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Red Desert Violin Review

If you have ever wanted to learn how to play the violin, it is never too late to learn. It can be mastered at any age, no matter what you may have heard.

Red Desert Violin Review

Previously, you had to buy lessons from an expert, but nowadays that is simply not the case. There are ways to learn from the privacy of your home. Moreover, it will only cost you a fraction of the money that private instructors do.

It does not matter if you have never picked up a violin or you have taken some lessons before. You can still be helped. One of the most popular programs available is called Red Desert Violin. It employs the Suzuki method of learning. Although it may seem unconventional, it can be an easy way to learn to play.

Keep reading for a complete Red Desert Violin review, so you can see if it can help you.

About Red Desert Violin Author

Lora Red Desert Violin

The guide of this system, Lora, has been playing violin for most of her life. However, she was taught using a traditional method and it took her many years to master the Suzuki technique. After she found out that nearly anyone could learn this way, she was ready to teach others.

The reason why her teaching is different is that she learned the same way that she teaches her students. This came after many years of playing music, even at a professional level. She even earned a Master’s Degree in violin.

She concentrates on the importance of practicing and having fun, so you aren understands time constraints. It’s a reality that not everyone has hours weekly to practice music, so her program is broken into baby steps. There is no student hopeless or unable to learn, when they put the work and devotion into it. That may be why this course continues to help people each day.

The Red Desert Violin Review

Learning online is something that is available in many categories. It is effective for busy lifestyles or people that live in remote areas. This is why it is well suited for most. The course is based on the Suzuki method, which is considered one of the easiest ways for people to learn how to play. The facets revolve around learning by having music in your environment, and learning how to read music secondary.

The way that this is accomplished in this case is through online resources, such as videos, documents, and FAQs. You can visit the website and learn so much, as there are many free resources out there to get started.

Red Desert Violin

You can even sign up for a free membership, and once you want to learn more, can pay for more o’t defeating yourself when you are learning. This is something not everyone will teach you. She likes interacting with her students, ranging in ages, andf a personalized plan. With the paid membership, you will go through the Suzuki books and can even learn more, depending on your goals. If you want to master the violin, you can learn nearly a dozen different modules.

Students start with Suzuki Book 1. This is full of beginner information. The program dictates that you take at least 7 months to learn it. After you master this, you can decide if you want to keep going. Then you simply move along with more modules.

If you need longer than 7 months, you can take up to 2 years with a module before losing access. This is a long time to learn, even if some things come up along the way.

Other options that you can continue learning are Suzuki Book 2, 3, and 4, Red Desert Fiddle, Vibrato Lessons, and more. There is something for all skill sets, and since you are working on your own schedule, it is hard to fail.

You will receive your lessons through downloadable files, so you can take them anywhere you are. Videos will play on your computer, tablet, or phone. This makes it easier to practice wherever you are.

Red Desert Violin reviews

The fact is that the program makes sense. It isn’t something confusing or tricky to figure out when you’re actively participating.

When you get confused or don’t understand something, you can ask other members in the special members’ area. You also have the option to ask Lora for help, and even schedule private meetings.

Additional resources you can look forward to are practice videos, MP3s, and homework assignments for each section. You will even get videos of Lora playing, to hear how something should sound.

When you see how much is available on the website, you can understand the amount of information you’ll get with a paid subscription. The program works, especially if you are serious about it.

If it doesn’t, or you decide you don’t like it, you can cancel your membership anytime. There is no obligation to keep up with it.

It is clear that this program is designed for average people to learn, with an understanding instructor who believes in everyone. This online program is great for people of all backgrounds, economic status, and is available no matter where you live.

Red Desert Violin is very affordable, and is well worth the cost. The lessons break down into manageable steps that make it just right, even if you have difficulty learning. Furthermore, there is nothing but support to keep you going. No one will be making fun of your or saying you’re taking too long.


  • Program is cheaper than traditional lessons.
  • You can learn from home.
  • Virtually anyone can learn.
  • You learn at your own pace.
  • Program offers a free membership option, which can be upgraded.
  • Videos will show you steps.
  • You can have one on one virtual meetings with Lora.


  • Program is not for young children.
  • You must be able to put in the time for practice and learning.
  • It may be too easy for experienced musicians.

Does Red Desert Violin Work?

Yes, this process will work, but you have to use it diligently. You must practice as often as possible and not try to skip ahead or take any shortcuts. In fact, the program won’t let you skip ahead until it thinks you have taken enough time to learn. This is a good thing, but can get annoying if you already have some skills in place.

At the same time, it is extremely beneficial for beginners, and for older children. Many people learn by watching someone demonstrate, and this course proves that works. The additional resources and help that you can seek out are priceless extras at no cost. You are unlikely to get that with a private teacher.

You can also learn as much as you want. If you start to excel, you can essentially go all the way to what concert violinists would learn. This would be extremely costly if learned a different way. It is a process that produces results, and can help you learn a real skill.


The violin is an instrument that seems so complicated. However, with the Red Desert Violin online course, you can learn to play easily. You’ll be able to learn in a manner that suits you, and as much or as little as you want. What makes it different is that the teacher has so many digital resources to check out. There is also an entire network of learners to connect with. Pair that with economical prices and portable lesson options, and you have something really special. It’s a great tool for learning or continuing to learn violin techniques.

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