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The Yamaha F335 Guitar | A Complete Review

Yamaha manufactures a variety of guitars, from high-priced, concert-quality 6-strings, to some of the most excellent budget guitars on the market today. Even though the F335 Yamaha guitar is a bit on the cheaper side, don’t let its incredibly reasonable price fool you! Not only does the F335’s traditional body shape, rosewood fingerboard, and tortoiseshell pickguard add to the guitar’s aesthetic appeal, but such features also offer an enjoyable playing experience. Not to mention, the guitar’s gold, die-cast tuning pegs help the Yamaha F335 maintain a precise tone.

Additionally, the Spruce and Philippine mahogany body materials give the affordable guitar a polished sound. So, whether you are a seasoned guitarist or an aspiring entertainer, Yamaha’s Model F335 kicks out a respectable tone for musicians of all levels.

But that’s not all…

Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Natural

Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

Top Features Include:

Guitar type: Acoustic
Body style: Full, classic dreadnought body shape
Frets: 20 (14 accessible)
Bridge: Rosewood
Woods used: Laminated spruce (top), Meranti (back & sides)
Finish: Gloss
Tuning knobs: Gold die-cast
Pickguard: Tortoiseshell

Want to know more about the Yamaha F335?

The Yamaha F335 Guitar | A Complete Review


Even though the F335 Yamaha guitar is hardly considered the best guitar ever assembled, its sturdy, laminated spruce top and the full dreadnaught body shape give the guitar a solid build. Meanwhile, some other components of this guitar are fabricated from Meranti.

According to WOOD magazine:

At about 36 pounds per cubic foot air-dry, Meranti is heavier than Honduran mahogany. However, it is not nearly as hard nor as strong and lacks the durability and stability of true mahogany.

Still, the light hardwood used in the F335 Yamaha lends to an agreeable grip and gentle feel. Constructed of the highest quality rosewood, the fingerboard and bridge of this Yamaha acoustic are as attractive as they are strong.


Admittedly, one of the shortcomings of the Yamaha F335 is the instrument’s glossy, top layer. The plastic-like laminate may take away from the natural feel of the wood, but at least it adds an extra layer of protection.

Perhaps Yamaha compensates for the F335’s thinner wood with an extra thick finish, but in a favorable light, this quality also makes it an excellent guitar for beginners that will last.

Color Availability

More often than not, the Yamaha F335 comes in its standard, maturely shaded, color, yet different color varieties are also readily available. Not only does the traditional Tobacco Brown Sunburst give this beginner’s guitar a vintage rock look, but the standalone rosewood neck also makes Yamaha’s design pop! Additionally, the F335 is available in solid black, which compliments the guitar’s exceptionally cryptic feel and gives makes it darkly desirable.

Yamaha F335 Acoustic Guitar Natural review

Unlike, like many of its predecessors, such as the Yamaha FG800, the most significant difference of the newer Model F335 Yamaha guitar is its Mahogany neck. Veering away from the Meranti neck used in previous models, this guitar has a higher-quality, Mahogany neck. Of course, this neck difference may not be easy to see with an untrained eye, however, when compared to guitars like the FD01S, the price tag of the F335 reveals about a $10 up-charge for this feature.

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Action & Playability

On the off chance that you have ever strummed an empty peanut butter jar, you, pretty much, already know how the F335 Yamaha guitar plays. Even with all of Yamaha’s practical knowledge and insight, the F335 still misses the mark; the guitar’s action leaves much to be desired directly out of the packaging.

In fact, the action on the F335 Yamaha guitar is high enough that the majority of beginning guitarists are likely to encounter bothersome wrist discomfort. Blossoming guitarists tend to fuss more when it comes to a guitar fretting, and Yamaha totally ignores this reality.

Tone Quality

To put laminated wood in the same class as genuine wood would cause an uproar with guitarists in the music community. Wood that’s laminated never achieves the same sound quality as real wood. This fact becomes clear with Yamaha’s F335, where listeners cannot discern between notes as they vanish into the ether. What is more, the notes wind up seemingly lost in the excessive gloss coat overlaying the instrument’s body.

That said, the F335 Yamaha guitar still allows guitar players to strike chords and play harmonies. However, even throughout the most straightforward melodies, distinguishing between notes presents somewhat of a challenge. Not only does everything performed on this guitar merge together continuously into obscurity, but this hazy sound makes it hard for novice musicians to develop a melodic ear properly.

Public Opinion

The lion’s share of F335 Yamaha guitar users identifies this guitar as one best utilized while rehearsing in the comfort of their homes or practicing in the company of others. Meanwhile, others say they discovered that the F335 is suitable for use in school bands and smaller venues alike.

Considering this garden-variety guitar’s limited capacity, the most attractive characteristic of this Yamaha acoustic is its proportion of cost and quality. This low cost does not mean that the quality of this instrument is unacceptable, but, instead, it is an ideal guitar for beginning artists, a perfect birthday present, or just a nice, extra guitar to have to keep around the house.

Let’s examine some good and bad qualities of the Yamaha F335:


  • Has a good feel
  • Smooth & fun-to-play
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Keeps its tune
  • Small price tag


  • Cheaper materials
  • Considered a novice guitar
  • Lacks versatility
  • Simple design
  • Inconsistent action

All Things Considered…

The Yamaha F335 guitar is an ideal guitar for amateurs. So, it’s best to take its comparison to top-notch guitars in the market with a grain of salt. The Yamaha F335 isn’t the best guitar ever assembled, but it does have a solid build. With a sturdy spruce top, and a full dreadnaught body shape, the guitar is conventional, yet robust. So, if you are in the market for a decent acoustic guitar that won’t put you in the poorhouse, this one is perfect for any starting musician on their way to musical mastery.

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