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Yamaha YTR8335RGS Pro Xeno Trumpet Review

The Yamaha YTR8335RGS Pro Xeno Trumpet Review is as sophisticated and as professional as its name sounds. This is a trumpet for the pros, and every aspect of this trumpet screams that fact. If it’s a totally honest review you came here for, then you’re right on time because that’s what we’re all about today.

So, get ready to find out all about this amazing instrument and why this trumpet is a huge favorite among many customers. We must warn you, this trumpet comes quite pricey. However, like we mentioned, it’s a pro instrument not targeted at the beginner.

Moreover, we will be showing you, in this review, why the price of this trumpet is totally worth it. And if you’re not convinced at the end of this review, we don’t what else will convince you. Without further ado, let’s get into this article.

Yamaha YTR8335RGS Pro Xeno Trumpet

Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

A Word About The Brand, Yamaha…

Yamaha is a large corporation. In fact, it is one of the largest corporations in the entire world, especially known for its musical instruments.

That’s not to say, though, that that’s all this brand makes. Yamaha is actually a Japanese conglomerate that manufactures all kinds of products from musical instruments to electronics, to power sports equipment.

Also, this brand has a motorcycle manufacturing subsidiary too. However, that subsidiary became an independent company many years back.

Yamaha YTR8335RGS Pro Xeno Trumpet Review

That said, how did the company begin?

Well, first off, Yamaha started out as a piano and reed organ manufacturer. If you recall their logo, you might notice that it consists of three interlocking forks. These forks are, in fact, tuning forks which serve as a reminder of where they started from. And that’s what the new paragraphs describe.

Torkusu Yamaha, the founder of Yamaha, over 300 years back started Yamaha when he fixed a broken reed organ. After that incident, he founded his own company which started out making pianos and reed organs. Today, Yamaha is the world’s largest manufacturer of pianos. Inspiring, right?

Anyway, Yamaha has shown a knack for innovation over the years. As its mission statement reveals, this brand aims to dominate the market through creativity and innovation. For instance, it was the first brand to bring about battery-operated keyboards – the PSR series.

Moreover, its products have also received quite a number of awards as well. For instance, its Yamaha YPG-625 won two awards in 2007. One for Keyboard of the Year and the other for Product of the Year. These awards were given by the Music and Sound Retailer magazine.

In all, it’s obvious to all that Yamaha keeps its brand promise. The company has consistently produced excellent products that give the user deep satisfaction and a superior playing experience.

A Quick Overview Of The Yamaha YTR8335RGS Pro Xeno Trumpet – Who Is This Trumpet For?

The Yamaha YTR8335RGS is a highly professional trumpet and as such it might not be something that the beginner might be able to afford. However, if you’re a beginner and you still crave the world famous Yamaha quality, the brand carries less expensive student trumpets. You could check those out instead.

With that said, the YTR8335RGS comes with a superior level of construction which is important to any professional instrument. So, in the aspect of durability, there are no questions. There’s every assurance that this trumpet will stick with you through every gig and performance you might have.

Also, thanks again to the quality of craftsmanship, the sound of this trumpet is excellent. It’s little wonder that the trumpet is so highly sought after. Loads of players love how this trumpet sounds. Plus, the instrument has proved itself widely versatile too.

Yamaha YTR8335RGS

Whether in a classical ensemble or as a lead trumpet, the sound from this trumpet is strong enough to serve. Its tone is rich and dark and beautiful.

Moreover, it’s easy to play as well, and one of the reasons this is so is because of the action. We found the action of this trumpet to be quite smooth and responsive. So, it’s really easy to get amazing sound from this trumpet which is always a good thing. Nobody wants a difficult instrument.

Now, in looks, this trumpet is a sure winner too. It looks every bit as sophisticated as it is. So, whether in an orchestra or during practice, this trumpet stands out. It’s something every player would be proud to own.

Overall, this is a high quality instrument on every count. It’s a professional instrument that’s easy to play. Plus, it’s great for all kinds of playing ensembles from orchestra to lead.

Is The Yamaha YTR8335RGS Pro Xeno Trumpet Worth The Price?

Yeah, we understand the hesitation. If you’re going to be spending so much on an instrument, it only makes sense to be sure that you’ll be getting value for your money. Last we checked, $2000 is a lot of money which is only a rough estimate of the actual cost of this trumpet.

So, to answer your question, we would like to point out a few things first. When it comes to professional instruments, it is always advisable to go as high end as you can especially because the instrument more than pays for itself in the end.

But before we get to that, here’s one truth to keep in the back of your mind. No matter how high end and high quality a beginner instrument is, as your skills advance they become more difficult to play. You begin to notice all their minor flaws and trust us, they will get super frustrating fast.

Yamaha YTR 8335 RGS

This is why you must upgrade your instrument as your skills advance. An intermediate player might still be able to survive on a high quality student trumpet. However, a pro would be frustrated.

Now, back to what we were saying about the instrument paying for itself. A professional trumpet opens doors for you to get more gigs because as you know, the sound quality can’t be compared to what you find on entry level instruments. So, inadvertently, you make your money back.

Also, because the YTR8335 is a professional grade instrument, you can trust that the resale value will be pretty high. So, as you can see, from all sides, you really can’t lose.

So, we’re pretty sure you understand when we say now that the Yamaha YTR8335RGS Pro Xeno Trumpet is totally worth the price.

Features And Benefits Of the Yamaha YTR8335RGS Pro Xeno Trumpet

Build Quality

First off, this trumpet comes with an extra heavy mouthpiece receiver. An extra heavy mouthpiece receiver is great because it helps you ensure that your tone is focused. And not just focused, it remains focused across the entire range of the instrument.

Next, there are the monel pistons. Monel is actually a special alloy that is resistant to corrosion. So, in other words, with monel pistons, you are assured of the durability of your instrument. This makes the YTR8335RGS an ideal choice for professional players.

Also, with the monel pistons, you can rest assured that your trumpet will last. But even beyond that, you can also rest assured that it will retain that precise fit and smooth action for many years down the line.

Furthermore, the bell of this trumpet is another aspect that impresses us on this instrument. It’s a one-piece which is actually a continuous extension of the material Yamaha used for the trumpet. But what does that translate to for you though?

Well, it means that you can always be sure of an amazing, rich tone, as well as a uniform resonance.

Lastly on this section, we’d like to talk about another special building process Yamaha employed, also to give superior sound. Well, there’s this special heating and cooling process which Yamaha used a computer-annealing equipment for. The entire process is a long one but the bottom line is that it gives superior sound quality as well.

Sound Quality – High End and Dark

Now, the Yamaha YTR8335RGS sounds quite high end. There’s no doubt about that. So, this trumpet is definitely an investment that’s totally worth it. However, there’s a teeny problem. A couple of people seem to be of the opinion that the trumpet’s tone is a little too dark.

Well, it’s true that you might not exactly be able to hit the higher notes using this trumpet.  Nonetheless, this trumpet produces exact tones all the same which is great. They may be a tad darker than some might want. But then again, they are rich and strong.

Plus, although this trumpet is a little heavy, its weight is actually advantageous as it ensures that trumpet produces an even tone even at high volumes.

Specs Of The Yamaha YTR8335RGS Pro Xeno Trumpet

Yamaha YTR8335RGS Pro Xeno Trumpet

  • Keys: Mother of Pearl.
  • Pistons: Monel Pistons.
  • Finish: Silver plating.
  • Valves: 2-Piece valve casings.
  • Intonation Components: First Valve slide thumb hook.
  • Mouthpiece: 16C4-HGP.
  • Bell: Gold brass, reversed one-piece pressure down.
  • Bore: 0.459 inches (medium – large).
  • Key: B flat.

Pros Of The Yamaha YTR8335RGS Pro Xeno Trumpet

  • Excellent sound quality great for classical performances such as jazz.
  • Horn is also flexible and can work in almost any setting.
  • Great lead trumpet.
  • A beautiful dark timbre. It actually has the darkest timbre of all Yamaha’s silver-plated professional trumpets.
  • Super responsive and smooth with great intonation.
  • Reverse tubing gives the feel of an open, through-blowing trumpet.

Cons Of The Yamaha YTR8335RGS Pro Xeno Trumpet

  • This trumpet is a little too heavy for some players. Although its weight does add to the quality of its tone.
  • Tone is a little too dark for some.
  • Pretty hefty price tag.


Our overall assessment of the Yamaha YTR8335RGS Pro Xeno Trumpet is that it is a pricey but versatile trumpet worth investing in. If you’re a professional performer and you need something for your live performances, whether for a jazz ensemble or as lead, this is the thing.

You’ll enjoy its strong, rich tones even though it’s a little dark. Once again, Yamaha has hit a home run with its instrument. The Yamaha YTR8335RGS Pro Xeno is indeed a thing of beauty!

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  1. I bought this horn on-line about 10 years ago, based on trying a new one in a shop, and previous experience with a Yamaha reversed-lead pipe horn. I liked it when I bought it, but have come to LOVE it the longer I have owned it. I just switched to a large mouthpiece (Bach 1CW), and that really sealed the deal. The horn and my sound have finally found each other. Tone improved, range opened up, and there is an overall warmth to my playing that was missing. It IS heavy, especially compared to my old YTR739T, but I wouldn’t change anything about it


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