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Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet Review

No matter what instrument we are talking about, it is never easy to learn. Some people are lucky enough to pick it up quicker than others. But for us mere mortals it takes a lot of dedication and work. Some instruments though are a bit easier than others. You can sit down at a piano or other keyboard and pick out a tune with one finger. You can do the same on a guitar.

It gets a bit harder with some instruments. With them, you don’t only need to learn note and finger positions but also learn how to use a bow. Then we go up the ‘how hard is this’ scale to instruments you have to blow. So now you have a mouthpiece and the shape of lips and mouth to worry about. And this before you even think about finger placements on keys.

Sometimes that is not enough…

But then you have instruments where blowing is not enough. It is how you blow, with how your lips vibrate being able to change a note. This is without learning all the finger positions you will need to learn.

One of these is the Trumpet. Loud, Jazzy and great fun. It can make a rock band really move or it can silence a despondent crowd. A remarkable instrument.

Can you imagine trying to learn it with a sub-standard instrument that just won’t work properly? You can’t do it. That’s why a student needs the best starter instrument they can get.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at an excellent student trumpet in this Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet Review…

Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet Review

The Mendini is a range of trumpets produced by Cecilio. Cecilio is recognized as producing high-quality instruments and are a highly respected trumpet manufacturer. They produce a range of orchestral instruments that include Strings, Woodwind and Brass. They are built-in China and tested there and then sent to the US warehouse in California, where they are tested again before despatch. The company uses professional musicians to advise on the quality of the design of their instruments.

Although Cecilio produces instruments at every level of ability the Mendini range is designed specifically for the starter or early improver. All aspects of the design process consider the needs of the new student. This particular model we will look at it is exactly that.

Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet Review

Designed for the student player…

This is a B flat trumpet, as the great majority are. You may occasionally see some orchestral trumpets that are set in C. They are set in B flat because that makes it suitable to play in most genres of music. The B flat trumpet is thought of as a ‘transposing instrument’. The sound you play will be a whole tone lower than the note on the music, but we won’t go into that here.

Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

The Build

This body of this trumpet is made from brass. It is no accident that these instruments along with cornets, trombones and French horns are known as ‘Brass’ instruments. Brass is an alloy. It is created, as we all know, by combining zinc with copper. As an alloy metal, it serves many purposes but in musical instruments it is special.

It produces beautiful warm and rich tones that neither of its constituent metals can. It makes it the preferred material for these instruments, The tone on this instrument is then what you would expect to hear.

Good vibrations…

Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet

To increase its tonal excellence the bell is made from a single piece of brass. Hand-hammered it allows the bell to vibrate evenly. You can get trumpets that have a two-piece bell but the sound quality is just not as pure as a one-piece bell. You would expect to find a one-piece on the more expensive instruments.

The bell itself is 5 inch which is mid-sized and certainly not the smallest option. The larger the bell the more the sound is projected. A five-inch bell for a starter instrument is, therefore, a good size.

Phosphorus copper leadpipe…

Cecilio has also included another aspect that you would normally see on higher-priced trumpets. The leadpipe is the air or wind receiver of the trumpet. It is where the mouthpiece fits and connects to the main body. On this trumpet, it is made from phosphorus copper. It is made from this material as it is not affected by the natural moisture created by use. Again this is only usually found on the more expensive trumpets.

It has been designed and built with 0.46-inch bore size. The bore is the tubes diameter and can vary between 0.45mm to 0.472mm for larger models. The larger the bore size then the more air is required to play and make the instrument sound properly. 0.46mm is then good for the starter as it takes less blowing to produce a good sound.

Silver-plated mouthpiece…

The mouthpiece on this trumpet is a silver-plated size 7C. This is the most common mouthpiece size but others are available. It fits over the leadpipe. It is supplied with the trumpet.

There are other aspects of the build quality which make this instrument stand out. It is made with saddles for the first and third finger slide lock that is adjustable. This enables the student to have good control over the trumpet while holding and playing it.

Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet, Student Beginner with Hard Case

It’s all about the valves…

An important aspect of any trumpet is the valves and the consistency and ease of their operation. This is an area that can cause even more seasoned players problems.

There is often a misconception about the valves. What they actually do is add extra length to the instruments’ tubing. The length of the tubing dictates the sound and the note played. By depressing the valve you shorten the distance of the tubing thus changing the pitch and therefore the note. The first valve brings the note down a tone, a semitone for the second and a minor third for the third valve.

They can cause problems because they can stick whilst in use. This can happen even on expensive models so the build needs to be accurate and precise.

Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet, Student Beginner with Hard Case

A little care and attention…

Cecilio has ensured with this Medina range trumpet that the action of the valves is smooth and the buttons are defined in their movements. They have used a cheaper option in Monel pistons which are lower quality than the expensive trumpets. But they will just need a little care and attention to keep them running smooth and working well.

When considered as a unit this is a starter trumpet with a build quality that is very high. It features good materials that are well-fashioned by trumpet builders who clearly know their stuff.

On the subject of taking care…

If there is one negative in the quality of the build it is that the body is lacquered. This does leave it open to being scratched. For such a good looking instrument that is a shame. Corners sometimes have to be cut through. Better to do that than to cut the corners away from performance levels. The Mendini trumpet by Cecilio we think has a quality build that could apply to higher-priced instruments.

The Sound

The design and build create a smooth airflow through the tubing of the instrument. This is an important feature in the sound of any trumpet and with this model, it creates a well-balanced sound. The sound, of course, is generated by the lips of the player but it is actually the mouthpiece that produces the sound.

As we have already mentioned, there is a silver-plates mouthpiece size 7C included. This is a common size but other sizes are available. The material used in the mouthpiece is also important and different players prefer different materials. This can sometimes depend on the genre of music.

The sound of this instrument is very good…

You must remember that you are looking at a budget-priced instrument for a beginner. This is not a top-quality trumpet for a pro. Once you have accepted that you will realize that the sound is good. Sharp and clean it has an even balance and is quite loud.


Being a metal instrument temperature will play its part with intonation. Cold trumpets play flat, hot trumpets play sharp. Bearing in mind that some notes on the trumpet are already out of tune there is a potential problem. This applies to all trumpets at whatever level.

The intonation, of course, is vital and making sure your instrument is in tune is important for practicing well. The instrument’s intonation can be adjusted via the tuning slide and this is best done using the ‘C’ note. Intonation on this Mendini is quite good and for its price point very good.

mendini by cecilio gold trumpet

Good maintenance is often the key to keeping good intonation, especially with the valves. The build quality says that intonation will not be a specific problem for this instrument. Its tuning will be maintained under normal circumstances with a little maintenance.

How Is It To Play?

Any trumpet is hard at first, but this instrument is built with the beginner in mind. It is quite light to hold and the holding position steady using the saddles. The bore size gives the student a chance to create a smooth airflow that is key to producing a good sound. In terms of its playability, it is a good trumpet for a starter,

What’s In The Box?

It comes with some extras. The hard case is well-made and has a plush interior and has a zipper pocket. We have already mentioned the size 7C silver-plated mouthpiece, it also has a cloth for cleaning and some white gloves to keep the oil off your skin. There is also a bottle of valve oil to keep the valves working smoothly.

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Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet Pros & Cons


  • Single-piece brass bell.
  • Phosphorus copper leadpipe.
  • Silver-plated mouthpiece.
  • Adjustable sliders.
  • High over-all build quality.
  • Superb sound for the price.

Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet


  • Valves can stick, but this can occur on any trumpet regardless of the price.
  • The lacquer finish is prone to scratches if not looked after very carefully.


Cecilio has produced in this Mendini range trumpet an instrument that is very good value. It is well-built, with the build quality checked twice in different locations. It looks the part and is very impressive. They have generally used good materials in the construction.

However, there are one or two cor

ners that have been cut but those only to be able to produce a cost-effective instrument. The Monel pistons are an example. But they can be easily maintained in good order with the use of lubricating oil to prevent any sticking. Even some of the best trumpets occasionally get that problem.

The lacquer finish is another. Again care with its use will remove the risk of scratching it. It plays nicely and has a decent sound so everything you need for a beginner is onboard.

Excellent for the price…

As at some point, you will be wanting to upgrade the instrument to a higher level, price is important. This Mendini trumpet price is set at an excellent price point and represents great value for money.

As an instrument for a starter or a beginner, this is a great trumpet. Of course, it is not the highest professional quality, but you wouldn’t expect that. It is though well-made and an instrument that is going to give the new player the chance to learn and develop before they move up to a higher level. Great instrument, Great price!

The Mendini trumpet by Cecilio. Well worth the money.

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