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Schecter C1 Platinum Review

Schecter not only make electric guitars, but also bass and acoustic guitars, amps, and pedals. However, they are probably best known for the production of guitars geared towards Heavy Rock and Metal. They produce a broad selection of guitars in this genre to cover most price points, but the Schecter C1 Platinum we’re reviewing today sits squarely in the middle of their price range.

This is a particularly popular choice of guitar for Metal players, and for plenty of good reasons. So, let’s get this Schecter C1 Platinum Review underway, take a closer look, and find out why…

Schecter C1 Platinum

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


The Schecter company, first founded in 1976 as a maker of guitar parts, has a strong history of making quality instruments. They began making their first guitars in1979 and initially specialized in higher-end expensive guitars, though with the expansion of the business, they moved into making more affordable guitars.

Schecter Guitar Research C-1 Platinum Electric Guitar Satin Black

Today, their premium custom guitars continue to be manufactured in the US, but the Schecter C1 Premium we’re looking at today, like most of their mid-range and affordable guitars, is made in Korea.

This is of no real surprise as so many guitars are currently made in Korea and the far east. Equally, unsurprising is the fact that it’s all very well put together and nicely finished.

Well played Korea!

The Schecter C1 Platinum is a Mahogany all solid-body guitar. It has a black satin finish that feels nice and smooth. The neck is made from three-ply maple and has that same smooth black satin finish.

There’s no doubt that this guitar has a Metal attitude and looks mean. It’s black, after all. However, the really nicely detailed silver-lined binding to the front and sides of the guitar really helps to mellow and lift its look. Maybe just enough to keep it out of Satan’s grubby hands.

Simple, stylish design…

There is a simple binding to the maple neck, and then the same two-lined binding, found on the front and sides of the guitar, is repeated on the headstock. Other than a few other little details, the rest of the guitar looks functional.

The hardware, a mixture of satin chrome and black, finishes off a guitar that seems both aesthetically pleasing whilst simultaneously borderline industrial.

It’s a good look.

Feature & Specifications

There’s a lot of solid wood in this guitar. It weighs a ton. You’re looking at very close to 12lbs. And that’s a lot. So, if you got any back problems, you should probably just forget this one. It might kill you!

The Schecter C1 Platinum has a thin ‘C’ shaped neck. The fretboard is ivory with 24 jumbo frets. The fretboard length is 25.5” and the nut width is 1.65”. It has an XL Graph Tech Black Tusq nut.

Schecter Guitar Research C-1 Platinum Electric Guitar

Cool looks…

The headstock, we’re sure you’ll agree, looks pretty cool. We really like the combination of the satin chrome truss rod cover plate and the Schecter locking tuners. These not only look great but more importantly, they do an excellent job of keeping things in tune.

The fretboard inlays are Platinum Tempest. While the volume and tone knobs are knurled chrome satin. And the pickups are an EMG 57/66 active combo, and they sound awesome. But more of that later. The bridge pickup has the EMG57, and the neck pick up has the EMG 66. Both pickups and surrounds are finished in brushed black chrome.

The bridge is a TonePros T3BT TOM, featuring through-body stringing.

In short, some nice quality and well-finished hardware on the Schecter C1 Platinum.


As you’d expect, the Schecter has plenty of bite and oomph. However, this guitar’s sound is about more than that. The use of the EMG 57 and 66 pickups also helps to create a great dynamic range, level of detail, and clarity.

We’d say that the sound falls somewhere between a guitar with PAF humbuckers and a guitar with a more aggressive pair of pickups, such as the EMG 81 and 85 combination, which have a distinctly more-gritty mid-range.

 Schecter Guitar Research C-1

Fantastic metal tones…

Not that there’s isn’t plenty of grit in its sound, because there is. This is very much a Metal and Heavy Rock style of guitar, so there has to be. But the fact is that the C1 Platinum is much more than just aggression. This is a guitar that can also reward the player with a good combination of smooth and rich tones, with nice crisp detail, even at lower volumes.

The bridge pickup sounds equally at home when playing crunching gain-soaked rhythm or screaming lead. The PAF quality of the sound linked with the actual active nature of the pickup provides for great punch and definition.

Warm and smooth…

The neck pickup creates some excellent expansive lows with a warm, smooth mid-range. Together there’s plenty of output whilst maintaining the real tone of the instrument

There’s no doubt about it; this is a great guitar for playing Rock and Metal with high gain. But the Schecter C1 Platinum is not only about the dirt. It offers plenty of versatility to play clear, bright lead or rhythm.

A good sounding guitar with a great pickup combination.


You’d expect a Schecter guitar to have a high degree of playability, and there are no disappointments on that score.

The Schecter C1 Platinum has a double-cutaway body with a through-neck. The double-cutaway obviously gives good access to the higher frets. That’s a good start, but playability is further enhanced by the Schecter Ultra Access neck joint’s fit and finish into the body of the guitar. This is really well executed. There are no rough or hard edges, and the neck feels really smooth.

No problems here when you want to hang around for extended periods higher up the neck.

 Schecter Guitar Research C-1 Platinum Electric Guitar

More good news…

It’s also easy to get a nice low action. The thin line neck is easy to get your hands around. And what’s more, it’s all nice and smooth at the back of the neck. Indeed, the fretboard edges and the fretboard itself are all smooth surfaces.

The fact is that Schecter has all the essential elements covered to facilitate fast-playing and shredding leads.

Although not really at the affordable/budget end of the range, for those with a bit of extra cash, its playability makes it a great guitar for beginners. However, realistically, its price point is more likely to make it the choice of the more seasoned and experienced guitarist.

Overall it’s a very easy to play electric guitar.

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Schecter C1 Platinum Pros & Cons


  • Good tonal flexibility.
  • It looks the nuts.
  • Good build quality.
  • High level of playability.


  • It’s heavy.
  • No case supplied.

Final Thoughts

All in all, whilst the appearance of the Schecter C1 Platinum screams Metal and undoubtedly appeals most to Metals players, there’s a lot more to this guitar than Metal alone. It’s a guitar that does have the flexibility to be used in other genres of music and has plenty of good sound quality to hold its own.

However, realistically, despite its flexibility, this is a guitar unlikely to find its way out of the hands of too many Metalheads.

And frankly, that’s a shame…

The bottom line is we really like this guitar. We like its looks, the way it plays and of course how it sounds. At this price, there’s plenty of competition, but we think The Schecter C1 Platinum makes a very strong case for itself.

Happy Playing.

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