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Singorama Review

Have you ever wanted to sing, but felt like you could never do it? Did you ever go to a concert and gaze upon your favorite singer with a desire to be like them as far as their singing capability?

If you are a student, do you find yourself wishing you could be with your classmates in the chorus, performing concerts and learning how to read music?

At church, do you wish you could join the chorus and sing praises with your fellow parishioners?

You are in luck!

Many people think that the ability to sing was something given to them by chance, a natural talent that a higher power gave them.

Keep reading this Singorama Review and soon you will know about a program that will launch your dreams.

What Is Singorama?

Singorama Review

Singorama is a comprehensive, well-planned program that covers a huge amount of information you need to learn to become your best self in the way of singing. It is an intensive musical performance course that will get you started mastering the art of singing.  It is one of the top three programs of its kind available.

It helps by showing you how to find your own unique voice, instead of trying to sound like somebody else.  It helps by showing you where you are making mistakes, and then shows you how to overcome these problems. You create and reach small goals, until you eventually reach the end of the course. These goals are all markers on the path to perfecting your vocal technique.

Even for new singers, the course is very manageable. It puts forth such a delicate effort on your vocal cords that you won’t be hurting or in pain as you practice. You learn breathing techniques, pitch enhancement, and scale and rhythm.

The course is essentially a way for new and upcoming singers to find their own unique voices while learning the secrets of how to sing like a professional.

Who Is Melanie Alexander?

Melanie Alexander was just one member of the five-girl pop music group Girlfriend. They were popular in Australia during the early 90’s. They had a successful album entitled Make It Come True, which had four top 50 singles plus the #1 hit “Take It from Me”.  Her band was very successful not only for their music, but they were also fashion icons. They even got together for a reunion show!

Melanie formed a team with friends in the music industry and worked to create a comprehensive program to help new and veteran singers alike. This program, created with Melanie’s knowledge and experience, helps those who dream of music industry success.

What Will You Learn from Singorama?

You will learn many valuable skills when you purchase and learn from this program.


First, you learn about warming up. Your vocal chords are just like the arms and legs you work at the gym. They need to get warm to avoid injury.  You will follow helpful tutorials that show you just how to keep your voice in good singing condition through helpful warm up exercises.


singorama review

Of course, as with any new skill, you must practice, and practice, and practice! This program emphasizes singing every time you get a chance. By doing this, you can understand what kind of voice you truly have, and what you can do to train your voice properly.

Getting Over Stage Fright

Even if you are good at public speaking or being in front of a group, you might clam up and get stage fright. But this program helps you to build confidence and get over stage fright. It’s okay to have stage fright-you weren’t born knowing how to entertain a crowd. This program helps you to master the art of showmanship.  It shows you how to sing well and look cool when you do it!

Staying Healthy

You use not only your vocal cords when you sing. You use your lungs, ears, nose and tongue. Many organs are involved in the process as well. You will learn how to take care of your body so that you sound your best.

The Importance of Being Yourself

In this program, you will learn not to be some copy of another singer who is already famous. But because they are not unique, they tend to be forgotten. You need to learn to develop your own unique sounding voice. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing your own unique sound.  This program mentors you to use the influences you already have and become your own person.  It teaches you how to hold onto your own voice and use it to your advantage-to wow others with YOUR sound, not a copy of somebody else’s.


Here is a list of what you get, plus some bonuses!

  1. Introduction-how to get the most out of the course
  2. Bonus Vocal exercises
  3. Vocal Warm-ups
  4. Vocal Strengthening Exercises
  5. Range Extension Exercises
  6. Interval Training for Singers
  7. Original Songs to practice by-you learn melody and harmony, and practice with backing tracks


You get a great amount of bonus software.

  1. Singorama Mini recording studio
  2. Perfect Your Pitch Trainer Pro
  3. Jayde Musica
  4. Singorama Workbooks
  5. Singorama eBooks
  6. How to Read Music
  7. Supplementary E-books of Singorama Beginners Book and Advanced Book
  8. Help and Support if you need it!

Singorama Pros & Cons

Like any program, there are good things and bad. So now, we will talk about them, so you get a fair idea of what to expect.


  • Discusses in detail all the necessary components of being a great singer, and how to sing properly
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Digital Download option is very affordable
  • Lots of great material with lots of information included-covers all important topics on singing
  • Free 5 Day Course so you can see if the program is right for you
  • Studio software included so that you can record songs and practice sessions
  • It is the lowest price of the top three best-rated singing courses
  • Good mix of audio, software and workbook content


  • If you like a physical product, it is more expensive than the digital download
  • Internet connection must be fast for the digital download
  • Course material cannot be made into an mp3 or CD-can only be on the computer
  • Plenty of material here-will take a while to read/do it all
  • Lots of bonuses can feel overwhelming
  • If you want ongoing singing lessons, it is $27 a month

Does Singorama Work?

To make a long story short, the program does work! There are several positive reviews for the program from satisfied singers. If you practice and keep on practicing for at least 30 minutes a day for 3 days a week, you can complete the course in a month.

But don’t think you’re going to become Whitney Houston or Ariana Grande simply by doing this course. This program requires you to put in the work and really practice. Plus, you must find your own voice as you do the work.

This program offers you a step by step guide to start recognizing your own voice’s unique talents. You will eventually find your own range, and you will start learning different tricks and techniques that will make your performances great.

singorama reviews

Reviews of the product are generally favorable with at least a 4-star rating. One woman even said that people who heard her after she’d completed the program could hear the difference. Her tone had previously been rather breathy, but now sounds rather professional. This woman, whose name is Christine, still practices each day to keep her skills fresh.

In the event that the program is not all you had hoped for, there is a 60-day money back guarantee. So, don’t think twice about it-give it a try and watch your dreams take flight!


If you want a great program that will give you all you need, for a great price, then do not hesitate to buy Singorama. You get a very comprehensive, intense program that is taught by a former recording artist who knows what it takes to succeed in the music industry!

You will learn how to control your breath and work your vocal cords to maximize your talents. You will develop your own unique sound. But, it’s going to take lots of practice and patience for you. You are not going to be successful overnight. Work hard and develop your own sound-then watch your dreams start to come true.

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