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Sony HT-CT800 Review 

If you are in the market for a home sound system there are a variety of options to choose from. A popular choice these days is the sound bar. Simple, sleek, and adaptable, a sound bar can deliver surround sound quality without the fuss of a multiple speaker setup.

In this Sony HT-CT800 review, we will look at one of the companies most popular Sound Bars. What it has to offer, and why this is the sound bar home setup that you should consider.

So let’s dive in and uncover some great home electronics from Sony…

Sony HT-CT800

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Sony HT-CT800 Review

Sony has long been a frontrunner in the electronics showdown. From boom boxes to Bluetooth headphones, the company has got you covered. So it is no surprise that their home entertainment systems are nothing but the best.


Let’s start with the outside and work our way in. Sony has always had an understated sense of style while maintaining elegance. The sound bar and subwoofer come in classic black, and a slim design that will easily blend with any home décor.

Sony HT-CT800 Review 

The sound bar itself features a slightly curved design. It is thin enough to slide under your TV or in front of it without blocking the view. If you can’t quite find the right spot for it, you can mount it on the wall with the included mounting brackets.

The strong and sturdy subwoofer is simple enough to blend in just about anywhere in the home. Slide it beside the couch, hide it under the table or place a plant on top. You know what they say “black goes with everything.”

What Features Can You Expect?

Sound bars aren’t typically known for their features, but once again Sony pulls through. The HT-CT800 is a sound bar that really listens; it is compatible with Google Home and Chromecast. This gives you the control to adjust the volume, skip tracks, and listen to your favorite podcasts all with voice commands through your phone or a Google Home device.

It doesn’t stop there, you can also select Bluetooth mode, NFC streaming, or connect it to your Spotify account. When you connect through Chromcast you will save more battery on your mobile device than you would through Bluetooth connection. Or if you prefer, you control everything with the included remote control.

Manual connectivity…

With three HDMI inputs, and one output you have the freedom to connect to multiple devices. Included is an optical digital audio and 3.5mm input. Don’t let all of this overwhelm you though; it is a single wired connection to your television. No messy cords to untangle, but the freedom to add more as per your choosing.


The sound bar doubles as a Bluetooth transmitter allowing you to stream your movies or shows to your favorite pair of Bluetooth headphones. So you can choose to share your sound experience or keep it all to yourself.

A truly impactful performance…

The small but mighty subwoofer really packs a punch while carrying all the lows and giving the highs to the sound bar. And you can adjust the bass levels if it’s too weighted and deep for your liking. This gives you complete control over your cinematic experience.

With dual voice enhancement, you can ditch the subtitles and truly enjoy your home theater. As with many Bluetooth and streaming devices, skipping and lagging can be an annoyance. With this units low latency, there is sure to be no lag time between your eyes and ears.

Want full cinema surround sound?

If you really want to up our home theater game you can connect wireless surround sound speakers to the sound bar. Although you cannot add a second subwoofer to the system, you won’t need to considering how powerful Sony has made theirs.

 Sony CT800 Powerful Sound bar with 4K HDR

It also features multi-room listening so you won’t miss a beat when the pizza guy is waiting at the door. Simply connect using the Sony Music Center app and group your sound bars and wireless speakers, even the bluetooth ceiling speakers, together throughout the house. Once you’re all set up you can stream all of your favorite audio from your music subscriptions or your TV using HDMI.

What To Expect In The Box

With the purchase of your Sony HT-CT800 sound bar you receive the subwoofer and amplifier. You will also get an HDMI cable, wall hanging brackets, and a template for perfect mounting. It doesn’t stop there, also included are batteries, a quick setup guide, instruction manual and even a remote!

Sony HT-CT800 Review Pros & Cons


  • Sleek and elegant design suitable for any style.
  • Multiple streaming options.
  • Top-quality audio performance.
  • Versatile design – it can be mounted on the wall or placed anywhere you choose.
  • Multi-room listening.
  • You can connect additional wireless surround sound or the best in wall speakers.

 Sony CT800 Powerful Sound bar with 4K HDR, Google Home Support


  • You cannot connect a second subwoofer, but there is no reason to?

Sony HT-CT800 Review Conclusion

If you are on the market for a top-performing home audio setup and are looking to try out sound bars, this one form Sony could well be the one for you.

Using a sound bar takes away the fuss of setting up multiple surround sound speakers. We all know how annoying it can be to find a way to lead those ridiculously long wires around your room. Then finding places to mount multiple speakers to the wall can be a hassle.

A sound bar puts all of that in one simple place and Sony has made a design so sleek you won’t even know it is there. With high-quality audio, you will easily forget that you aren’t in the theater and just sitting in your living room.

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