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Pianoforall Review – Learn Piano Quickly and Easily

Being able to play a music instrument can be very rewarding.

It can be relaxing, give you a creative outlet and make you happy. It used to be that you had to take lessons from a teacher to learn how to play the piano.

But now with technology like Pianoforall, it’s possible to learn how to play the piano easily.

But does this really work?

Is it possible to learn how to play the piano this way? In this Pianoforall Review, you will learn about what it is. You’ll also see the pros and cons so you can make your own conclusion.

Pianoforall Review – Learn Piano Quickly and Easily

About Pianoforall

Pianoforall is a unique course that allows you to learn how to play the piano quickly and easily. You’ll learn how to play everything from ballads and blues to classical pieces and even jazz and ragtime.

You’ll save time and money by learning at home and without the costly traditional lessons. The course consists of 9 books and resources to get you on your way to playing the piano or keyboard.


What Piano for All has to Offer

When I was young, I remember taking piano lessons briefly. But one thing that discouraged me and made me not want to practice was how boring it was. It seemed like the only thing I got to do was scales, and then I graduated onto songs, like Chopsticks. Of course, that’s pretty normal. But I wish I’d had a program like Pianoforall back then!

One thing that you’re going to love is that the program is anything but boring. For instance, there are 10 books in the series. Rather than having you play kids songs,  there’s a heavy focus on rock, pop, jazz, and blues songs from some of the most popular artists in the past decades. This means that not only is learning to play the piano anything but boring, but it’s also a lot of fun. Let’s take a look at what each of the books has to offer and why Pianoforall is so different.


Want to impress your friends? The first book in the series helps you entertain your friends and family members by teaching you party rhythms, lots of progressions, bluffs and tricks to impress everyone at a party.

If you love performers like Fats Domino and Little Richard, the second book is going to be your favorite. This is the book that is dedicated to rock and roll and blues.

Books three and four have to do with chords. But they’re anything but boring. Rather than having you play some random chords, the progressions you learn are in popular song style. You’ll be able to master the chords quickly through exercises that help you move on to the next book in the series.

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Ever dreamt of creating your own music? What you’ve learned so far is going to be applied in book five — Ballad Style. You’ll be to use the chords that you learned about and create melodies of your own in three simple steps.

Who doesn’t love Jazz? In book 6 you’ll learn all about Jazz and discover how to play it on your own. You’ll be learning incredibly easy techniques that can be applied to any type of tune. Just picture yourself playing patterns, riffs and much more.

The next book in the series puts more into what was learned about blues and adds fake stride. With this book you’ll be able to improvise those soulful sounds of the blues. This book is a lot of fun!

Love classical music? The eighth book is all about the classics. This is about learning to play music by ear and tackle some of the most recognizable pieces by artists like Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, and many more.

Book nine is one of the things that makes this course so unique. It gives you a lot of tips and tricks that will help make learning to play the piano fun and quick.

Pulling everything together are the resources that the course comes with. You get 200 video lessons and 500 audio lessons to help you. This course can be used on any type of device.


Pianoforall reviews

  • Can be used on different devices
  • Use for pianos and keyboards
  • Less expensive than traditional lessons
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Makes learning piano fun
  • Can make payments
  • Great for beginners and intermediate
  • Learn to play recognizable songs
  • Lets you learn on your time


  • No hard copy books – everything’s downloaded
  • Video files are compressed which means that the quality isn’t perfect

Does Piano for All Work?

Thousands of people have been able to use Pianoforall to learn to play the piano or keyboard. You are learning in your own home and in your own time. Because of this, you will never feel as if you have someone watching over your shoulder and judging you. It also helps them get excited about learning to play by letting them play songs they know.

Does Pianoforall Work?

piano for all review

piano for all reviews


Parting Thoughts

If you are looking for a way to learn to play the piano, Pianoforall is a great and affordable choice. You’re going to learn how to play many styles of music and songs you love. The price is affordable, and you can learn on your time. Therefore, it’s also a great gift to pass on to a child. Give them this program to learn how to play. Therefore, you will find it will instill a lifelong love of music!

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