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Rocket Piano Review

If somebody tells you they perfected the technique so you learn how to play the piano adeptly in just three weeks, would you pay for that opportunity?

Would you think it’s a good investment to pay extra when you can probably find this in some YouTube channel, anyway?

These, in essence, are what this Rocket Piano review is all about. We are going to delve into what Ms. Ruth Searle is selling and whether it’s worth your time (and money!).

What is Rocket Piano?

Rocket Piano Review

Rocket Piano is a learn-at-home course from three books, along with audio and video files. The three books are divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced. As you may imagine, the ebook for novices is thicker, or 165 pages. Once you have the foundation down pat, you move on to the intermediate, which is just 65 pages long. The ebook teaches advanced piano techniques, meanwhile, it is just 59 pages long.

The pitch is that you can learn how to play the piano at fewer than 300 pages.

Compare that to hiring a piano teacher which can take months and you have to practice at least 2-3 hours a day.

The ebooks also come with illustrations to ensure that there’s no confusion.

More than the techniques, Searle’s system will teach the musical theories, history of the piano, and the underbelly of this musical instrument. It’s like knowing the engine of your car. By understanding how it works, you will be able to manipulate the keys to make the piano work as you intend it to.

Although there are a lot of words in the ebook, Ms. Searle manages to integrate some exercises and even instructional games that will teach you how to read music.

Taking on the whole lesson at one time can be overwhelming. This is why Ms. Searle split up the lessons in 57 videos. You can download all at once and move at your own pace, or you can follow her tempo by downloading one lesson per week. There are also 133 audio lessons, as well, which complement the ebook and the instructional videos.

Who Is Ruth Searle?

But who is Ruth Searle and why should we even believe her? This respected Aussie pianist has been teaching piano for close to two decades now.

Let’s face it, you can go to YouTube and find some instructional videos on how to learn the piano. And these lessons are given for free. So why pay for this product?

When you go to these YouTube videos, they will always instruct you to practice and practice what you learned. Sure, we all know that practice makes perfect. But they are not clear on the how.

What makes Ms. Searle’s system so great is that it will teach you how to practice for maximum efficiency. That’s the secret to learning how to play the piano in a short span of time.

You know that perfect moment when the pianist is one with her musical instrument? The audience will sense this when they are transported to another place. When they are no longer aware of the person beside them, or whether they are seating in the VIP seats or the bleachers. Music can be a great equalizer.

How is That Possible?

The system will teach you communication and emotion. They are essential in drawing in the audience to the music. Communication is how you tell the story through the composition. Emotion is how you convey the peaks and valleys of the melody to stir a feeling from the audience.

To do that, you need to understand the notes and chords, and how to manipulate them to create a symphony.

One of the hardest things to learn is how to read the sheet music. Even musicians are anxious about playing a whole song they’ve only just heard about.

Amazingly, Ms. Searle manages to achieve that feat with the Rocket Piano. She is doing it by making the lessons fun. Using games is perfect for young people nowadays who are always in sync with technology.

What Will You Learn From Rocket Piano?

The Rocket Piano system is split into three lessons—depending on the rate of your progress.

The Beginner ebook will teach you the piano history, how the musical instrument works, and proper fingering. You will also learn how to read the notes, play the scales, as well as the arpeggios and the chords.

When you move to the Intermediate level, Ms. Searle will teach you about the key and time signatures. For instance, the time signature refers to the number of beats per measure. You will also learn to recognize a sharp or flat key. By the end of this lesson, somebody can give you sheet music and you would be able to play it with no problem at all.

rocket piano review

What else can you learn in the Advanced level? Well, you will take your skill to another level since Ms. Searle will teach you how to improvise and switch the key of a particular song. You will be able to write your own song by composing your own music after learning the different scales in a chord.

Finally, there are three software games embedded into the downloadable format. But these are not just ordinary games. They actually teach you how to read notes and how to read the chords that you see in the sheet music. The Perfect Your Pitch Pro game, meanwhile, will coach you on how to listen to notes using only your ear.



  • Ebooks separated into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced lessons
  • 57 video lessons
  • 133 audio lessons
  • 24/7 email support for your questions


  • You get access to the Song Pond for 30 days so you can play your favorite songs
  • 3 software games such as the Jayde Musica, Chordinator, and Perfect Your Pitch Pro
  • Spiritual books

Rocket Piano Pros & Cons


  • It has a high value for money because it can be used repeatedly by several people
  • The instructions are clear and the ebook is well-written so there’s little room for confusion
  • The video and the audio instructions provide a good supplement to the teachings in the ebook
  • It includes a metronome which will allow you to play within the tempo
  • The games complement the lessons well


  • You need to be self-motivated because there’s no teacher who will encourage you when you are feeling tired
  • The techniques may be hard to learn, especially if you have no experience with the piano before the ebook
  • This system may not be for everybody because you are required to read a lot
  • The lack of interaction with the teacher can be a challenge

Does Rocket Piano Work?

Based on the purposes of our Rocket Piano review, we need to answer the question: Does the system work?

In a word, yes. There are just so many testimonials of success by actual users of the product who swore by the system. Sure, it’s not perfect. There are bad reviews out there. But don’t let them dissuade you.

The only common thread we can find is that nothing substitute for commitment. If you download the product with very high expectations and minimal practice, you end up disappointed.

piano rocket

There’s bound to be some frustrations, particularly at the beginning of the program. In fact, we’re sure there were times when some users felt like stopping, particularly in the first couple of weeks.

But unless you are born with the gift, mastery takes practice. Even the musical prodigies hone their craft several hours a day.

Based on her experience, young people are the hardest to teach, especially when they are not engaged. But she manages to explain the technical side of the lesson in simple words that are easy to understand.

She manages to achieve the hardest thing in teaching piano: not making it boring.

We’ve found some testimonies where users were already playing their favorite song—regardless of the musical genre—in just a week!


We reiterate that Ms. Searle is not offering you a magic pill that can magically transform you into a piano prodigy. What she is selling is a system that distills the theories and practices into the easy-to-follow format.

The pace will entirely depend on you. You can practice after school or during office hours. You can practice on weekends. But we recommend that you set a time each day and you stick to that schedule, especially at the beginning.

Regardless of your goals when you download the Rocket Piano, we can say the product delivers when it comes to teaching the basic foundation of playing the musical instrument. In that sense, you can say it achieved its purpose. So yes, it’s a good buy if you want to learn how to play the piano but don’t know how to start.

Hopefully, you will become a complete pianist by the time you finish the Advanced lessons in the Rocket Piano.

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