretboard is large enough and is easy to play on, and because it comes with pearl block position markers, it is easy to see where you are putting your fingers, thus making the guitar a perfect instrument for new players.


The AS73 comes with six die-cast tuners arranged with three on one side and three on the other. Meanwhile, the guitar’s body includes an ART1 bridge system that increases the sustain and stability of the strings. Also featured is a Quik Change III Tailpiece, which helps you quickly and securely attach new strings after one breaks.

The Pickups

Ibanez manufactures its own humbuckers known as “Classic Elite.” The AS-73 comes with two humbuckers, an ACH1, which is located at the neck, and an ACH2 positioned at the bridge. They provide a full tone with a great response.

The humbuckers are perfect for easy listening styles, such as jazz and slow blues. However, they are not best suited to louder, heavier styles of music. That said, players as diverse as Malcolm Young from ACDC and Billy Duffy from The Cult have used very similar guitars to this both live and in the studio with stunning results.

The Strings

The Ibanez AS-73 boasts the D’Addario EXL110-3D Electric Strings. This set of strings provides a great combination of flexibility, tone, and durability. The strings are popular amongst players of all styles and genres and are precision wound and plated with nickel. This feature results in a bright tone and reliable intonation.


Its playability is one of its strengths of this guitar, and the ‘C’ shaped neck it easy and smooth to play all over the fretboard. The binding, as well as adding to the classic looks of the guitar, also ensures that there are no nasty abrasions on the edges of the frets. The playing action is excellent, with a slightly flattened fingerboard shape that adds to the comfort level.

For an improver or starter, this is a great guitar. However, for those more experienced, the action is also good and gives the impetus for a few high-speed jazz runs to come flooding out of your fingers. It’s rare that you find what is basically a semi-budget guitar with such a good neck. However, with this Ibanez, it is certainly one of its major assets.

Ibanez Artcore Series AS73

Tone & Sound

This guitar is most often used as a Jazz instrument, and it will let you achieve a broad array of tones while using it. On the whole, the guitar produces a rather warm tone. It’s also best to consider using higher gauge strings with the AS73, because they will perform better than lighter gauge strings, which can sound a little twangy.

Some experienced players may not like the pickups; they are, after all, basic and affordable. However, a simple upgrade to high-quality pickups would solve this problem, and would take what is overwise an excellent guitar to even higher levels.

Value For Money

The guitar is excellent value for money. Its wide tonal range allows you to play different genres and styles of music with ease. The artistry is commendable, plus the pickups, controls, and hardware are practical and reliable. So, whether you are a beginner or a professional, or anyone in between, this guitar has sounds and features that you will enjoy.

While there are many guitar options out there with better craftmanship and features, they all cost quite a bit more than this guitar. And the overall versatility and playability of the Ibanez AS73 Artcore Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar is fantastic considering the cost.

Ibanez AS73 Artcore Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Pros & Cons


  • Classic looks with a nice flamed maple construction.
  • Superb build quality.
  • Very Playable.
  • Great for Jazz and Blues, plus a lot more.
  • Excellent tuning stability.
  • Affordable


  • The pickups start to struggle at higher volumes.
  • There is no case or gig bag provided, but you can buy one at an extra cost.


  • Body: All-Maple.
  • Neck: Artcore Mahogany.
  • Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood.
  • Fingerboard Radius: 305mm.
  • Frets: Medium.
  • Inlays: Block.
  • Nut Width: 43mm.
  • Width at Last Fret: 57mm.
  • Thickness at 12th Fret: 24mm.
  • Thickness at 1st Fret: 21mm.
  • Bridge: ART-1.
  • Scale: 24.75″.
  • Tailpiece: Quik Change III.
  • Strings: Round-wound.
  • Hardware Color: Chrome.
  • Neck and Bridge Pickups: Classic Elite Humbucker.
  • Controls: 2 x Volume, 2 x Tone, 3-Way Pickup Selector.

Ibanez AS73 Artcore Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Review

Alternatives To The Ibanez AS73 Artcore Guitar

If you are looking for a guitar that is like the AS73 but comes with sure grips III knobs and a slimmer neck, consider getting the Ibanez 6-String AS53. Just like the AS73, this one has a semi-hollow body that produces quality sound but is cheaper and a perfect option for beginner players.

You could also consider the AS93AYS, find out all about it in our in-depth review of the Ibanez AM93AYS Artcore Expressionist. Another good option can be found in our review of the Ibanez AG75BS. It costs the same as the Ibanez AS73 but comes with a full hollow body, large frets, and a glossy sunburst finish. Or even the Oscar Schmidt OE30 review.

Or alternatively, check out our reviews of the Best Semi Hollow Semi Hollow Body Guitars for a number of great options from various manufacturers.


Should You Consider the Ibanez AS73?

The Ibanez AS73 is an incredible guitar for the price. It is very playable as well as looking and sounding superb. So, for musicians looking for an easy to use beginner’s guitar, this Ibanez offers a lot of power and quality sound. Although both intermediate and advanced musicians will find the AS73 enjoyable to play, especially if they are new to semi-hollow guitars.

With an attractive appearance, high-quality sound, and build, you get it all with the Ibanez AS73. High-quality design and build are evident throughout the guitar, and unlike many other beginners guitars, the AS73 is designed to last.

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