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Seagull Entourage Acoustic Guitar Review

It would seem that acoustic guitars are a dime a dozen in the “budget” range. There are many brands offering acoustic guitars for very low prices, but there are questions about the quality of these guitars.

Now, it’s true that many brands make quality acoustic guitars and sell them for much less than name brand guitar-makers. However, there are a lot of people who get cold feet when they learn where these budget acoustic guitars are made.

We can’t say we blame them. New companies have not yet proven themselves, and while the price might be right, caution is still advisable when buying an acoustic guitar from a company that has only been around for a few years.


What if there was a North American acoustic guitar-maker that offered excellent, quality guitars that are still quite affordable? That would be great news for those looking to buy an acoustic guitar that delivers quality sound and construction, without costing a fortune.

Seagull Guitars, based in Canada started producing handcrafted guitars in 1982. And have remained committed to providing high-quality instruments within the reach of working musicians.

Seagull Entourage Acoustic Guitar Review

Locally-sourced woods…

One area where Seagull Guitars are really making their mark is by using locally-sourced woods and in doing so have turned an eye towards sustainability. Their factory is powered by hydro-electricity, they use reclaimed woods, and work directly with the Canadian Forest Service in replanting efforts.

Not only are Seagull Guitars known for their authentic sound and quality, but they are also actively working to improve the environment and make the world a little bit better.

One of their most popular entry-level acoustic guitars is the Seagull 046492 Entourage. And, one of the best-kept secrets in the world of acoustic guitars. The Seagull Entourage is a unique acoustic guitar that has managed to keep a low-profile… so far!

So, join us, as we take a closer look at the…

Seagull Entourage Acoustic Guitar

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Seagull Entourage Acoustic Guitar

The Body

As we said earlier, Seagull Guitars use locally-sourced woods to build their guitars.

Why is that important?

Well, because the local tonewoods in Canada are not always of the same varieties that are frequently used to make acoustic guitars. The result is that Seagull Guitars have honed a sound and style all their own. And, all thanks to the Canadian woods used to build instruments like the Entourage Acoustic Guitar.

Seagull 046492 Entourage Autumn Burst Acoustic Guitar

First off, is the top. The Seagull Entourage is a solid-top made from Cedar that has been pressure tested. Cedar offers a dark, lush tone that rings and has great responsiveness. It is slightly darker in color than Spruce and is almost a honey color. Cedar is also less bassy than Spruce and does not project as much.

Canadian Wild Cherry…

The back and sides of the Seagull Entourage are made from 3-layers of laminated Canadian Wild Cherry. The tone of Wild Cherry has been described as a blend of Maple and Mahogany. Wild Cherry offers lots of bright attack similar to Maple but is full, mellow, and warm like Mahogany.

Seagull uses Canadian Wild Cherry in part due to its unique tonal properties, and in part because it is plentiful in their area. The company favors Wild Cherry because it can be replanted easily. And it tends to grow quicker than other common tonewoods.

It is part of their sustainable philosophy. And has the benefit of delivering a distinct appearance and sound in the ever-widening world of acoustic guitars.

Autumn Burst finish…

The Seagull Entourage is a standard full-sized dreadnought acoustic body. And the Wild Cherry makes it more lightweight and brighter-sounding than most dreadnought guitars. This guitar features Seagull Guitars’ own Autumn Burst finish, which is simply beautiful. It really gives the Entourage a distinctive look.

Cream double binding and a tortoiseshell pickguard complete the rustic appearance.

The Neck

Carved from Silver Leaf Maple, the neck features a Slim-Taper Profile. This makes it easier to play for acoustic guitar beginners, as well as more comfortable for electric guitar players.

 Seagull 046492

Silver Leaf Maple is also known as Soft Maple, but that is misleading because this wood is incredibly stiff and hard. It has a lighter weight than hard maple, and it is less brittle than other kinds of maple. The tone is big and bright with plenty of bite and attack. Maple is commonly used to build guitar necks because of its stiffness and hardness.

The fretboard is made of rosewood with a 16-inch radius, 21 frets, and dot inlays, while the scale length is 24.84-inches.

The neck is an integrated set-in design that helps to strengthen it and prevent warping.

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The Seagull Entourage comes with a rosewood bridge that features a compensated GraphTech Tusq saddle. The nut is also made from GraphTech Tusq and is a slim-length of 1.72-inches. Saddles and nuts made from Tusq are more durable and last longer than plastic and synthetic resins.

The tuners are 14:1 chrome machine heads that do exactly what they are supposed to.

Final Thoughts On The Seagull Entourage Acoustic Guitar

The Seagull Entourage acoustic guitar is a very unique instrument. It is bright and bouncy, rings and chimes and is easy to play. It looks great, and it’s affordable. And it is handcrafted in Canada using locally-sourced woods. This means you know that you are going to get a high-quality instrument. And, in addition to sounding lovely, it is also environmentally friendly.

While Seagull Guitars are not a big name-brand guitar maker, they are not a flimsy, quantity-over-quality, overseas maker either. The Entourage Acoustic Guitar is a high-quality instrument, designed and built with care and dedication by a community of true guitar believers.

Seagull Guitars probably do not get the recognition they deserve, but being-in-on a quasi-secret is pretty fun.

For an affordable option that has its own unique sound and style, full-bodied and lively, don’t miss out on the Seagull Entourage Acoustic Guitar.

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