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Superior Singing Method Review

You may have heard about the online singing module that is supposed to be the magic bullet to help anybody improve their voice. Yes, we are talking about the Superior Singing Method developed by Aaron Anastasi. While a good number of feedback we’ve come across were generally positive, there are some doubters. Of course, you can’t please anybody, right?

The program will not magically transform you to sing like Celine Dion or Andrea Botticelli. Instead, you will learn to control your vocal register and range, harness your pitch, and recognize your unique tone. The idea is each of us has a unique tone and vocal quality. Miley Cyrus with her low register won’t be as effective singing Mariah Carey’s songs.

This is why came up with an extensive Superior Singing Method review. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you have the information you need to arrive at an informed decision.

Who is Aaron Anastasi?

Superior Singing Method Review

Before going any further, let’s talk about the inventor first. Outside of the industry, nobody probably knows who Aaron Anastasi is. But for all the online singing coaches out there, he has at least the pedigree to be credible.

He started playing guitar at 13 and immediately took to singing and writing songs. At 18 years old, he started recording his originals, ultimately releasing two EPs.

Aaron Anastasi is well-entrenched in the film and music industries as he has several commercial and funny shorts to his name. He also worked with the best music producers in the business, some of whom are legit Grammy winners.

When he spent time in Brazil and Bolivia, he developed the origins of the Superior Singing Method. Drawing on his experience, he came up with a module that can help anybody become a competent singer.

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Talent Didn’t Come Naturally

You might say that it’s easy for him since he’s a professional singer. But he wasn’t gifted with an excellent voice. It took him years and years of practice to enhance his skills. And all those years of practice are diluted into a single module—the Superior Singing Method.

Aside from the Superior Singing Method, he also developed online modules such as Play Worship Guitar, Signing Success, and the Superior Songwriting Method. He also authored The Voice of Your Dreams, which shot up to the Amazon’s top 100 best sellers after release.

The Superior Singing Method Review

Superior Singing Method Review

The Superior Singing Method is separated into several modules. One good thing we can say is that Aaron Anastasi breaks down the process into easily digestible pieces.

For the purposes of this Superior Singing Method review, we are sharing these modules:

  • Module 1 involves vocal exercises developed by Aaron Anastasi exclusively for this method
  • Module 2 will teach you to control your diaphragm and manage breathing
  • Module 3 will show you how to enhance tone quality
  • Module 4 will help you spot the right pitch so you can sing on point
  • Module 5 will strengthen vocal registration without sacrificing tone quality
  • Module 6 will help you hit those high notes without destroying your vocal chords
  • Module 7 will improve your vocal agility
  • Module 8 involves advanced voice exercises to further strengthen your vibrato and vocal power

For the vocal tone, for instance, the Superior Singing Method will teach you how to practice your abdominal breathing. This is the hallmark of each great singer.

Superior Singing Method Member Area

Control Your Breathing

The diaphragm plays a part for you to sing with power, intensity, hit those high notes while on pitch. It has to draw in air and optimize the use of the lungs. The common mistake most people make when they sing is to just draw on air from the upper lungs.

You will notice this when you use the muscles in your neck, chest, and shoulder to draw in air.

Superior Singing Method

To ensure greater voice support, a good 80% of your breathing must emanate from the diaphragm.

Vocal exercises involve practicing with the different shapes of vowels and consonants. You will also learn range, tempo, volume, rhythm, and interval.

The module includes some easy techniques that will dramatically improve your tone and enunciation. One trick is to drop your jaw, which will help achieve that nasal sound as the sound vibrations roll out.

More Details

Larynx positioning is another trick that singers use, and which you will learn in the module. Raised larynx will brighten your voice; lowered larynx will darken the voice. It might seem impossible at first but with continued practice, you can find the right balance.

In addition, positioning your tongue forward will allow you to produce crystal clear sound. You need to be touching the back of your bottom teeth for this. In contrast, pulling your tongue back will allow you to produce a deeper tone in your voice.

To hit those high notes, the last thing you should do is to shout and scream. This is the fastest way to strain your voice. The Superior Singing Method will teach you the right stance, posture, and positioning to properly release those vocals.

As Aaron Anastasi says, once you feel the vibration coursing through your body, you are doing it right. The voice won’t stay in your throat but actually resonates in your head.

As you can see, there’s a lot to take in Aaron Anastasi’s unique method. The module 1 alone will take hours of practice before you can do it without any issue. And these are just vocal exercises!

What to Expect

In a sense, it’s a good way to separate the grains from the chaff. If you are really not serious about your craft, you will quit halfway through.

The modules have over 50 accompanying videos that will show you the step-by-step process. Yes, you can easily follow these steps. On the downside, they can be mind-numbing if you don’t fully buy into the product.

The full video course will take about eight weeks, although testimonies swore improvements in the first week.

One of the advantages of the Superior Singing Method is that it’s downloadable. It’s like having your own private mentor. One who doesn’t complain about being too tired, or charge you for overtime.

Finally, Aaron Anastasi recommends that you record yourself practicing. This way you can spot the mistakes and work to improve on them.

Pros & Cons of the Superior Singing Method

Of course, there’s a yin to every yang. You can’t expect any method to be absolutely perfect because that’s ridiculous.

So we’ve outlined the pros and cons of Superior Singing below:


  • Comprehensive Course – You will understand the theory first before putting it into practice
  • You can follow the course on your own
  • The exercises can be downloaded and saved on your gadget so you can practice anywhere
  • The vocal exercises are tailor-fitted for you
  • 60-day money back guarantee (so the seller assumes all the risks)


  • Comprehensive course – It can be overwhelming especially for beginners
  • You need to burn a lot of hours watching videos
  • You need to practice religiously

Does It Work?

After all that, the ultimate question on skeptics’ minds is, “Does the Superior Singing Method work?”

You know Beyoncé can hit all those high notes and tell yourself, there’s no way I can do that! Michael Jackson had an absolutely perfect pitch. You can also add to the list Mozart and Beethoven who could replicate any note on any instrument.

But they were born geniuses. How can ordinary individuals develop a perfect pitch? It’s not impossible. You need musical training and years and years of practice for that.

The Superior Singing Method will establish the foundation for good tone, pitch, breathing control, and resonance. The rest is up to you.

It doesn’t bill itself to be a magic bullet. It doesn’t over promise, either. What Aaron Anastasi is doing is sharing his insights developed from years and years of practice.

You will work hard. You will practice countless hours.

The difference this time is you are not doing the shotgun approach. You know, throwing everything against the wall and see what sticks?

The Superior Singing Method will channel all your enthusiasm into workable steps that actually work.


We’ve come across several online singing modules promising to make you a professional singer in no time. But we don’t know of any greater guarantee than the 60-day money back offer. If you don’t think the module improved your voice, just return it. No questions asked. Aaron Anastasi must be so confident of his product to be crazy enough to insert that clause.

To be sure, there are multiple channels on YouTube offering vocal lessons.  But if you’re serious about going to the next level, the Superior Singing Method might be able to help you. What Aaron Anastasi is trying to say is that anybody can become a great singer. But almost everybody wants the shortcut. And this is why we’re quite impressed with the Superior Singing Method. This is by far not the easiest way to improve your voice. But it’s the right way.

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