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Jasmine S34C – A Complete Review

In a world where it is extremely difficult to find a decent playing guitar for cheap, guitarists worldwide should be very thankful to Jasmine.

The proud makers of the Jasmine S34C and many other beautiful guitars have made loads of guitarists very happy with their super affordable axes.

We are about to look into one of their guitars, the Jasmine S34C. Is it worth investing your money into? We have all the answers here but here’s a hint…

You should expect super cheap guitars to come with some tradeoffs. And yes, the Jasmine S34C comes with its fair share. But we gotta hand it to Jasmine, this is a really well-made guitar and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Alright, let’s get going…

Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

The Design Of The Jasmine S34C

The Jasmine S34C comes in a grand orchestra design which isn’t that popular in modern guitars. But still, it’s quite an impressive layout for a cheap guitar. Most full sized guitars these days come in a dreadnought size.

But the real question is, how does this grand orchestra layout differ from the regular dreadnought design?

Jasmine S34C – A Complete Review

Well, the grand orchestra layout is typically slimmer around the waist in contrast to the dreadnought which has a bit more bulk. So, yeah, it should be easier for you to handle in comparison to a dreadnought.

But there’s another reason this guitar is easy to handle… it comes with a single cutaway. The cutaway is designed in the Venetian style which is all well and good. But hey, what does that mean for you?

Well, it means that you get far better access to the higher frets of your guitar. This is great news for beginners who might have problems fretting up high in the beginning.

But like we said, in a guitar as cheap as the Jasmine S34C, you should expect some compromises. And where do we find these compromises?

Jasmine’s Choice Of Tonewoods In The Jasmine S34C

Like we said before, expect some tradeoffs here and there. The top is laminate Spruce. And the back and sides are made of Sapele.

Now, this isn’t a terrible combination. If a manufacturer knows what they are doing, they can put these woods together in a way that turns out okay.

Now is Jasmine one of those manufacturers? We’ll soon find out. But for now, it’s enough to know, that the S34C comes with surprisingly high build quality, for the price.

Now, let’s look into each of the woods and how they impact on the quality of this guitar.

Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar review

Spruce Top

We are impressed by this because it’s something you also find in many professional high-end guitars. If you know your guitars well, then you should know that a spruce top gives a really nice sound.

Plus, a laminate spruce top becomes super important if you like to play a bit aggressively.

Next, let’s look at the X bracing.

X Bracing

Many guitars come with an X bracing and most are in the typical layout. However, with the Jasmine S34C, the bracing is placed differently. It’s a bit more forward than the normal X bracing you see in most guitars.

Did Jasmine do this for a reason or is it merely cosmetic? Well, it would appear that Jasmine did this, for more than cosmetic reasons.

Apparently, it offers the guitar more support than a regular X bracing. But where it one ups the regular X bracing is in the sound department.

It gives the guitar a defined, more open, clear, and lively sound. So, yeah Jasmine made an unconventional but wise choice here.

Mahogany Neck

The neck is made of mahogany, so it’s pretty smooth. And it’s even more amazing because it’s pretty slim and straight. But this wouldn’t please all guitarists.

Guitar purists for sure will not be thrilled, and yeah, guitarists with large hands would find this a little bit annoying to play with as well.

But if you’re the average beginner or someone with smaller hands, then you won’t mind this neck at all.

Alright, we’ll go to the fretboard. It is made of rosewood, so your expectations are right. It’s going to be pretty comfortable to hold and play.

Another really impressive feature about the S34C is that it comes with a full body binding. This makes it very durable. So, if you ever need a guitar to travel with, this is a good way to go. It will take a good beating as you move around.


Okay, everything here is pretty average as you’d expect on an affordable guitar. So, lower your expectations and stop looking forward to anything super impressive.

The guitar comes with a standard rosewood bridge. And the saddle and nut are made from synthetic bone.

Moving up to the headstock, you find the regulars there. Good ole die-cast tuners that work quite well but are just average to be quite frank. You’d still have to keep adjusting the guitar from time to time if you want this to always be in tune.

Now, don’t forget what we always say on this site, take a cheap guitar to your local guitar shop the minute you get it. If you want any level of good sound from this guitar, you’d have to set it up first… professionally.

The Sound Of The Jasmine S34C

Okay, we have to hand it to Jasmine, the sound of this guitar is through the roof! It might be a bit of a heavyweight, but just like a dreadnought, it produces a roaring sound! The only difference is that it sounds more diffused and open than your regular dreadnought.

Furthermore, we are very impressed with the quality of this guitar’s low-end response. It is massive, truth be told and that’s thanks to its jumbo size.

However, when it gets to the treble department, this guitar tends to be lacking just a bit. It is clear, no doubt, but it could be more defined. That isn’t to say though that the treble is terrible, it’s actually good. It just could be better.

The midrange is probably the least impressive part of this guitar’s tone. It lacks a lot of presence. However, for us, it isn’t that much of a big deal. We could live with it, especially because the guitar is so affordable.

The Highlights Of The Jasmine S34C

  • Produces a powerful sound.
  • Impressive tone, especially at the low end which is super rich.
  • Fantastic guitar choice for beginners.
  • The slim, smooth neck makes the guitar very comfy to hold and play.
  • The Venetian cutaway style makes it much easier to access the higher frets.
  • Durable.
  • Affordable

The Low Points Of The Jasmine S34C

  • Not made from the highest quality materials.
  • Could do with more midrange presence and a better-defined top-end.

Who Is The Jasmine S34C For?

This guitar is a great choice for those looking for a Jumbo sized guitar for a budget price. The S34C is a decent jumbo guitar for the beginner or seasoned player to practice on.

It comes with great playability and a powerful tone that makes this guitar sound like much more expensive guitars.

What Are The Specifications Of The Jasmine S34C?

Top wood: Laminate spruce top

Body Style: Grand orchestra.

Bracing: Jasmine advanced X bracing.

Back/Sides: Sapele.

Fingerboard: Rosewood.

Neck: Nato

Bridge: Rosewood.

Saddle: Synthetic bone, compensated.

Nut: Synthetic bone.

Tuners: Chrome-plated die-cast tuners.

Body Finish: Satin natural.

Scale Length: 25.5 inches.

Strings: Phosphor Bronze light gauge.

Our Take?

So, in the beginning, we asked if this guitar was worth investing your money into?

And looking at what we’ve learned so far, you can guess what our answer is. Of course, it is a resounding yes!

It might not be the best looking guitar out there and some of the parts might actually be a little cheap. But we sincerely cannot explain in words, the quality of sound that comes from this guitar.

Altogether, this is a hit for us when it comes to cheap guitars. So, once again, Jasmine comes through for every guitarist on a budget. Cheers to that!

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