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Pearl 5-Piece Export New Fusion Drum Set Review

We’re really excited to be reviewing the Pearl 5-Piece New Fusion Drum Set. With so many conflicting opinions about this drum set, we’ve come to set the records straight. This best selling drum set has loads of features, but of course it has its drawbacks as well.

In our opinion, Pearl makes some of the best drum sets for entry-level beginners and intermediate players as well. Their drum sets are completely reliable which leads us to something else.

The Pearl 5-Piece Export New Fusion Drum Set is a beginner drum set. Nonetheless, it does not go for nothing. If you want something this high quality, then you’ve got to be willing to part with a few hundreds.

With that said, we welcome you to our unbiased review of the Pearl 5-Piece Export New Fusion Drum Set.

SPearl 5-Piece Export New Fusion Drum Set

Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

What’s In The Package?

The Pearl Export comes in two series which are the EXX725 and the EXX725S. The one which we will be reviewing today is the EXX725S.

Now, here’s what you get in the EXX725S package:

  • 22 inch bass drum
  • 10 inch, 12 inch, 16 inch tom drums.
  • 14 inch snare drum.
  • P930 Demonator bass pedal.
  • Hi-hat stand, straight cymbal stand, and boom cymbal stand – all from the 830 series.

Pearl 5-Piece Export New Fusion Drum Set Review

Now, the setup of the EXX725S is such that you get a wider tonal range than the EXX725. However, keep in mind that the EXX725S features a tonal hole in between its 12 inch and 16 inch tom.

Is this good or bad? Well, it’s not a matter of good or bad, it all depends on what you want. Some people do not want the tonal hole. On the other hand, some people are in the market for a wider tonal range, so they won’t mind the tonal hole.

In looks, the pearl Export EXX725S looks quite professional and appealing.

How’s The Tone Of This Drum Set?

Pearl uses its Superior Shell Technology in making the shells of the Pearl Export EXX725S. In simple English, this technology helped Pearl achieve airtight shells.

And why are airtight shells great? Well, airtight shells are great because they give a good resonation. In theory, this should translate to an improved tone. Nonetheless, we must not forget the place of tuning in all of this. Superior Shell Technology won’t matter if you don’t tune your drums properly.

Another feature that gives this drum set its beautiful tone is its Opti Loc mounting system on the toms. So, what Pearl did here was to boycott drilling holes into the two upper toms. This is a genius move on Pearl’s part as it also improves the resonance of these drums.

But, there’s a but.  With this opti-loc mounting system, it becomes quite challenging to position your toms. So, you’ll just have to make do with the preset mounting system.

What Wood Does Pearl Use For The Pearl Export EXX725S?

Another major factor that contributes to the tone of any drum set is the kind of wood the makers use. In the case of the Pearl Export EXX725S, Pearl uses poplar.

Next question, how good is poplar?

Well, poplar is common among entry-level, low end drum sets. On higher end drums, it’s more common for you to find maple. Well, the choice of poplar is one of the grievances people have with Pearl for this drum set. They seem to believe that at the price point, they should have used maple.

Pearl 5 Piece Export reviews

But is poplar that bad?

Well, here’s the truth. Maple, in truth, vibrates a tad better than poplar because it is thicker. However, in tonal quality, both woods just give different feels, not necessarily good or bad. So, on the one hand, maple’s tone is darker and richer while poplar’s is more focused and brighter.

In the end, except you have really picky ears, it’s somewhat difficult to differentiate between maple and poplar sounds. If you’re picky enough to differentiate both though, and you want maple, then this isn’t your drum set.

How About The Heads And Sound?

We’re going to be brutally honest here, the stock heads on the Pearl Export EXX725s do not sound awesome. If you got this for recording purposes or the likes, we can tell you for free that they won’t leave you feeling highly satisfied.

The other bigger challenge is that even with tuning, you still don’t get a decent sound. Nonetheless, some people observed that they got better sound when they used some tape. But even at that, this drum set did not deliver recording quality.

Well, while this is bad, it’s not surprising. Drum sets at this price range are not famous for awesome stock heads.

If you want to remedy this, then you should consider changing out the heads and then tuning them properly. You should be able to find tutorials online that will help you tune your drum set to perfection.

Does The Pearl Export EXX725S Drum Set Come With Cymbals?

Unfortunately, honey, that would be a no. And yes, we know that’s sad. Nonetheless, it’s not a thing that’s peculiar with this drum set. Most drum sets within this price range would hardly sport cymbals.

Now, here’s the reason.

Most big time drum manufacturers hardly ever produce cymbals. The same way, top cymbal manufacturers do not manufacture drum sets. So, if you’re getting a quality drum set, it’s highly unlikely that it would come with cymbals.

Lower priced drum sets though come with cymbals. And usually, these cymbals are low quality and sound terrible.

So, you’d have to get your own cymbal. Usually, if you decide to buy your cymbals individually, you might end up spending more. And after spending so much on a drum set already, we’re not very sure you’re up for that.

In that case, we think you might want to check out our review on the best cymbals in the market. These cymbals come in packs and so they save you money as compared to buying individually.

What’s The Quality Of The Hardware?

Pearl gave us really sturdy hardware in this drum set which we really appreciate. So, you can expect that this drum set will last pretty long. Yeah, even if you have to constantly assemble and disassemble or you have to play live constantly, this will last.

Compared to another beginner drum set in the pearl lineup – the Pearl Roadshow – the Pearl Export EXX725S comes with a much sturdier hardware. Plus, you get an extra boom stand which you can use to mount a third cymbal.

The stands in this set are much versatile as they are not exactly straight. This especially comes in handy when you need to put your crash cymbals in a position above your toms.

Another aspect of the hardware that we like is the pedal. We discuss this pedal further in the next sub.

Pearl 5 Piece Export drum

The Pearl Denomator P930 Pedal

The Pearl Denomator P930 looks quite appealing to the eyes which isn’t the primary thing you look out for in a drum pedal. Lol, we know that. So, let’s get to the meat of the discourse.

The Pearl Denomator P930 is a double bass pedal with a long board. That is, you find the hinge at the extreme of the footboard. So the pedal has a longer surface which acts as a playing surface. A longboard is really good if you intend to use the heel toe technique for faster double bass patterns.

By the way, in case you’re asking, a longboard has nothing to do with the size of your feet. Your foot will be halfway out of the pedal anyway. So…

Now, although this pedal comes with a single chain, it is still quite responsive. You’ll be able to achieve a decent level of control using this. Although, we doubt most beginners or even some intermediate players would notice the difference.

Configuration Of The Demonator P930 Bass Pedal

Besides that, this pedal also features a turnable beater (made from plastic and felt), an adjustable beater height, as well as two advanced configuration features.

  • There’s a click clock which you find at the bottom of the spring. This click lock helps you to adjust the tension of the pedal. So, with this feature, Pearl helps drummers eliminate the need to turn screws here and there which can be a lot of work. A simple open, spin, close and you’re done!
  • Also, you get to choose between a liner and an offset cam. Let’s explain,

An offset cam comes in an uneven shape which makes the beater to accelerate unevenly. So, you find that it gains speed towards the end of the stroke, giving you a much more pronounced kick.

Now, Pearl allows you choose to either leave your pedal with the offset cam. Or you could take off the offset cam and use the liner cam instead. Of course, from all we’ve said so far, you can deduce that the liner cam is evenly shaped.

Pros Of Pearl 5-Piece Export New Fusion Drum Set

  • This drum set comes with a high quality pedal.
  • The hardware is also quite sturdy and will last a long while.
  • It comes from a truly respected brand.

Cons Of Pearl 5-Piece Export New Fusion Drum Set

  • Stock heads do not give the best sound quality. Plan to change them out or at least learn to properly tune them.
  • Does not come with cymbals which is normal.


In all, we think the Pearl 5-Piece Export New Fusion Drum Set is a great buy. We’ll definitely recommend it to any beginner in the market for quality drums worth the money.

The set of hardware here is one of the best in the market, especially the drum pedal which can easily compete for best in the market.

Pearl could have improved on a few things definitely. For one, the heads here are a big shame. Nonetheless, this drum set performs well, overall.

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