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Ukulele Buddy Review – Learn Ukulele Online by JP Allen

If you are trying to learn the ukulele, or “uke” as we sometimes call it, it will do you good to find a teacher who understands where you’re at when it comes to your skill level. This is a great program that will suit your needs as you get into learning the ukulele. While the feedback about this program is generally favorable, there are some who have doubts.

The course is really enjoyable but be advised-you are not going to be a ukulele pro just by watching the videos. You must follow the techniques and practice. You get not one, but two great instructors. You can have fun and learn wherever and whenever suits you.

Your smartphone, tablet or laptop can be used as a learning tool! It is a well-organized, professional method for learning the ukulele. Come with us as we show you all you need to know in this Ukulele Buddy Review.

Founder of Ukulele Buddy

Ukulele Buddy Review – Learn Ukulele Online by JP Allen

Before going any further into this, let’s talk about the people behind this wonderful program, Ukulele Buddy Review. First, we have JP Allen. He is a pro music teacher, and he has been at it for almost two decades. A University of Texas graduate, his whole life has been nothing but music. He refuses to stop learning, and this attitude takes him far and makes him a great teacher.

He says he is still learning. He believes that every day he is learning something new and wants to show those new things to other people. And most importantly, it should be known that JP Allen is a ukulele fanatic. Ever since childhood, he has been a fan.

Mitch Chang is a top instrumentalist. He is a world-renowned ukulele teacher. He even produces the SoCal Slack Key Festival, and the Los Angeles Flamenco Festival. These are two high-caliber musical events, so he knows his material well. If you are fortunate enough to live in the Redondo Beach, California area, you can learn from Mitch himself in person.

The Ukulele Buddy Review

Ukulele Buddy Review

Now comes the fun part. It is important to be up front by telling you that this program is wonderful but will not work for everyone. (Hey, honesty is the best policy!) Let’s talk about what you get.

You will have to pay for this program, and once you do, you will log in. From there, you get access to the videos that the instructors use to teach their students. The videos are about 12 to 15 minutes long and are taught by JP Allen and Mitch Chang. These two are well-known in the ukulele community.

The lessons begin by offering you a short intro to the ukulele, letting you know about the history of this instrument. You then start with some simple chords. These chords will be the foundation you need to get into the more advanced stuff.

You’ll also learn about some chord diagrams and how to read them. And after all this, you learn some parts of musical theory, like harmony v. melody, and timing. They even have an online metronome to help keep time.

Aside from a helpful online timekeeper you get some extra goodies as well. You get a chord chart, a list of festive favorite songs, techniques on how to improvise, and lots of other extras.

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All the learning is done at your own pace. You can load these videos up anytime, anywhere, and learn. I had done a few while waiting for my bus to come in the morning. It was great because I could practice in the kitchen before it was time to walk to the stop.

I also liked that they gave you a practice schedule that you can use. This is nice because it keeps you motivated. I know how hard it can be. It is so tempting and easy to give up at times, but this will give you the push you need.

The lessons themselves are really well-crafted. Aside from being short, they were recorded in a professional music studio. You get great sound, and great picture quality. The videos are thorough. There are plenty of close-ups in the videos to show you how to position your fingers. I can definitely say I paused the video more than a few times to get my fingers in the right place.

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If you’re like most folks who are interested, you have some sort of musical background, but you want to make sure you’re really doing it right. This really is a super way to get yourself off the ground, even if you have no knowledge of music.

The teachers are definitely friendly, and the videos do move quickly. Heed this advice: if you stay consistent, and you keep your practice up, you really will be amazed at how you progress. It’s not going to magically insert itself into your head. Put in the work and you will definitely be happy with your results. It’s hard work, not always talent, that makes your dreams come true.

Pros & Cons

 As with anything, there are options to weigh as you decide if you want to purchase this program. We will list them below.


  • Lessons can be taken anywhere on the go.
  • After a few lessons, and some practice, you will have some basic chords mastered.
  • Lessons are pretty simple for beginners.


There aren’t really a lot of cons when it comes to this program. However, we will list some here.

  • You need to pay for it. You can probably find the lessons online, but that will take work as you search YouTube for just the right video.
  • The program says you should watch three 7- minute videos per week. The videos are longer, plus you need practice.
  • Sometimes JP Allen, the co-instructor, seems to distract the student with his harmonica playing.

Does It Work?

In short, yes! Users were pleasantly surprised and happy how well the program worked for them. With a 4.5-star rating, you can purchase with ease. Now be advised that it’s going to take you doing the work and committing to the lessons each time you log in.

Don’t think that you can watch the videos once and be a master of the uke. Log in, get comfortable, and watch the videos through and through. Do your practice as per the schedule, and you will be fine. They mastered the most important chords for uke music. They also got very comfortable with fast tempos and tempo changes.

Best of all, one user reported managing to learn one of his favorite songs from the radio, too.  For somebody who is a musician for fun, it’s a great program. The instructors make it funny, and they keep it at level appropriate for people just starting out. The key is just making sure you put in the practice.


This is overall a fantastic program that will treat you right if you treat it right. All you have to do is log in and get to work. Trust in your instructors. They are very musically inclined and will definitely help you get where you are going. The methods by which you are learning are tried-and-true. Practice definitely makes perfect.

Plus, you are given small doses of learning (about 15 minutes at a time) so you won’t be left feeling overloaded. The curriculum is so well organized. Plus, practice is scheduled for you! Now is the time to learn a new skill and have fun doing it. Ukulele Buddy will help you do just that.

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