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Yamaha FSX730SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

With thousands of acoustic guitars available on the market today, the task of choosing one can be quite daunting.

One of the reasons that choosing an acoustic guitar can be so hard is the numerous styles, designs, and sizes. When playing an acoustic guitar, comfort and playability are important. So, you need to decide which body style and size is going to be the best fit for you.

But which one is the best fit?

There are several body shapes and sizes for acoustic guitars. The big three body shapes are the dreadnought, parlor, and concert body shapes. The primary sizes are three-quarters, small, full, and jumbo.

Right off the bat, we can tell that some acoustics like a jumbo-sized concert guitar is going to be quite large just by looking at the name. A three-quarter parlor guitar is obviously going to be quite small.

As a general rule, smaller acoustic guitars are better suited to beginners and those switching from electric to acoustic while the larger body acoustics favor seasoned guitar players.

The reasoning is pretty simple. Much in the same way you wouldn’t jump on a 1000cc Harley for your first motorbike. If you are just starting out on acoustic guitar, you probably aren’t going to feel very comfortable playing a Gibson Super-Jumbo.

Yamaha FSX730SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

An increased demand for smaller body acoustic guitars…

As acoustic guitars continue to become ever-more affordable and more people are trying their hand at acoustic guitar. There has been an increased demand for small-body acoustic guitars, that are ideal for novices and young guitar enthusiasts.

For over 40 years, millions of people have turned to the Yamaha FG Series of acoustic guitars to provide their first acoustic that delivers quality, reliability, playability, and value. This is because, since being introduced in the 1906s. The Yamaha FG guitars have earned recognition as the best acoustic guitars in their league.

So, let’s have a look at the…

Yamaha FSX730SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Yamaha FSX730SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This is the latest offering in a long line of great guitars that are perfect for beginners, younger players, and genuine acoustic guitar fans.

If you are on the prowl for an excellent acoustic-electric guitar, whether a beginner or not, we invite you to join us as we take an in-depth look at the Yamaha FSX730SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar.

The Body

The FSX730 by Yamaha is a small-body flattop with a single cutaway. The body is a concert shape but just a little bit smaller than a full-sized concert guitar. The depth of the body is, however, still full-sized. This means that you will get the same full tone and sound, and a pretty good low-end response.

The Yamaha FS Series acoustics were designed to offer a quality alternative to the full-sized FG Series. Specifically designed for newbies, those looking for a more folksy feel, or people interested in fingerpicking styles.

yamaha fsx730sc


The FSX730 features a solid Sitka Spruce top. Spruce is one of the commonly used woods for building a flattop. And, Sitka Spruce is prized for its warmth, sustain, and fundamental tone. It also is free from overtones, which means the sound is more natural and organic.

The sides and back are rosewood. The tone of which is warm, rich, and full. Acoustic guitar bodies that feature rosewood are quite common, especially for small-body acoustics. The natural warmth and fullness of the wood help to mellow and round out the sound and tone of small-body acoustic guitars.

Non-Scalloped X-Bracing

Where Yamaha acoustic guitars, and the FSX730 in particular, use modern technology to enhance the sound is the Non-Scalloped X-Bracing. This is necessary to strengthen the top against the tension from the strings. Inferior bracing results in the top warping and bending, essentially ruining a guitar.

Yamaha went to their R&D department for ideas on how to improve the bracing while enhancing the overall sound. The result was the non-scallop x-bracing design. This type determines the best positioning for the bracing based on the guitar’s size, shape, and material construction.

The advantage offered by this kind of bracing is that your guitar will retain its tone, response, and stability for a lifetime.

Don’t overdo the finish…

This guitar also features a thin-spray finish. Yamaha uses their own signature ultra-thin finish that is a mere 0.25 millimeters in thickness. This ultra-thin finish works to enhance the vibrations of the woods used. And ends up being louder with a fuller tone, all while remaining strong and durable.

The creme binding, tortoiseshell pickguard, and natural wood finish complete the lovely appearance of this guitar.

The Neck

Yamaha’s FSX730SC features a Nato neck, which is very similar, in terms of musical properties, to mahogany. It is warm and rich while offering excellent hardness and stiffness, making it a good choice for neck construction.

Another win for the Yamaha team is the Dovetail Neck Joint. Probably the most essential part of an acoustic guitar, the neck joint provides physical stability and works to create a balanced tone. This joint is crucial for transferring vibrations from the neck to the body.

The Dovetail Neck Joint is a hand-fitted, set-in neck that has does not feature any metal parts. It delivers an outstanding neck-to-body contact that ensures physical and tonal balance as well as stability and strength.

Accentuate the tonewoods…

The fretboard is rosewood, which is pretty standard fare for acoustic guitars. Rosewood is resistant to wear and corrosion and helps to accentuate the tonewoods used to build the body and the neck.

There are 20 frets, and the fretboard radius is 15.75-inches that is great for fingerpicking styles.

Crème binding and dot inlays give the neck a nice, natural appearance.

yamaha fsx730sc reviews


The FSX730 features a rosewood bridge, which again is the standard for most acoustic guitars. While the nut is Urea, which is a synthetic resin that is more durable than polymer plastics, but not as good as a bone nut.

The tuners are die-cast chrome that offers tight and precise tuning, stability, and tension.

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The Yamaha FSX730SC features a unique pickup system, as far as acoustic-electrics are concerned. Yamaha’s critically-acclaimed Acoustic Resonance Transducer (ART) preamp produces exceptional clarity. As well as, tonal fidelity, and responsiveness.

The ART system features two pickups under the saddle that have controls for treble, mid, and bass frequencies. These allow you to really shape the sound to your liking. Working through the ART preamp, the two pickups offer superb dynamic response and definition.

There is a built-in chromatic tuner, and the power supply for the ART system requires two AA batteries.

Final Thoughts On The Yamaha FSX730SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Acoustic-electric guitars are great instruments for those looking for something they can play at home or use on stage for small performances. And, the Yamaha FSX730SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a fantastic place to begin your acoustic guitar journey. Its small-body size makes it very comfortable to handle and to play.

Thanks to Yamaha’s dedication to sound and construction quality, this guitar is highly durable and strong. And, it delivers a sweet, focused tone that is responsive and precise. While the ART Preamp System is an amazing little piece of amplification, it reduces feedback from body reverberation and handles changes in attack without breaking a sweat.

Overall, the Yamaha FSX730SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar is affordable and dependable. It gives you a full, rich, and great sounding tone in a small-body size, so it is suitable for all types of players.

Yamaha is no stranger to acoustic-electric guitars. After all, they were the first to produce a commercially-available acoustic-electric at a price for everyone.

The FSX730SC continues in that rich tradition and is your ticket to a whole new world of music.

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