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Korg SV188BK – 88 Key Digital Piano Review

Without getting to sit down at a keyboard, it can be hard to tell how good it is. We get that. That’s exactly why we have thoroughly researched and tested the Korg SV188BK, a vintage keyboard with lots going for it.

We understand how challenging it can be buying a piano sight unseen. The data that we have assembled here today is optimized with one thing in mind. To make you, the buyer, feel like you can make an informed buying decision.

This in mind, read on for an in-depth look at the Korg SV188Bk.

Korg SV188BK - 88

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Korg SV188BK – 88 Specs

Korg SV188BK – 88 Key Digital Piano Review

  • Company: Korg
  • Model: SV188BK
  • Weight 55.1 pounds
  • Dimensions: 58.9 x 21.7 x 12.5 inches
  • Tones: 36
  • Piano Tones: 3
  • Weighted Keys: Yes

Important Features Of Korg SV188BK – 88


It sounds almost redundant to say, but the keys are one of the most important aspects of any keyboard. When you buy electric, you get lots of cool features you can only get with a digital option. You also make concessions.

For many musicians, acoustic will always be the gold standard. Regardless of how you personally feel about that, you will need to at least be comfortable on an acoustic.

The problem? Subpar digital pianos usually don’t feel anything like traditional pianos.

The good news is that this isn’t an issue you will need to worry about here. The eighty eight keys of the Korg are weighted to feel like the real thing.

They are also very responsive, meaning they will detect and respond to even the subtlest of key strokes.

If you are looking for an electric piano that plays like an acoustic you are in luck here. The keyboard of the Korg will be up to the task of responding to even the quickest playing.

Korg SV188BK - 88 - Key Digital Piano with Vintage Sounds, Black

Sound Quality

The sound quality that you get the Korg is really remarkable. In fact, for many people, the sound quality is the main selling point of the instrument.

The system features two powerful onboard speakers. These speakers produce a rich, elegant sound that will have no trouble filling your home with beautiful music.

Naturally, there is also a headphone jack for when you don’t want to disturb the whole household.

Also in the department of sound there is the matter of tones to consider. The Korg places a keen emphasis on producing retro tones. You get thirty three of them here—each one saturated with nostalgia.

You also get three separate piano tones (accounting for thirty six tones total). The keyboard is able to replicate the sound of two grand pianos, and an upright. The options mean that you will really be able to take a custom approach to your music.

The keyboard even features retro designed knobs and buttons for a truly vintage experience.

Easy to Transport

This is a keyboard that is made with transportation in mind. It is lightweight, and compact. Korg even makes a collapsible rolling stand for easy transportation and stage maneuvering.

If you are a traveling musician, the benefit of these features is pretty self explanatory.

 Korg SV188BK

Unfortunately (and we will discuss this in more detail a little bit later on) there is an unfortunate con to traveling with the Korg.

The keyboard is not very durable, which means that you will need to be very careful with it. It is an unfortunate con, but for the quality of the instrument, many people may be willing to make the compromise.


We don’t have a lot to mention about cons. The biggest issue is really one of value. This is a pricey keyboard relative to other options on the market.

That said, many people do expect to spend a decent amount of money when shopping for a piano. That being the case, the price itself isn’t really the problem.

It’s what you get for the money. The real issue is that this unit is fairly fragile. If you are keeping it at home, you probably aren’t going to run into issues.

Korg SV188BK – 88 review

However, if you travel with your keyboard there might be some problems. Many people report that their keyboard was damaged upon delivery.

The keys and frame just don’t hold up well even against normal transportation.

The sound quality is great. However, the compromise of durability may leave traveling musicians nervous. Damage that is the result of trauma often is not covered by warranty.

This means that you travel with the keyboard at your own risk.

It’s also worth mentioning that you don’t get a stand here. This isn’t necessarily surprising. You are never guaranteed the inclusion of a stand. Still it is a nice feature when you can get it. If you don’t have a good sturdy stand on hand, factor the cost of one into your budget for this purchase.

Pros Of Korg SV188BK – 88

  • Thirty Six Vintage Tones
  • Three Piano Tons (Tow Gran Pianos, One Upright)
  • Vintage Interface
  • Two Powerful Speakers
  • Headphone Compatible
  • Weighted Keys Replicate Acoustic Piano Feel
  • Damper Peddle Included

Cons Of Korg SV188BK – 88

  • Keyboard is on the higher end of the price spectrum
  • Fragile frame makes keyboard difficult to transport
  • Stand and carrying case sold separately


There is a lot to like about the Korg keyboard. It is true that it features some issues that we don’t like to see in a product of its price range.

However, looked at objectively, the features are still high quality. The keyboard is great, you get plenty of tones, and it will make for an easy transition into the world of acoustic piano.

Is it perfect? No. The durability factor is a concern that will certainly impact some musicians more than others.

If you are a musician that is frequently on the go with your keyboard, you may need to think twice. That is a decision only you can make.  The bottom line is that it is a very good instrument. Ultimately, only you can decide if it is the right one for you.

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