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The Taylor 110ce Acoustic/Electric Guitar | A Worthwhile Investment

Taylor puts another notch in the belt of its 100 Series with the Taylor 110ce. As always, the tone quality and excellent build offered by Taylor is unparalleled. Not only does Taylor use top-quality materials, like Sitka Spruce and Sapele Mahogany, but it also rocks a cutaway Dreadnought shape.

Along with its versatility in design, the Taylor 110ce Acoustic/Electric Guitar is an incredibly easy-to-play guitar. The playability, which is so synonymous with Taylor Guitars, shines through the spruce top’s gorgeous finish. Where this guitar offers the same ease-of-use to all guitarists, beginners will avoid familiar buzzing, where veterans will tear up the fretboard.

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Taylor 110ce Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Key Features:

Top: Sitka Spruce

Soundhole Rosette: Plastic

Neck: Sapele

Fretboard: Ebony

Fretboard Inlay: Pearloid Dots

Headstock Overlay: Indian Rosewood

Binding: Black

Bridge: Ebony

Scale Length: 25-1/2″

Nut & Saddle: Tusq Nut/Micarta Saddle

Bracing: Forward Shifted Pattern

Truss Rod Cover: Black Plastic

Pickguard: Black

Number of Frets: 20

Tuners: Chrome (100/200)

Finish: Varnish

Body Length: 20″

The Taylor 110ce Acoustic/Electric Guitar | A Worthwhile Investment

Construction & Design

First of all, this guitar is a bit on the cheaper side for a Taylor guitar. However, this affordability doesn’t mean this Taylor 100 Series guitar doesn’t bring the company’s trademark sound quality and playability.

With sides and back composed of the mahogany-like Sapele, a sturdy Sitka spruce top, and a classic Dreadnought body shape, the Taylor 110ce delivers a robust sound.

Many budget-guitars cut costs by using cheaper wood, such as basswood. However, the Taylor 110ce doesn’t follow suit and uses Sapele “mahogany” from the rainforests of Nigeria and Africa’s Ivory Coast. Moreover, the Sitka Spruce adds a softness to the Sapele’s durability and is an ideal material for providing a bright tone. Sitka spruce is today’s standard tone-wood for acoustic guitars.

The classic Dreadnought body shape adopted by the Model 110ce upholds Taylor’s signature symmetry and precision.

 Side note: Originally developed by C.F. Martin & Co. in 1916, the Dreadnought design introduced a bolder tone and much louder overall sound when compared to earlier, smaller acoustics.

Finally, the 110ce is the cutaway version of Taylor’s 100 Series Dreadnought. Along with the Venetian Cutaway lending to an aesthetic appeal, this feature also allows easier access to the higher frets. But more about this later.

Taylor Guitars 110ce, Dreadnought, Solid Sitka Spruce, Sapele Back/Sides, Cutaway, ES-T

Sound Quality & Tone

Used on approximately 85-90% of Taylor guitars, the standard tone-wood, Sitka spruce, gives the Model 110ce a wide-ranging and dynamic sound. What is more, Bob Taylor’s go-to Sitka spruce allows for sharp pronunciation between notes. Along with the layered walnut construction, the high-quality sound comes from the strength and flexibility of the Sitka spruce.

Adding to the sound complementing lumber used by the Taylor 110ce Acoustic/Electric Guitar, its chrome-plated tuners allow for incredibly accurate tuning. Using Taylor’s unprecedented 18:1 gear ratio, the precisely crafted gears practically eliminate potential slack and make it easy to stay in tune. Coupled with their unbelievable precision, Taylor etched their logo onto the back of each tuning knob, adding a decorative allure to the hardware.

The sound quality brought by this guitar is first-class all the way. Although some say the guitar sounds somewhat “tinny,” overall, this guitar has a sweet sound and even sweeter price. What is more, this acoustic comes ready to take your “axe” from the campfire to the stage.

The Taylor Expression System 2

Taylor’s Expression System 2 (ES2) is a ground-breaking pickup design. The behind-the-saddle pick sports three individually placed and uniquely calibrated sensors. Likewise, three “soft-touch” knobs give, even a novice, straightforward and accurate control of the Taylor 110ce’s amplification. Not only does this Taylor’s studio-quality preamp produce professional quality sound, but it also yields an incredibly amplified tone.

In fact, the ES2 blazes new trails in sound-quality, enabling musicians to generate a wide variety of tones with only modest adjustments needed on the built-in panel. Also included on the Taylor 110ce Acoustic/Electric’s preamp is a phase switch. This feature aids in cutting down on low-frequency feedback, and can be accessed through the soundhole of the Taylor 110ce.

Powered by a 9-volt battery, which rests in a patented compartment, the built-in EQ controls are user-friendly. Although Taylor recommends Duracell® for ideal performance, almost any new battery will give this guitar 40-50 hrs. of electric use.

Made to plug into a standard quarter-inch guitar cable, the pickup system of the Taylor 110ce Acoustic/Electric works with an acoustic guitar amp, standard direct box, or any other guitar-fitted application.

With the Taylor 110ce, play your heart out in front of a crowd or record with your favorite software. Either way, the ES2 pickup system of this guitar loyally carries the illustrious Taylor voice.


One feature that makes this guitar easy-to-handle is the Venetian Cutaway design. Not only does the cutaway design allow easier access to upper frets, but it also gives the Model 110ce cosmetic appeal. Known for its round, delicate lines, the Venetian Cutaway also gives guitarists increased mobility at the upper end of the fretboard.

Additionally, this guitar features Taylor’s hallmark thin-contour neck, which makes this guitar great for beginners, but suitable for professionals as well.

Unlike the majority of similarly priced “starter”-guitars, the action is low enough to put out high-quality sound, while avoiding the dead notes and buzzing common to novice musicians. Correspondingly, stock, medium gauge strings complement the guitar’s lower-action. This guitar responds well to strumming, flat picking, and fingerpicking, making this 6-string genuinely versatile.

An excellent guitar for beginners, a well-balanced feel adds to the unique Taylor timbre. Easily positioned and having a smooth feel, the Taylor 110ce Acoustic/Electric Guitar a superb pick for both students and teachers.

Given these points…

Taylor’s 100 Series, cutaway edition, Dreadnought gives pickers and strummers free range to explore this guitar’s entire fretboard. With a distinct, treble-filled sound, your solos will truly radiate. No less suited for seasoned guitarists than someone just starting out, the 110ce indeed takes into account today’s budget-minded guitar player. Priced around 800 bucks, Taylor’s cutaway model is exceptionally reasonable when compared to other Taylor guitars, making this guitar a steal.

In fact, with all of the top-notch materials used, and other unique features included with this guitar, its price is considerably low. With the Taylor 110ce, there is no need to sacrifice fantastic tone and playability when shopping on a stricter budget. In the end, there is no doubt this beginner-level guitar reflects the excellence seen in all Bob Taylor’s guitars.

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